Doctors Decry Guantanamo Treatment

The New York Times

LONDON (AP) — The U.S. medical establishment appears to have turned a blind eye to the abuse of military medicine at the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba, doctors from around the world said in a letter published Friday in a prestigious British medical journal.

Health care workers in the U.S. military seem to have put their loyalty to the state above their duty to care for patients — and American regulatory bodies have done nothing to remedy the situation, said the letter that appeared in The Lancet.

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A spinster and two mountains

[Note: I was a little concerned about using the sexist term "spinster" here but, as Zooey is taking great delight in the behavior of the female praying mantis in the post below, I think turnabout is fair play.]

I’ve been digging through my old diaries because I vaguely remember having penned something right after 9/11 that I thought might be appropriate to share here on the anniversary.

Of course I cannot find that entry. It seems I was going through a stylistic phase of not dating my entries about that time, and so it is temporarily lost in the shuffle.

However, I did run across a bit I had written that reminded me of a recent discussion I had with some fellow Zookeepers about the merits of enforcing good spelling and grammar here at the blog. I thought this might put that issue into some perspective:

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Friday Praying Mantis Blogging

Ohhhh, I love the praying mantis. They’re so big and green and creepy-looking. They are a type of beneficial bug, because their main diet is other insects — although I found a report of a praying mantis catching and eating a hummingbird.

The coolest thing about the female praying mantis is her mating habits. The male praying mantis jumps on the female’s back, and has hot, sweaty, kinky bug sex with her, and while he’s distracted by her obvious charms, the female begins to dine on the poor devil’s head. There’s a cautionary tale, guys — take her to dinner first.

Photo from Fotosearch.

Friday Republican Resignation Roll Call


International Herald Tribune

Head of Justice Department’s civil division resigns

U.S. Assistant Attorney General Peter D. Keisler, who oversaw the Bush administration’s lengthy legal fight over the rights of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, announced his resignation Thursday as head of the Justice Department’s civil division.

This is the guy who doesn’t like habeas corpus.

Safe and secure?

According to a recent FOX News/Opinion Dynamics Poll of registered voters nationwide, 90% believe there are members of the Al Qaeda terrorist group in the United States today.

A mere 28% think that W should be given “a lot” of credit “for the fact that there has not been another terrorist attack in the United States since 9/11″ (apparently overlooking the Anthrax incident), while 34% say the Administration should be given “some” credit.


I rather like it, when the news is slow. It means for me that, while the world is still not a perfect place, things for the average person are calm and only politicians are being their usual, occasionally obnoxious, selves.

However, I can give you some stories, nevertheless:

The Coalition of the (increasingly un-)Willing is under some more strain from the British. Gordon Brown is far more critical of the US approach in Afghanistan, than Tony Blair would ever have dared to be. Good thing, if he succeeds in getting a policy change and politics would prevail over bombings. Continue reading

Young American Jews Distance Themselves From Israel

According to Steven Cohen of Hebrew Union College, just over half, 54%, of US Jews under the age of 35 are comfortable with an Isreali state. Compared to an almost 40% increase in the over-65 age group of US Jews.

In general U.S. Jews “have increasingly adopted the American idea of what it means to be Jewish — primarily a religious identity,” Steven Cohen of Hebrew Union College, co-author of the study, said in an interview.

“The decline in attachment is widespread. It doesn’t depend on how you measure it,” Cohen added, with the disengagement no different among political liberals or conservatives.

The story in full, is here.

The powerful Jewish-American lobby doesn’t seem affected by this trend.

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