Tim Robbins purged from voter rolls..

Raw Story:

Tim Robbins told TMZ that he had obtain a signature from a judge before he was allowed to vote. Robbins said his name was not on the voter roll.

About 6 people per hour were also discovering that their names had been removed.

More on this story from Huffington Post:

Apparently Robbins has been voting at that polling place for more than a decade, but today his name wasn’t on the register. They told Robbins he had to fill out a provisional ballot but he didn’t want to do it. An argument erupted between Robbins and the poll worker. Robbins allegedly got loud and the poll worker said he was calling the cops.

Robbins accused the poll worker of trying to intimidate him so he wouldn’t vote.

Robbins went downtown to the City Board of Elections to get proof he was good to vote.

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NY county says in Spanish that election is Nov. 9

Real Clear Politics (AP)

A suburban New York county sent an official mailer telling thousands of voters in Spanish that Election Day is Nov. 9, then spent the weekend making automated calls to alert people to the mistake.

A Hispanic organization’s director said some voters still might be confused.

“I think most people do know when Election Day is, but if you get an official letter from the Board of Elections that tells you another day, you might be confused,” said Grace Heymann, director of the Westchester Hispanic Coalition.

“I would especially worry about first-time voters,” she said. “We have been working hard to get out the vote, and we are getting some questions because of this letter.”

The mailing, about the availability of ballot marking devices used by disabled voters, was in English and Spanish. The English part was correct, but the Spanish section said Election Day was Nov. 9 instead of Nov. 4.

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Attempted Sabotage Foiled in Deerfield Beach, Florida!

This is sad that this kind of tactic is still going on.  TMZ is reporting that Deerfield Beach, Fla. which is one hour south of Palm Beach had 400 people waiting to vote at 6:15 a.m. this morning.  All were waiting for the polls to open at 7:00 a.m and this is what they found.

There is one voting machine to accommodate all of them.

The area almost entirely African American. Many of the people never have voted before. One woman was 101 years old. She was wheeled into the polling place and on her way out she said that before she died, she wanted to vote for a black man.

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Man Puts Load of Manure Near Democrats’ Campaign Office

This is Terry Reed’s way of protesting presidential candidate Barack Obama.  Mr. Reed who owns a construction and excavation company decided to park a trailer load of manure across the street from Whitehall’s Democratic campaign office on Saturday.

He also posted a sign in the manure mocking Obama’s “change we can believe in” slogan as “a load of crap.” “I think Obama’s plan is just one big old poop sandwich and we’re all going to have to take a bite,” he said.

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Maddow: Election system ‘weak link’ in Obama strategy?

This segment was from The Rachel Maddow Show last evening (Monday).

Raw Story:

One of Barack Obama’s biggest strengths this campaign season has been his ability to compete in states that are not traditionally home to close presidential elections. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow wonders if this could also be a “weak link” in the Democratic candidate’s vaunted operation.

“If you’re counting on winning states that aren’t usually in play come Election Day, then you’re counting on systems that are relatively untested under the weight of unprecedented voter turnout,” Maddow warned Monday night, noting predictions that turnout could rise as much as 15 percent compared to four years ago. “You’re counting on states that aren’t used to the pressure of close presidential elections,” she continued. “That’s like finding out that you’re going to be your doctor’s first open heart surgery patient.”

“Breakdowns and chaos on Election Day are not really bipartisan, they favor the side that benefits from lower turnout — the side that wants the least number of votes cast and counted, as possible,” Maddow says. “And frankly, in all candor, that is the Republican side, as they and conservative activists have self-defined for more than a generation.”
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I will continue to post updates throughout the day of voting problems throughout the country, so check back. I don’t expect the corporate media to do much reporting on actual problems with voting machines..

UPDATE: Election monitors call for extension of VA voting hours

UPDATE 2: EXCLUSIVE: Obama/DNC Incident Report Database Reveals Startling, Wide-Spread Voting Machine Problems Across Nevada During Early Voting

UPDATE 3: Attempted Sabotage Foiled in Deerfield Beach, Florida!

UPDATE 4: 108 Hart InterCivic Voting Machines Removed from Service by Judge in KY

UPDATE 5: NY county says in Spanish that election is Nov. 9

UPDATE 6: Missing and Broken Voting Machines Join Power Outages to Create Voting Problems All Over Los Angeles

UPDATE 7: A northern Kentucky county has shut down more than 100 electronic voting machines after the equipment malfunctioned.

UPDATE 8: VA: ‘Massive’ Machine Malfunctions, Illegal Provisionals, Last Minute Pollsite Moves ‘Plague’ Voters

UPDATE 9: AR: Pre-Election Tests Not Performed Correctly on Touch-Screens, Not Enough Paper Ballots, Voting Delayed

UPDATE 10: PENNSYLVANIA: Lawyers Head to Court On Behalf of Pennsylvania Voters

Philadelphia County Election Officials Fail To Meet Secretary of State’s Orders to Count Emergency Paper Ballots on Election Night – County Claims It Will Count Such Ballots on Friday

UPDATE 11: FLORIDA: Optical Scanning Machines are Malfunctioning

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NM GOP women’s board resigns over Stirman’s remarks

Back in October, Marcy Stirman wrote a letter to the editor that ran in a Tuesday’s edition of the Alamogordo Daily News.  In the letter that was entitled, ”Why I’m a Republican” and listed 16 reasons for her party affiliation.

The list ends with Stirman saying Obama is ”a Muslim socialist.” She also wrote, ”I believe war is a fact of life and we should always win.”

She also wrote in this letter that, ”I believe Muslims are our enemies.”  The chairwoman of an Otero County Republican women’s group defended the letter that she sent.  That didn’t sit well with the rest of the board of Republican Women of Otero County.

The head of the Republican Women of Otero County refused to resign after calling Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama a “Muslim socialist.”

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Olbermann: What if Obama had campaigned like McCain?

Raw Story

In a Special Campaign Comment, Keith Olbermann invites viewers to imagine how Barack Obama would be fairing in the election if Obama made the mistakes, contradictions, gaffes, Freudian slips, and hypocritical pronouncements that John McCain make throughout the campaign.

Obama’s first win of election day – Dixville Notch

This is the first time since 1968, that a Democrat won the little town of Dixville Notch, NH.  Obama racks up his first win by 15-6.  This is a charming story by Alex Koppelman about the McCain aides celebrating their first victory almost a year ago, starting with the tiny town of Dixville Notch, N.H.

About ten months ago, John McCain’s aides were celebrating what they knew would become the first step in their victory over Mitt Romney in the New Hampshire primary, when the results from tiny Dixville Notch, N.H., trickled in a little after midnight.

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