Asking the wrong questions

Unless you have been floating in the middle of an ocean somewhere on this – or another – planet, you are aware of the controversy over Pastor Rick Warren giving the invocation at Barack Obama’s inauguration. If you are not familiar with the issue, you can read up on it here, here, here, and most definitely here (the last link is John Avarosis’s first foray into blogging at the Huffington Post and it is very funny).

There is great unhappiness over this, coming from both sides of the political spectrum.  Neither social conservatives or those who support the LGBT community are happy about the choice of and acceptance by Warren; most are rabidly unhappy, actually.  But I think everyone is looking at this the wrong way and asking the wrong questions.

The questions which should be asked are not why Warren (someone who goes against everything Obama has said he stands for) was selected, but:

  • Why is ANY pastor giving an invocation at a presidential inauguration?
  • Why is, yet another religious leader, giving a benediction?
  • What happened to the separation of church and state?

Someone needs, to borrow a phrase from Rachel, Talk Me Down.

Please tear my eyes out now!

For the sake of all the lovely people who read TheZoo, I’m going to stick the graphic below the fold. You really don’t need to see this, honestly.

I really wish this was a link to The Onion, but no.  Someone out there honestly believes that people want to have Sarah Palin’s mug smirking out at them every month of 2009. “Over 50 photographs of Gov. Sarah Palin and her family”. The creepy part, of course, is that there really are people out there who will buy this, unlike Plumber’s Helper’s book. It’s even available at Amazon. And, no, I’m not linking to those sales. You’re on your own.

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Blogging from the state of Wow

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As I was perusing my favorite blogs, this site was brought to my attention.  Wow is all I can muster.  I often forget that the internets, that vast series of tubes, is far more than just a place where you can catch up on the daily news, find a quilting pattern, or locate the perfect recipe for dinner (or a bomb, I suppose).  It is more than just liberal and conservative.  The internet provides a home for every flavor of nutcase alive.

Exhibit A:

When I see that our people are either too doltish to perceive their degradation or too craven to care, I am close to despair. Even a few decades ago, I should not have believed it possible that here in the United States Aryans would willingly see their children hauled to “schools” to be defiled by enforced association with savages and to be robbed, beaten, raped, and mutilated by the animals.

Exhibit B:

You see, I am now working towards a doctorate — a doctorate in Anthropology and advanced tribal behavior in today’s New America. I foresee this becoming the next big thing in intellectual circles, as we witness the eventual slide of the US into the sub-Saharan lifestyle planned out for us by Big Jewry.

Exhibit C:

You know, all of us Evil Whiteys who are out looking to ”oppress” and deny all those “deserving benefits” and the non-stop giveaways of our tax dollars to certain other races living in this country; even to their worthless overseas countries that they consider first before the good old US of A.

I especially love Exhibit C, because, apparently, the socially retarded ignoramus who writes this drivel, seems to selectively choose who he has issues with being recipients of those evil tax dollar giveaways.   Meet  the Campbells.

What Keith Olbermann doesn’t mention is that both Mr. and Mrs. Campbell are on the government dole.

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