Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

Britain’s Got Talent. Indeed, she does. After the surprise performance of Paul Potts here’s another unlikely superstar, singing like an angel.

Meet Susan Boyle:

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And here’s a longer clip:

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How to use teabags.Sensibly.

There are so many uses of teabags, which are really doing something good. I have my own thoughts what the tea partying crowd out on the streets can do with their teabags, but that’s not fit for printing. I’ll stay civilized, at least a bit.

1. You have been deprived of your sleep and need to dress up to the nines and look splendid ? Lie down for ten minutes, make yourself a strong black tea and place a cooled teabag over each eye. The pouches will go away in no time and you will look your best for your date.

2. The tannic acid that occurs naturally in black tea is also said to help eradicate warts (skin warts, not the ones mentioned in the link above). Place a warmed, wet tea bag directly onto a wart for ten to fifteen minutes. Repeat two or three times each day and you will notice the wart shrink in size after just a few days of this treatment.

3. Soak a tea bag in cool water and place it on to the site to stop the bleeding and pain of a lost tooth.

4. Sprinkling some used tea bags near the rosebushes enhances their growth by nourishing them.

If you should have had a run in with one of the foolish teabaggery crowd that’s on the loose today, you can soothe your blackened eye, or, preferably, be a good samaritan to the other party by placing a teabag on their injured spot. For forcibly extracted teeth, see # 3 above.

And for those GOPers over 18, see here. Here’s to your sense for symbolism.

Storm in a Teacup

A guest-post by commenter to TheZoo ~ 5thstate!

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The revolutionary slogan of “No Taxation without Representation” used by participants of the Boston Tea Party was not an honest summation of widespread popular complaint against widespread and genuine oppression but in fact a political theory of interest to the ambitions and economic interests of the privileged colonial class.

The rebellion then became revolution not through spontaneous popular uprising but through collective rational argument against the response to the rebellion, that redefined the nature of government and citizenship, producing after lengthy deliberation quite absent of riot, the Declaration of Independence. (After which of course, the Revolution was on).

The symbolic resurgence in 2009 of “The Tea Party” resembles the original in as much as it too is a scheme developed by a privileged class that is exploiting popular ignorance with emotional hyperbole and the much the same kind of simplistic misrepresentation of reality now, as was the case in 1773.

Now, if the modern day “Tea-Party” were to evolve into a new and more perfect expression of democratic, egalitarian government as did its predecessor, then there would be much to be genuinely excited about—modern US government has strayed far from its founding ideals and could use a major overhaul to better serve the people that empower it, by which it is itself empowered.

But this 21st- Century “Tea Party” surely holds no-such promise and to understand why, it would be useful to first revisit the actual (rather than the imagined) history of the “No Taxation without Representation”-movement that sparked the American Revolution and the founding of the United States.

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For those of you who wish to protest the “tea party” protests, I recommend starting off with a classic Tea Party:


Afterwards, you can wind down by going to any of these sites:

upton tea


And while you’re enjoying your cup of tea, think about this. At the DC “protest” they wanted to dump 1,000,000 teabags. That’s about $50,000 worth of tea, or more than the median income for a family of four, to protest wasteful spending.

Abe Lincoln was right: you can fool some of the people all of the time.

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Tea Bag Party Shows Fear Mongering Mentality

The guy leading the tea bag party keeps saying over and over again that marketing got us into this mess, marketing will get us out.  “Obama’s marketing is loco, they are trying to brainwash you.”  “If you don’t take this seriously, you will perish.”  He wants you to get your kids out of college.  The professors are brainwashing your kids.  One person in the background said, “burn all the books.”  The girl clarified her statement by saying, “burn all the brainwashing books, like books about evolution.”

This is a great example why the Republicans embraced “Joe the Plumber.”  He is a reflection of the Neocon mentality.  No thoughtful contemplation about reality, just raw emotion with no substance.

April 15th: It’s Tax Day!

Taxes, after all, are dues that we pay for the privileges of membership in an organized society.  ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

On the lighter side…

It’s income tax time again, Americans:  time to gather up those receipts, get out those tax forms, sharpen up that pencil, and stab yourself in the aorta.  ~Dave Barry

What do YOU think about our tax system? How would you change or improve it?

Spanish Prosecutor Seeking Indictment’s Of Six Bush Officials On Torture Charges

What are the immediate implications for these six officials?  They can’t really travel outside the United States, certainly not to Europe, because the judge would have the immediate power to issue arrest warrants.  Also Latin America, which has extradition arrangements with the Spanish.

From the Daily Beast:

Spanish prosecutors will seek criminal charges against Alberto Gonzales and five high-ranking Bush administration officials for sanctioning torture at Guantánamo.

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Lawrence O’Donnell steeps tea baggers on Countdown

Lawrence O’Donnell talks with David Shuster on Countdown about the tea parties planned for April 15th, tax day (today).

The taxation rates that everyone is protesting today are those of the George Bush administration. So, does that mean that all these protesters across the country today will be raging against George Bush? Do they even KNOW what they are protesting?

Let the Teabagging Begin

Today begins the great teabagging event. This nationwide effort, led by lobbyists, organized through right wing blogs and Fox News, is a protest! A protest they say! What exactly they are protesting? Well, that is a little fuzzy.

Taxes! We don’t want our rich folks to pay an added 3% in taxes, dammit!

Obama is a Muslim!

Obama isn’t an American citizen!

Obama is a Socialist/ Marxist/ Communist/ Fascist!

We hate the Fed!

We hate! (That pretty much sums it up.)

Actually, I think Rude Pundit sums it up perfectly:

Somewhere, Karl Marx is laughing his bearded ass off. Because what is this but classic exploitation of the proletariat by the bourgeoisie? It’s a bunch of rich fu*ks, beginning with that tool Rick Santelli on CNBC and ending with the slavering profitmongers at Fox “news,” making the poor idiots, who are desperate from fear of or actual job loss and heath insurance loss and home loss, do their bidding. Look at the people attending. Bedraggled Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin wannabes, clinging to the image of those who create the illusion of the working class without the work or the class. Ignorance is such bliss, man.