It’s the Torture, Stupid

Who cares what Speaker Nancy Pelosi knew and when she knew it? That isn’t the point. The point is what it is that she is accused of knowing – That the Bush Administration, in violation of both US Law and International Treaty, tortured people. Continue reading

Oh, the Irony…Savage needs Hillary Clinton’s help

Savage needs Hillary Clinton’s help with lifting UK Ban.

This is the same guy who called Hillary’s Rutgers speech “Hitler dialogue,” back in April 2007.  Here is a transcription from Media Matters:

On the April 23 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, Michael Savage played an audio clip of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (D-NY) April 20 speech at Rutgers University in which Clinton commented on the April 18 Supreme Court ruling that upheld the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003. In the clip, Clinton asked, “What message does it send when the Supreme Court decides that women’s health doesn’t matter?” In response, Savage stated: “That’s rubbish. That’s Hitler dialogue. [Joseph] Goebbels [information minister in Nazi Germany] would be proud of you, Hillary Clinton. I know [former Chinese communist leader] Mao Zedong would have been proud of you.” Savage also referred to Clinton as a “liar” and a “sickening person,” and added, “[T]his is life and death you are talking about. It’s not about women’s health.”

Savage on Democrats and the media:  (May 13, 2004)

Carl Levin and Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton, The New Yorker, CBS have destroyed the war effort against terror. And if, God forbid, a suitcase bomb goes off you’ll know who to blame. I’m — hey I’m not going to mince words, there’s no grey zone here. It’s black and white, it’s them versus us and the enemy within on their side.

The Week In Business Shows – That In Most Cases The Wrong Person Is Running The Company

GM bankruptcy almost inevitable.  They posted a $6 billion first quarter loss…shares set to fall like a rock. Link.

A Swedish CEO “fires himself” rather than handing out pink slips to workers. Bank of America, Chrysler and Citigroup CEOs could not be reached for comment. Link.

Speaking of Bank of America, CEO Ken Lewis, is hoping to repay back TARP money in months rather than years. Also hoping this will get stockholders off his back for the Merrill Lynch debacle.  Link

Nordstrom’s preliminary first quarter sales fell by 9.2%, analysts only expected earnings of 26 cents a share, they faired better than expected. That’s sad when chump change per share is something to rejoice. Link.

Microsoft’s planning  a “war” on iPod that has as many glitches as their Vista Software. Link.

Intel got socked with a record breaking fine of $1.45 billion for illegal and secret practices to squeeze out AMD.  Link.

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Natural Magnetic Fields Revealed As Chaotic

Natural magnetic fields are revealed as chaotic, ever-changing geometries as scientists from NASA’s Space Sciences Laboratory excitedly describe their discoveries.

The secret lives of invisible magnetic fields are revealed as chaotic, ever-changing geometries. All action takes place around NASA’s Space Sciences Laboratory, UC Berkeley, to recordings of space scientists describing their discoveries. Actual VLF audio recordings control the evolution of the fields as they delve into our inaudible surroundings, revealing recurrent ‘whistlers’ produced by fleeting electrons.

This is a really interesting video that I thought all the science enthusiasts, like myself, would enjoy. The audio isn’t grainy it’s the noise generated by the magnetic fields.

This video is by ascarida.

Sifton: “Up to 100 detainees have died in US custody”

Raw Story:

Any torture investigation should focus on the deaths of approximately 100 prisoners who were in U.S. custody, says attorney and human rights investigator John Sifton. Senate torture hearings have examined the effectiveness of enhanced interrogation techniques but Sifton says this is the wrong focus. “Those are the wrong debates to be having right now,” Sifton told Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman.

“We knew that up to a hundred detainees had died in US custody in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we had published this information previously. But I brought it up again, because I feel like the debate right now about torture is missing the point,” he said.

“These aggressive techniques were not just limited to the high-value detainee program in the CIA. They spread to the military with disastrous results. They led to the deaths of human beings. And when there’s a corpse involved, when there’s a dead body involved, you can’t just have a debate about policy differences and looking forward or looking backward.”

Read the article in The Daily Beast by John Sifton entitled “The Bush Administration Homicides“.

Kucinich: We Are Moving From Industrial Capitalism To Financial Capitalism To Crony Capitalism!

Dennis Kucinich is explaining why he put in HR444, “which says we have to have a national policy – which states that the maintenance of steel, automotive, aerospace and shipping are vital to our national economic security and our national defense.”  

” We can not be a free nation if we don’t have the ability to make things.” He further states, “How can we defend a country if you can’t make cars, you can’t make planes and you can’t produce steel.” “This is a national security issue.”

Video by VotersThinkdotorg.

Fire The Boss!

Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis on May 15th will be at Cooper Union in New York City, they are taking part in a panel that looks at this phenomenon, called Fire the Boss: The Worker Control Solution from Buenos Aires to Chicago.

We’ll be joined by people from the movement in Argentina as well as workers from the famous Republic Windows and Doors struggle in Chicago.

In 2004, they made a documentary called “The Take” about Argentina’s movement of worker-run businesses. In the wake of the country’s dramatic economic collapse in 2001, thousands of workers walked into their shuttered factories and put them back into production as worker cooperatives. Abandoned by bosses and politicians, they regained unpaid wages and severance while re-claiming their jobs in the process.

But what shines through in the film is the simple drama of workers’ lives and their struggle: the demand for dignity and the searing injustice of dignity denied.

As we toured Europe and North America with the film, every Q&A ended up with the question, “that’s all very well in Argentina, but could that ever happen here?”

Well, with the world economy now looking remarkably like Argentina’s in 2001 (and for many of the same reasons) there is a new wave of direct action among workers in rich countries. Co-ops are once again emerging as a practical alternative to more lay-offs. Workers in the U.S. and Europe are beginning to ask the same questions as their Latin American counterparts: Why do we have to get fired? Why can’t we fire the boss? Why is the bank allowed to drive our company under while getting billions of dollars of our money?

Here is a quick list of workers taking control of their destiny around the world.

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Stewart finds moral hypocrisy: Waterboarding good, gays bad

 Raw Story

Lt. Dan Choi is an Arabic translator that is being fired from the military for admitting that he is gay. Jon Stewart finds hypocrisy in that the government will bend its moral standards to allow waterboarding but then fires the resources that could translate the results of that waterboarding.

Open Thread for Friday – Why Us?

Many of us who have lived in small towns know the tragedy of having a franchise being closed down for business reasons from a corporate master. At this time Chrysler is closing down dealerships based primarily on volume, not factoring in the fact that they may be the only game in town. Does this really sound like a sound business decision?

I have seen the devastation that resulted from the closing of a single Dodge dealership in Dutchess County, NY –  a town disappeared.

Feel free to comment here or in one of the threads below.

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