GOP Congressman Rohrabacher Proves He Is One Of The Dumbest Members Of Congress..

The GOP has a pretty low bar for intelligence.  Rep. Dana has no clue what he is talking about once again.  He is channeling Ronald Reagan, and his facts about him are completely wrong.  It’s obvious that American History is not his strong suit.

Another great video by NewsPoliticsNews.

Limbaugh Gets Lambasted By Frum

There seems to be a growing consensus, amongst intellectual conservatives, that listening to an “overweight blabbermouth” is a “bad thing if Limbaugh is spokesman of the conservative movement.”   This sentiment was expressed, by their growing concern, from several conservative panelists who gathered at AEI to discuss the future of the Republican Party.  Their focus was the anti-intellectualism of today’s conservative movement.  A retired foreign service officer was asking “do we have to take our marching orders” from Limbaugh?

Case in point, Limbaugh on his May 14th radio broadcast said that David Frum and others like him want to “give Obama credit when he does the right thing,” he went on to further state, “That’s the pseudo-intellectual conservative view.  The truth is he’s incompetent.” What David Frum is taking issue with is this part of his commentary:

He is every bit the radical leftist he’s always been. This isn’t changing his mind about anything. What is happening, if anything, is that the import of his job, you know, he’s got a very fine line to walk. I was just talking about this. His base loves anything that inflames anti-American opinion. During the campaign he inflamed anti-American opinion. As a senator he voted to inflame anti-American opinion. In his early days as president he ran around the world apologizing, inflaming and encouraging anti-American opinion.

But now, I’m telling you, somebody got to him, because, look, he followed his instincts. His instincts were to release the pictures. His instincts were to let terrorists go in the United States on the street. Somebody somewhere said, “Wait a minute, for your own self-preservation, you can’t release these pictures. You’re in the Senate, you’re on the presidential campaign talking about how all this torture has ruined our image. Well, you’re America now, pal. If you release the pictures, it’s going to hurt you politically.” Don’t mistake a political calculation — Karl Rove said the other night that this bunch spends two hours a night in the White House going over the day’s polling results, to figure out what to do and where to be and what language to put on the teleprompter for The Messiah to repeat, two hours a night. So what has happened here, somebody said it’s going to harm you. Remember, everything’s about him. These pictures are gonna harm you. You want to harm America, you’re taking care of that domestically. If you want to harm America, just keep doing your domestic policy and save your butt with these pictures. And don’t release these prisoners. The Germans wouldn’t take ‘em, the French, Spain. No, to answer your question, he’s not learning the truth. He’s having to set himself aside in one area, and it’s gotta be painful. I’m sure Michelle is giving him grief up there in the residence like you can’t believe.

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Radio Host Michael Savage: “Rush Limbaugh is a Fraud”

SAVAGE: And yet here in America, I’ve had some people come to my aid. They see the bigger picture. They’re not like [Bill] O’Reilly; they’re not like Limbaugh, who’s the biggest disappointment of all. Limbaugh has turned out to be the biggest phony of all of them, all of them. Amongst all of them, he is the biggest fraud. Rush Limbaugh is a fraud. When he was accused of the drug usage, I supported him. But that man is a one-way street. It’s all about him. He’s in it for nobody but himself.

Now the Conservative Radio Hosts are starting to implode.   I don’t know who to root for.   Geez, don’t like either one them.

I have to admit though, Savage is right about Limbaugh…

Trying to Protect the Poorest from Governor Pawlenty

On Sunday, the Democratic-controlled House failed in a push to override two of Pawlenty’s vetoes — on health care and on a $1 billion tax plan.

Final-day action comes after an emotional night of debate that reduced several members to tears on the House floor, DFLers failed Sunday to override Pawlenty’s vetoes and said he would have to make further cuts on his own and be responsible for the consequences.

The no-compromise tone was set earlier in the day, when DFLers made a last-ditch attempt to turn back a line-item veto that would remove 30,000 of the poorest Minnesotans from the state-funded General Assistance Medical Program (GAMC).

Magnitude 4.7 Earthquake Rocks Los Angeles May 17th

A magnitude-4.7 earthquake rattled the Los Angeles area Sunday night, marking the strongest quake to hit LA since July, and experts say stronger quakes are on their way.

The initial quake, which the U.S. Geological Society reported earlier as magnitude-5.0, struck at 8:39 p.m. Its epicenter was about one mile east of Lennox, according to the USGS.The rumbling lasted about 10 to 15 seconds. Shaking was felt throughout the Los Angeles area and as far south as North County.

Video by NewsPoliticsNews

May 17th – Today in History

1954 -Supreme Court unanimously rules on Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education reversed 1896 “separate but equal” Plessy Vs Ferguson decision

1973 - Senate Watergate hearings begin.  The scandal forces Richard Nixon the following year to resign.

1792 – The Birth of the Stock Exchange.

1875 - The first Kentucky Derby held in Louisville, Kentucky.

Other interesting events on this day:

1884 – Alaska becomes a U.S. Territory.

1963 – U.S. performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site.

1970 – Hank Aaron becomes 9th player to get 3,000 hits.

1989 – Nelson Mandela receives a BA from University of South Africa.

500 Years – Women In Art

This beautiful video was done by Phillip Scott Johnson – YouTube name eggman913.  Please check out all of eggman913’s videos — what an incredible talent!

Music: Bach’s Sarabande from Suite for Solo Cello No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007 performed by Yo-Yo Ma

Here is a partial list of the portraits in this video:

Archangel (Angel of the Golden Locks) – Artist – Novgorod School, RussiaLa

Scapigliata (The Lady of the Disheveled Hair) – Artist -Leonardo da Vinci

The Madonna of the Carnation – Artist – Leonardo da Vinci

Mona Lisa – Artist – Leonardo da Vinci

Lady with a Unicorn – Artist – Raphael

The Birth of Venus – Artist – Sandro Botticelli

Sacred Conversation – Artist – Giovanni Bellini

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Press Briefing: Reporter Challenges “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Policy Pose a Danger to Troops

The reporter’s point was, if we are dismissing good soldiers for the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy, doesn’t that pose a danger to our troops?  Press Secretary Gibbs responds, “The President has long believed the policy does not serve our national interest.”

Civilian Contractors, Water, U.S. Soldiers, KBR, and Wastewater Pouring Out of Showers…

Stories of short supplies have haunted the U.S. military throughout the war in Iraq—things like inadequate body armor or unshielded Hummers. But while many soldiers say they had good access to water and even Gatorade, the 11 News Defenders discovered that others, stationed all over the country and during all phases of this desert war, say something else was often missing.

“We were rationed two bottles of water a day,” said Army Staff Sgt. Dustin Robey, referring to 1 to 1.5 liter bottles.

In this report, Robey talks about running out of water and forced to drink water out of faucets in Iraq homes, because that was the only water around.  The problem with that is, most Iraqi water is untreated and can cause illness. As a result, dysentery spread rapidly through his unit, affecting between 50 to 60 men.

They had to resort to stealing water from civilian contractors by taking unsafe routes, with road bombs, to the airport to find pallets of water that had not been distributed.

Another problem facing the soldiers was – unclean water in the sinks and showers in Iraq.

Turns out, at many similar bases, the water was supposed to be processed by Houston-based company KBR. In an internal KBR report, the company sites “massive programmatic issues” with water for personal hygiene dating back to 2005. It outlines how there was no formalized training for anyone involved with water operations, and one camp, Ar Ramadi, had no disinfection for shower water whatsoever.

“That water was two to three times as contaminated as the water out of the Euphrates River,” said former KBR employee Ben Carter.

Carter, a water purification specialist, was the one to blow the whistle on it all. He said he first noticed a problem when he found a live maggot in a base toilet at Camp Ar Ramadi. He subsequently discovered that instead of using chlorinated water, the soldiers’ sinks and showers were pouring out untreated wastewater.

I did some digging and found that this problem goes back to 2004, it was first reported by ABC News in 2006.

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Oh, the Irony…Savage needs Hillary Clinton’s help

Savage needs Hillary Clinton’s help with lifting UK Ban.

This is the same guy who called Hillary’s Rutgers speech “Hitler dialogue,” back in April 2007.  Here is a transcription from Media Matters:

On the April 23 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, Michael Savage played an audio clip of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (D-NY) April 20 speech at Rutgers University in which Clinton commented on the April 18 Supreme Court ruling that upheld the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003. In the clip, Clinton asked, “What message does it send when the Supreme Court decides that women’s health doesn’t matter?” In response, Savage stated: “That’s rubbish. That’s Hitler dialogue. [Joseph] Goebbels [information minister in Nazi Germany] would be proud of you, Hillary Clinton. I know [former Chinese communist leader] Mao Zedong would have been proud of you.” Savage also referred to Clinton as a “liar” and a “sickening person,” and added, “[T]his is life and death you are talking about. It’s not about women’s health.”

Savage on Democrats and the media:  (May 13, 2004)

Carl Levin and Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton, The New Yorker, CBS have destroyed the war effort against terror. And if, God forbid, a suitcase bomb goes off you’ll know who to blame. I’m — hey I’m not going to mince words, there’s no grey zone here. It’s black and white, it’s them versus us and the enemy within on their side.

The Week In Business Shows – That In Most Cases The Wrong Person Is Running The Company

GM bankruptcy almost inevitable.  They posted a $6 billion first quarter loss…shares set to fall like a rock. Link.

A Swedish CEO “fires himself” rather than handing out pink slips to workers. Bank of America, Chrysler and Citigroup CEOs could not be reached for comment. Link.

Speaking of Bank of America, CEO Ken Lewis, is hoping to repay back TARP money in months rather than years. Also hoping this will get stockholders off his back for the Merrill Lynch debacle.  Link

Nordstrom’s preliminary first quarter sales fell by 9.2%, analysts only expected earnings of 26 cents a share, they faired better than expected. That’s sad when chump change per share is something to rejoice. Link.

Microsoft’s planning  a “war” on iPod that has as many glitches as their Vista Software. Link.

Intel got socked with a record breaking fine of $1.45 billion for illegal and secret practices to squeeze out AMD.  Link.

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Natural Magnetic Fields Revealed As Chaotic

Natural magnetic fields are revealed as chaotic, ever-changing geometries as scientists from NASA’s Space Sciences Laboratory excitedly describe their discoveries.

The secret lives of invisible magnetic fields are revealed as chaotic, ever-changing geometries. All action takes place around NASA’s Space Sciences Laboratory, UC Berkeley, to recordings of space scientists describing their discoveries. Actual VLF audio recordings control the evolution of the fields as they delve into our inaudible surroundings, revealing recurrent ‘whistlers’ produced by fleeting electrons.

This is a really interesting video that I thought all the science enthusiasts, like myself, would enjoy. The audio isn’t grainy it’s the noise generated by the magnetic fields.

This video is by ascarida.

Kucinich: We Are Moving From Industrial Capitalism To Financial Capitalism To Crony Capitalism!

Dennis Kucinich is explaining why he put in HR444, “which says we have to have a national policy – which states that the maintenance of steel, automotive, aerospace and shipping are vital to our national economic security and our national defense.”  

” We can not be a free nation if we don’t have the ability to make things.” He further states, “How can we defend a country if you can’t make cars, you can’t make planes and you can’t produce steel.” “This is a national security issue.”

Video by VotersThinkdotorg.

Fire The Boss!

Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis on May 15th will be at Cooper Union in New York City, they are taking part in a panel that looks at this phenomenon, called Fire the Boss: The Worker Control Solution from Buenos Aires to Chicago.

We’ll be joined by people from the movement in Argentina as well as workers from the famous Republic Windows and Doors struggle in Chicago.

In 2004, they made a documentary called “The Take” about Argentina’s movement of worker-run businesses. In the wake of the country’s dramatic economic collapse in 2001, thousands of workers walked into their shuttered factories and put them back into production as worker cooperatives. Abandoned by bosses and politicians, they regained unpaid wages and severance while re-claiming their jobs in the process.

But what shines through in the film is the simple drama of workers’ lives and their struggle: the demand for dignity and the searing injustice of dignity denied.

As we toured Europe and North America with the film, every Q&A ended up with the question, “that’s all very well in Argentina, but could that ever happen here?”

Well, with the world economy now looking remarkably like Argentina’s in 2001 (and for many of the same reasons) there is a new wave of direct action among workers in rich countries. Co-ops are once again emerging as a practical alternative to more lay-offs. Workers in the U.S. and Europe are beginning to ask the same questions as their Latin American counterparts: Why do we have to get fired? Why can’t we fire the boss? Why is the bank allowed to drive our company under while getting billions of dollars of our money?

Here is a quick list of workers taking control of their destiny around the world.

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Press Sec. Takes Ringing Phone From Reporter

These reporters are so unbelievably rude.  John Gizzi, is the first reporter that had his phone taken away from him.  Last time, his phone rang twice during a briefing.

The other reporter’s phone that starts ringing later, he gets up and walks out the side door.  He should be banned from future briefings.  After this, they should ban all cell phones from White House briefings, since these idiots have no respect.

Video by newspoliticsnews

Cop Kicks Surrendered Suspect’s Head – High Five Follows

As you watch this video witness the suspect laying flat on the ground with his arms and his legs spread.  You will see the replay and the slow motion of the cop kicking Richard Rodriguez of El Monte, right in the face.

Then you will see this same cop, who is so proud of himself, giving a high five to another cop after Mr. Rodriguez is handcuffed.   He didn’t deserve to be kicked in the face, let the courts dole out the punishment for possible felony evasion.

Fat Cats Finally Get Rid Of Their Corporate Jets

Corporate fat cats are the lifeblood of the private jet industry.  To improve their image, many have decide to ditch their fleets.  Demerjian from Wired notes:

It’s a trend that could hurt the aviation industry, undermining one of the last manufacturing sectors the U.S. still dominates.

Corporate giants ranging from Bank of America to Time Warner are grounding planes amid a faltering economy and pressure from critics who say jets are a luxury they cannot afford and taxpayers should not subsidize. Shareholders and pundits aren’t the only ones telling CEOs to fly commercial with the rest of us. A judge recently told Ritz Camera, which is closing more than 400 stores, to get rid of the jet it started leasing a few months before filing for Chapter 11.

It’s difficult to feel sorry for the Big Three Automakers who are begging for money when they decide to show up to bailout hearings in private jets, instead of going the commercial airline route.

Some corporations believe they have good reasons for using private jets. Airlines have cut back services to 100 cities – so why should a CEO waste his valuable time flying all day to get to his destination – when hoping on the company jet will get him there in a few hours.

That’s one reason Starbucks is keeping one of its three jets even after laying off 1,800 people.

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Obama Trying To Block Prisoner Photos – Fears Backlash Against Soldiers

Gibbs:  Existence of detainee abuse not denoted by the photos.

Obama decided he “did not feel comfortable” with the release and last week instructed his legal team to fight it in court, said an official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the president’s decision had not yet been made public.

Obama has instructed administration lawyers to make the case that “the national security implications of such a release have not been fully presented to the court,” the official said.

“The president strongly believes that the release of these photos, particularly at this time, would only serve the purpose of inflaming the theaters of war, jeopardizing U.S. forces, and making our job more difficult in places like Iraq and Afghanistan,” the official said.

Military agreement Gen. Ray Odierno, the top U.S. military commander in Iraq met with Obama at the White House Tuesday to ask the administration not to release the photos. Defense officials say Odierno is “vehemently opposed” to the release because he fears it could create a widespread “backlash” against military forces in both war zones.

May 12th In a Hundred Seconds & The Eruption Over Miss California Decision

The David Schuster segment where he is talking about “Can I vomit right now,” pertains to the Miss California decision – she gets to keep her crown. The video is below the fold.

Schuster has a feisty discussion with Contessa & Tamron over the issue.  He furthers states:

“Doesn’t this represent everything that is wrong with the superficial nature of these pageants?  She talked about how woman can make a difference in the world, she lied, and avoided taking personal responsibility.  She blamed others – whether it was Perez Hilton or the photographers – and then she whined about all the attention she received.”

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Funny Animals & The Weird Things They Do — open thread

This is a compilation of many different animals.   Some are from television shows that would be considered bloopers.  The one in particular where the gentleman, doing a video for New Animal World, is talking about the lion and how people consider him today to be harmless. Meanwhile, the lion is not following the script of just sitting there, oh no, he is pulling on the narrators pants and pulling him over.

It has a number of funny clips about cats and dogs too.  The talking cat segment, just cracks me up. Animals dancing, the Ostrich at the end beats them all. My dose of humor for a Tuesday :-)

Video by Dude4NL.

New York City Homeless To Be Charged Rent To Live In A Shelter

New York City is going to start charging homeless families $345 a month to live in a shelter.  These are working families who are homeless — so city officials are calculating each month what percentage they can afford to pay.  Since these are all families with children, I can’t believe they are including the cost of child care these people have to pay every week.  Another point, how are they going to be able to save money for a deposit on an apartment — if the shelter starts charging them rent? They are all going to get caught in a vicious cycle of living pay check to pay check, which many of us do already, but we have a place to live — that isn’t solving the problem that’s perpetuating it.

Video by Subscribe4MoreNews.