April Fools!


On this last day of August, Atrios recalled the following ThinkProgress post from 1 April 2007:

This morning on the Chris Matthews Show, NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell revealed that Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, met “very recently” with the Senate Republican caucus to discuss their strategy on Iraq legislation.

“Petraeus went to the Republican caucus and told them, I will have real progress to you by August,” Mitchell said. The Republicans claim they told him that after August, they will end their support for the war. “They have told him at a caucus meeting as very, very recently, that if there isn’t progress by August — and real progress means not a day of violence and a day of sanity — that they will pull the plug.”

Why Don’t We Hear About Democrats Visiting Iraq?

Here are some highlights from Senator Dick Durbin’s email on his trip to Iraq this month. Oddly he didn’t seem to see as much progress as most of the Republicans claim they saw. It would be nice if the MSM would present this side to the public.



“Like my previous visits, I felt as though I was witnessing first-hand the worst foreign policy mistake in our nation’s history.”


“Flying into Baghdad, our helicopter lands in a cloud of brown dirt and we walk our way toward Patrol Base Murray through a foot of deep, fine baby powder dust. The heat is furnace-like: over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Stacks of plastic water bottles can be found at every turn. The minute you sit or stop, someone hands you a water bottle. In Iraq, water can mean the difference between life and death. Recently, a member of the Patrol Base tank crew sat for 10 hours in the heat and died of heat stroke.”


“Col. Ferrell’s unit is scheduled to be deployed for 15 months. Next September they will move out. I ask him whether the Iraqi Army or Police will take over. From his answer it is clear there is no post-surge follow-up plan.”


“As we begin to make our way back toward our transportation to our next destination, one of the senior officers waits until we are alone. He tells me 15-month deployments are just too long. By the end of twelve months my soldiers have “lost their edge, they’re just going through the motions.” And the 12 months between deployments is only half what they really need to reconstitute their units, rest them, train them and give them a chance to keep their families together.”


“As we depart in the helicopter that will carry us back to the relative safety of the Green Zone, the dust swirls around us. The only thing that remains clear is that we are no closer to a resolution to this grave error than we were almost five years ago.”


‘When the Senate reconvenes this September, I will make sure that bringing the war in Iraq to a close remains our top priority. When the White House reports on the surge and General Petraeus testifies before the Senate next month, we must measure progress not just by our military’s performance, which has been tremendous — but by the more important yardstick of whether or not the Iraqi Government and the Bush Administration have done the hard political and diplomatic work needed to bring that country together.’


“As I saw first-hand during my trip to the Middle East this month, our men and women serving abroad have fought courageously. Now it’s up to the politicians to bring about an end to the Iraq War — “

Given the boot from boot camp

Loose Lips

This is really disturbing.

“U.S. Military Censors ThinkProgress”

Do you suppose we’re next?

I’ll provide an excerpt for those who, thanks to the Military, can no longer access ThinkProgress.

ThinkProgress is now banned from the U.S. military network in Baghdad.

Recently, an avid ThinkProgress reader — a U.S. soldier serving his second tour in Iraq — wrote to us and said that he can no longer access ThinkProgress.org.

The ban began sometime shortly after Aug. 22, when Ret. Maj. Gen. John Batiste was our guest blogger on ThinkProgress. He posted an op-ed that was strongly critical of the President’s policies and advocated a “responsible and deliberate redeployment from Iraq.”

Tony Snow Is Going To Go

Tony Snow announced today that he is leaving his job as White House press secretary on September 14 and will be replaced by deputy press secretary Dana Perino. Snow has been undergoing treatment for cancer. He gave no reason for leaving but recently told a conservative talk show host that he was leaving due to financial reasons, not for health reasons.

Snow is only one in a growing number who have decided to leave their positions with this administration (whether by choice or not..). My hope is that he won’t be the last to leave (Mr Cheney? Please? At least consider it..). Perhaps he could get a job full-time playing his flute..

Under God

PledgeI thought I’d share with you a post I made some time ago on my now-defunct blog Egreggious. Unfortunately, some of the original links are no longer valid, and I believe I have deleted all of these:

I’m not a big fan of the Pledge of Allegiance. I don’t really like that our kids are taught to recite it before they have any real concept of what it means. It’s too much like brainwashing or indoctrination, too much like goose-stepping nationalism.

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A whole new domain!

Welcome to https://tpzoo.wordpress.com!

It was sheer hell but I think I have everything pretty much back to normal here at the new URL. We may have lost a few minor things in the transfer, but I think that all in all, the site is fairly intact.

All administrators should make sure that their status has not been changed by this transfer. That was one of my biggest headaches, and I hope everyone is back on board.

I will delete the old URL when we are sure this one is working the way we want.

Please post and comment here from now on unless, for some reason, you are unable to.

UPDATE: So far, it looks like this new URL is working out just fine. You should be able to safely bookmark this site and link to it from elsewhere, without fear of it going the way of the last “beta” version.

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Kids, I’m home!

What kind of damage have you all caused while I was gone?

I haven’t had time to read over the comments yet, but I see there are lots of fancy new posts, and an even fancier new template, which I must say I like very much.

Larry Craig just inspired my friend Dave E. to start his own blog, Switchback to Freedom. If you get a chance, stop by and give him some encouragement.

If I can actually do it, I’ll be switching the URL over in a matter of minutes (Ok, probably hours).

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Sorry I missed out on all the fun today.

Look Who Crawled Out

Fox News again took its audience for total idiots today (August 30, 2007) when it asked Tom DeLay to come on to talk about how “Republicans act swiftly, unlike Democrats” when it comes to dealing with scandal.

(Read more about it courtesy of NewsHounds.)

Are the people at F__ N___ C______ (substitute your own favorite name for them) so clueless that they don’t even have a dictionary nearby? They invited Tom DeLay to talk about things like “character”. Character? Do they understand how that term is supposed to be used, when not talking about a complete charicature of a person (such as, oh, I don’t know, Tom DeLay)? And where on Earth did they ever get the idea that today’s Republican Party understands what true “character” is. There are very few Republicans of which you could say, “He has character.” There are plenty, it seems, about whom you could say, “This guy’s a character.”

DeLay — one of the seediest and shadiest guys to ever walk the halls of congress — proceeded to talk character, saying that, “The character of a party is how you handle this.” He said he doesn’t have all the facts about Craig and wouldn’t comment on whether he should resign but, “In the big picture, Neil, the Republican party takes care of situations like this.”

And how long did it take you to finally resign after you got caught illegally funneling corporate money to state races in Texas, Mr. “DeLay”? Character, my ass.

Cops Allegedly Entrap Sen. Craig

The latest development in the ongoing saga:

“Bathroom Senator”

I sit down to go to the bathroom, and you said our feet bumped,” Craig told an officer. “I believe they did … because I reached down and scooted over and the next thing I knew, under the bathroom divider comes a card that says ‘police'”.

Sen. Larry Craig(R), is now alleging the Minneapolis Police Department has entrapped him. Also during the 8 minute taped session, the officer accused the Senator of lying to him, and expressed his disappointment in the elected official.

“I’m just disappointed in you, sir,” the officer said. “I mean, people vote for you.”

Maybe it was a liberal conspiracy by that liberal state of Minnesota.

Rove: It’s a Wrap-Up!

(CBS/AP) White House pranksters are literally marking the wrap-up of top aide Karl Rove’s career at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, reports CBS News White House correspondent Peter Maer. Rove’s Jaguar, parked in the lot adjacent to the West Wing, has been covered with plastic wrap. Two stuffed eagle toys are mounted on the trunk, and signs posted on the car read “King Karl” and “I love Obama.”

CBS News: U.S. And Iraq Go Way Back

CBS News: U.S. And Iraq Go Way Back

Could this be the Corporate Mass Media doing it’s job?

“The newspaper says a review of a large tranche of government documents reveals that the administrations of President Reagan and the first President Bush both authorized providing Iraq with intelligence and logistical support, and okayed the sale of dual use items — those with military and civilian applications — that included chemicals and germs, even anthrax and bubonic plague.”


ht: Ichthus

New Orleans Two Years After by Greg Palast

“They wanted them poor niggers out of there.”

“We needed an answer to a weird, puzzling and horrific discovery. Among the miles and miles of devastated houses, rubble still there today in New Orleans, we found dry, beautiful homes. But their residents were told by guys dressed like Ninjas wearing “Blackwater” badges: “Try to go into your home and we’ll arrest you.””

Majority believes that “All is not lost”

Think Progress linked to what I consider rather depressing news on public opinion on the so-called progress of the Iraq War.

From this poll, it looks like more Americans than I would have guessed are willing to let the slaughter of American Soldiers and Iraqi civilians continue.

Of course, it is the Moonie Washington Times, so it’s almost certainly just propaganda.

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