CBS News: U.S. And Iraq Go Way Back

CBS News: U.S. And Iraq Go Way Back

Could this be the Corporate Mass Media doing it’s job?

“The newspaper says a review of a large tranche of government documents reveals that the administrations of President Reagan and the first President Bush both authorized providing Iraq with intelligence and logistical support, and okayed the sale of dual use items — those with military and civilian applications — that included chemicals and germs, even anthrax and bubonic plague.”


ht: Ichthus

10 thoughts on “CBS News: U.S. And Iraq Go Way Back

  1. Did anyone else catch the news that they actually FOUND the WMD from Iraq today? It was in a file cabinet at the UN. Probably sitting there for over ten years. Who knew.. It was all over the news this morning, that is, until they started running this police audio tape of Craig being arrested nonstop. Priorities.. I tell you..

  2. Spudge sez:
    Could this be the Corporate Mass Media doing it’s job?

    I’m sure it’s just a blip. They’ll get over it….

  3. I thought W had all these papers sealed from the Reagan administration. So is this just an old story nobody every got published before?

  4. davesfortruth,

    War crimes are committed during both Republican and Democratic Administrations. It was under the Carter Administration that the U.S. started to recruit and train Muslim extremists to fight its proxy war against the Soviet Union.

    Here is some addition information about the Iraq and the U.S.

  5. So is that a picture of Rummy giving Saddam Anthrax, or Boubonic Plague? They’re both small enough to fit in your hand.

  6. Randalljones, most people pull out Clinton did it too but you went all the way back to Carter did it. Why don’t you try looking into Iran/Contra and the Reagan/Bush administration instead of worrying about what you think Carter did.

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