The Greek peninsula of Peloponnes is burning. The fires are now under control, but more than 60 people died. Among them, a mother with her four young children. She has fled her house, which was closed in by flames and all of them died in a nearby field.

The fires were started by arsonists working for investors who are speculating on the raise in land prices when former woodland can be rededicated as building land. This national tragedy is fueled by greed. Other mediterranian countries suffered from the same, but effectively stopped the practice. You will not get a building license for many years for burnt woodlands. Why not Greece?

Elsewhere in Europe:

In Germany the government is discussing their own brand of wiretapping: Online searches of computers. They are not likely to get what they want.

Parts of Switzerland are flooded for the fourth time this summer. We had about half of the usual amount of rain for August – in one night- yesterday.

The British are still trying to get their heads around a brutal random shooting of an eleven year old boy by a youngster. Maybe they should start to think about the disassociated society they have.

In Italy the Mafia is making headlines again. The Calabrian branch is responsible for the revenge killing of six young men in a single shooting in the German town of Duisburg. There were 40 arrests yesterday.

In France former prime minister Pierre Messmer has died aged 91. May he rest in peace.

Iraq has made the headlines as well. The London Times reports on the British owned quagmire in Basra. Paris’ Le Monde informs us that the Iraqi government has met only 3 milestones out of 18 in it’s report card on the ill-fated surge.

That’s what met my eye this morning, see you again soon!

5 thoughts on “Greed

  1. It’s tragic. Governments all across the globe disintegrate and leave the fate of ordinary human beings to the greedy. Solutions would be so easy for some of the problems and the bottomline is: We the ordinary people need good government to protect us from interest groups like the ones I mentioned above. I’m working on a piece on the “war on government” starting with Reagan and Thatcher and ending today. But I can’t promise any results soon, nor that I will bother you with such a long rant of my more obscure beliefs. 😉

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