Look Who Crawled Out

Fox News again took its audience for total idiots today (August 30, 2007) when it asked Tom DeLay to come on to talk about how “Republicans act swiftly, unlike Democrats” when it comes to dealing with scandal.

(Read more about it courtesy of NewsHounds.)

Are the people at F__ N___ C______ (substitute your own favorite name for them) so clueless that they don’t even have a dictionary nearby? They invited Tom DeLay to talk about things like “character”. Character? Do they understand how that term is supposed to be used, when not talking about a complete charicature of a person (such as, oh, I don’t know, Tom DeLay)? And where on Earth did they ever get the idea that today’s Republican Party understands what true “character” is. There are very few Republicans of which you could say, “He has character.” There are plenty, it seems, about whom you could say, “This guy’s a character.”

DeLay — one of the seediest and shadiest guys to ever walk the halls of congress — proceeded to talk character, saying that, “The character of a party is how you handle this.” He said he doesn’t have all the facts about Craig and wouldn’t comment on whether he should resign but, “In the big picture, Neil, the Republican party takes care of situations like this.”

And how long did it take you to finally resign after you got caught illegally funneling corporate money to state races in Texas, Mr. “DeLay”? Character, my ass.

15 thoughts on “Look Who Crawled Out

  1. Speaking of Tom DeLay.. I saw him interviewed by Max Blumenthal at the Christians United for Israel’s annual Washington-Israel Summit.
    The article is called “Rapture Ready” and the video is bizarre. It starts out with an interview with Tom DeLay.
    I can’t figure out how these guys’ words can be so utterly disconnected from their actions.. I guess that is really that “authoritarian” personality that John Dean describes in his book “Conservatives Without Conscience”.

  2. Delay, the idiot who goes on tour for his book and lies about facts that he “wrote” in the book. And when questioned about those facts says he can’t see what’s written because he doesn’t have his glasses.
    Delay, character my ass!
    F N C – Fucking Nut Cases

  3. Wayne,

    Go into the Dashboard, and then Manage. You should see your post listed there at or near the top. Select “edit,” and it will take you back to the Write screen. On the left side, there’s a list of categories, just click on your name, and whatever else seems appropriate. 🙂

  4. I didn’t see it there. Maybe I missed it.
    No biggie. The story is there to talk about or not.

    Can we get Bill O’Reilly to bring his body language person on to analyze DeLay’s numerous Craig Defense Fund appearances?

  5. Thank you, Zooey. If another person named Wayne ever gets to post to this blog, are we going to have to change my tag? Just asking. I’ll leave decisions like that to you guys. I try not to make trouble. Besides, I have to save stuff for my own blog, too. Like tonight. Oh, BTW, is it considered bad etiquette for those of us with our own blogs to mention when we added something new?

  6. Any possible new Wayne would have to figure it out for himself. 🙂

    Please Wayne, whore your blog. Heh.

    I don’t consider that bad form at all.

  7. When I first started doing the “blogging thing”, I had heard the term “blog whoring” and I wasn’t sure what it meant. From what I could discern, it seems to refer to using your blog to promote something out of which you would get a financial interest. Like promoting someone’s idea in which you have invested, without letting readers know. Or posting something favorable to a corporation in exchange for money. Anyway, I didn’t get the idea that it meant merely letting people know you have a new post, especially if there is nothing financial in it for you to do so.

    Anyway, I posted something new to my blog, unrelated to anything here.

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