Majority believes that “All is not lost”

Think Progress linked to what I consider rather depressing news on public opinion on the so-called progress of the Iraq War.

From this poll, it looks like more Americans than I would have guessed are willing to let the slaughter of American Soldiers and Iraqi civilians continue.

Of course, it is the Moonie Washington Times, so it’s almost certainly just propaganda.

Posted by Gregg

10 thoughts on “Majority believes that “All is not lost”

  1. Well, this is only a bullshit wording on WaPo behalf. 66% of Democrats think that the war is lost. Not going down hill, lost. 9% of Republicans think it is lost. The wording of this poll is new, not that any numbers have changed.

    I am sure if you asked the same exact people “Do you support how George W Bush is handling the war?” You would end up with a 72/28 split as usual.

    This is not depressing, just the WaPo stretching the truth, as usual.

  2. Oh, I misread that.

    If it’s the WaTi, don’t even bother reading it. You will be giving the mooonies page hits on their web site.

  3. Spudge_Boy // Aug 30th 2007 at 11:53 am (edit)

    My avatar keeps coming and going. : /

    The site seems a little unstable this morning. Perhaps WordPress is doing some maintenance or something.

    I have another blog on WordPress, and I found some days to be more trying than others when working on my site. Blogger is the same way.

  4. This is not depressing, just the WaPo stretching the truth, as usual.

    What’s depressing is the Repugs will be spouting these poll “results” when Petraeus comes to visit in a couple of weeks as a justification for staying the course.

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