No Surge Recommendation from the Pentagon

From McClatchy: In a sign that top commanders are divided over what course to pursue in Iraq, the Pentagon said Wednesday that it won’t make a single, unified recommendation to President Bush during next month’s strategy assessment, but instead will allow top commanders to make individual presentations.

16 thoughts on “No Surge Recommendation from the Pentagon

  1. That’s all well and good, but the President is gonna make a damn report no matter what, and the more information others do not provide, the more information the Dunce-Decider will make up.

    Good morning! Its still a great day.

  2. That would be great. It is nice knowing those retards won’t be able to trash this site like they have to Think Progress.

  3. We’ll have to see how effective we can be in keeping the trolls off this site once they find it.

    So far, we are enjoying the peace and quiet.

  4. shayne01 // Aug 30th 2007 at 11:23 am (edit)

    I heard that the Pentagon leaked this now to head off the whitewash by the White House

    This post was wrong, worry guys, it was the GSA that leaked it.

  5. Gregg Mattocks // Aug 30th 2007 at 2:04 pm (edit)


    I hate to say it but I prefer your Facebook avatar.

    Thanks Eggy but that’s my daughter. The one CT accuses me of beating all the time. She looks abused doesn’t she? This one, a river otter, looks quite a bit like me though.

  6. I know I already commented about this before on TP, but Bush is already planning another surge for this Fall sometime (from someone who is now leaving a lot earlier).

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