Open thread

I’m off to work! You kids all play nice.

And, don’t forget, tomorrow TPZoo should have a new URL ( and then we’ll officially be in business!

9 thoughts on “Open thread

  1. Have a good day Gregg, over here it’s time for quality parenting, so I’m off to see to the boys. We’re doing a spot of reading and listening to some music.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my first day here and I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Take Care!

  2. Heh…no problem, Gregg…I was just having difficulty geting my name to appear properly in WordPress…that’s all. ^_^

    BTW, does your site support HTML tags?

  3. Trip,

    If you are referring to posting comments, I know that some HTML tags are supported. Italics, bold, strikeout, and links (href=) all seem to work. I’m not sure about “blockquote”. It’s all just part of the WordPress package. There is a filter which will zap you if you have too many links in your comment (over 3, I think).

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