April Fools!


On this last day of August, Atrios recalled the following ThinkProgress post from 1 April 2007:

This morning on the Chris Matthews Show, NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell revealed that Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, met “very recently” with the Senate Republican caucus to discuss their strategy on Iraq legislation.

“Petraeus went to the Republican caucus and told them, I will have real progress to you by August,” Mitchell said. The Republicans claim they told him that after August, they will end their support for the war. “They have told him at a caucus meeting as very, very recently, that if there isn’t progress by August — and real progress means not a day of violence and a day of sanity — that they will pull the plug.”

96 thoughts on “April Fools!

  1. Raven,

    The thread you were on is a private thread for administrators only. We were just discussing that and fixing it. That is why you got the message. I will make you an administrator so that you can join us.

  2. Raven,

    WordPress is arguing with me and won’t let me add you to the team.

    I sent you an e-mail that, hopefully, will allow me to add you. Please respond to it (whatever it says), and we’ll go from there.

  3. The Republicans claim they told him that after August, they will end their support for the war.

    I wonder if this also includes Afghanistan, which we hear little to nothing about from the Whitehouse and if Petraeus will include that in his report.

    PS Like your new blog Zoo.

  4. Well, hi there tpzoo!

    Thanks for reposting this message. I’m still holding my breath.

    BTW, on your “About Us” page, you say the following:


    I’m pretty sure you meant to say <>. You might want to change that, otherwise it might attract conservatives unintentionally. Or conservationists. Or something.

  5. (Oops, I better try this again because some text got zapped…)

    BTW, on your “About Us” page, you say the following:

    “you are welcome to comment, as long as your conservation remains civil”

    I’m pretty sure you meant to say “conversation”. You might want to change that, otherwise it might attract conservatives unintentionally. Or conservationists. Or something.

  6. Wow, gorn, I hadn’t noticed that.

    Thanks for visiting. It might seem as if no one’s here, but the administrator’s are all having a discussion on a private thread right now. I told them to stop by and say “Hello.”

    I’ll fix that little typo there.

  7. gorn,

    You’re name changed.

    Do you think you would be interested in making actual posts here, or do you just want to cruise the “Comments”? I’m having a little trouble adding contributors to the system right now. But, if you’re interested, I’ll see if we can’t get you set up to be one of our contributors soon.

  8. Well, on my last post, I didn’t have the “Name” data entry box. The only box was for comments. I gather that the system took “gorn” from my login name instead of “gorn by any other name” that I put in the Name box. Dunno.

    Anyway, my TP name was originally just gorn. I changed it after awhile because so many of my posts were getting deleted mysteriously. After the name change, the number of disappearances dramatically declined. Go figure.

    As far as being a contributor, I’d be happy to do what I can when/if you get the system figured out, but in the meantime cruisin’ and commentin’ seems just fine.

  9. Sorry for another non-content post, but I’m experimenting to see if I can get both the avatar and the nickname to work at the same time.

    Ok, I’ll say something topical:

    Trivia Question: Dubya pulled a 4.0 at Yale. What did this number represent?

    a) His grade point average
    b) His IQ
    c) The manhood of a Republican Senator

  10. Gorn, you should be a full-fledged TPZooer now.

    I tried to get Raven on earlier and had no luck.

    Crazy thing.

    There are some administrative things you should know. Especially before you upload any photos. I’ll try to find the link for you.

  11. Gorn, are you familiar with WordPress already?

    Since this template has no bylines, we sign our articles by clicking on our name in “Categories” when we create a post. It’s very simple and anyone can walk you through it after you’ve created your first post.

    Welcome aboard!

  12. uncleute,

    One of us was playing around and posted the last line, while thinking you were someone else. Someone who would get the joke. Apologies.

    The “go back and get it right” is WordPress. Pretty rude.

    I don’t know why you were seemingly directed to this site. I don’t know how to unsubscribe from WordPress. You could try sending them an email — from their site — asking them to delete your account.

  13. That was me Raven. Sorry about that. Mr. Pee had just come in and been evicted, so I thought he came back as “Raven” when you made that comment about being called “Dr. Sardonicus” (he has a penchant for the Roman stuff and Titles).
    Anyway, I thought you were Mr. P. My fault. Won’t happen again.

  14. Raven,

    I’m sorry, I don’t know why you’re having so many problems. Egg’s been trying to work them out, but I don’t know where he is with that.

    It’s not that we don’t want you here! Someone thought you were Mr P, before. Sorry. 😦

  15. Alittle turn-about-is-fair-play for Mr. Pee. I was really trying to run him out, but they banned him first.

    Of course, you were the colateral damage. Again, Sorry.

    Aren’t you an admin?

  16. Raven,

    Sorry about the woes. You seem to have had an accursed entry to this site. I think the rest of us have faired much better.

    Stick with us. It’s been a weird day, really our first official day as TPZoo.

  17. Willy, Raven doesn’t have administrator status at the moment. I am a little hesitant to change it right now, just because he’s been through so much already, I don’t want some other weirdness to happen.

  18. Raven, why don’t you go get a new gmail account and reregister here. Maybe the fact that you were mistaken for Mr. P and edited as spam caused some kind of glitch. I’m guessing you’re not on Facebook so you don’t have the password to become an administrator. But once you get a new wordpress acct. maybe Gregg can fix it.

  19. Eggy,

    Don’t worry, we won’t learn unless we try to figure it out ourselves. If something is too hard to figure out, we’ll make a list for you. 🙂

    I don’t want to hold you hostage!

  20. Zooey,

    I think gummitch has a pretty good understanding of this site, perhaps better than me. Also, willy seems to rise to the occasion quite well. As do you, for that matter. I think we’ve got a good crew.

    I hope that Shayne is right, and the only reason we had difficulties with Raven was because he got mistaken for what’s-his-face.

  21. Raven’s a fav of mine, too. I just put up a link for some more TP people. 🙂

    Between the lot of us, we’re at least one Eggy. Heh.

  22. “And just try getting the attention of TRoS. Sheesh….” — Zooey

    If I see him on TP, i’ll try to flag him down. lol

    Been looking the site over.
    I like it. Very nice.

  23. Hi folks! Glad to find a haven from the insanity at TP.
    Sad to see them allow each and every thread to go down the shitter behind P and P and p and PP, oh and CTV1, 2, 3…

    September tomorrow, gotta work all effing day, but will pop in when I can.
    Oh, and the chymp still sucks.

  24. “Damn, no one to screw with here…….
    I have tired of “the unmighty hag” today.” — hacker bob

    I am tired of Mr. P and all his sockpuppets.
    MA is as annoying as a bad wisdom tooth though =D

  25. Let’s stop talking about stupid trolls — one of them is having a wet dream.

    OK, thanks for nasty image #12 for the day.

    ‘preciate it

  26. The Republicans claim they told him that after August, they will end their support for the war.

    It’s the end of August now.
    They will just keep licking Bush’s boots, like the Bush Dogs
    I am sick of all the Lying &^%#@* Whores, Republican and Democrats, frankly.

  27. It seems like all they know how to do, doesn’t it Wayne?

    Sadly yes.
    What we need is to push a Anti-incumbent movement to remove every representative that rolled over like lapdogs for the last 7 years. I am going to count the Iraq war authorization voters in that as well.

    Afghanistan did need to happen, because of the Cole and the US Embasy Bombings, in the least. Even if you count out 9/11 because of all the questions about it.
    Al Qaeda is a maddog created by Ronnie Raygun’s meddling and has to be put down like one, imho. We ( the US ) created that monster and it is up to us to deal with it.

  28. I agree, Wayne. A full sweep of anyone who supported this war. We need to get more everyday-type people running for office, not so many damn millionaires.

    We’re not all that great about cleaning up after ourselves.

  29. Yeah, because they didn’t care about Afghanistan! Afghanistan was cover, and an excuse to get into Iraq. It’s insanity. They keep doing the same thing over and over again — and we keep letting them.

  30. I am sick of all the Lying &^%#@* Whores, Republican and Democrats, frankly. -Wayne

    Its much easier, I find, to consider Dems and Pubs as two like factions operating under one economic powerhouse.

    Karl Rove, for all his Republican leanings, was really a useful tool for the empire.

    The great game.

  31. Wow, look at all the ‘new’ people, this is great! You guys have made so much progress (no pun intended) in just a few days! I’m kind of nervous about writing a real post, and I guess I need to put together a bio. I hope that I don’t make a total ass out of myself!

  32. Thanks, Zookeeper (that really should be your official title), that really makes me feel SO much more secure! 😉

    I did check out a couple of threads on TP and was surprised and disappointed to see MA back–I had hoped that she had finally given up there.

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