Friday Tomato Blogging — Yum!

 Little yellow pear tomatoes are the food of the gods. People put them in salads or preserves, but mine never make it into the house. Pluck ’em off the vine, rub the dust off on my jeans, and right into the mouth. Tomato happiness!

25 thoughts on “Friday Tomato Blogging — Yum!

  1. I thought it was just your son who liked close-up photography. I’ve grown these too, they’re adorable. Mine make it in the house though and look really cute in a salad with cut up cherry or grape tomatoes.

    Who took the picture of the rose?

  2. I’ve tried to get them in the house, really, I have. 🙂

    Zach took the rose picture. It’s my favorite. He’s quite gifted in photography.

  3. Heh. Egg, if I’m peeling anything it’ll be your hide. 😀

    I’m gonna think of different things to do on Friday Blogging — tomatoes don’t last forever…. *sniff*

  4. I like that you’re linking with your name, Egg. I thought about it, but “Zooey” draws too much troll attention. 😦

  5. Beautiful tomatoes, Zooey. I see we have something else in common! Mine right now are so overloaded, I have invited a couple of people to come pick what they want while we are camping.

    First thing my brother does when he comes over is circle around to the back and pick a few before he comes in the house. 🙂

    Ah, the power of tomatoes to bring us together. I love it!

  6. What has the world come to when a gentleman can no longer compliment a woman on her tomatoes? 😀

    What were all of you thinking? Remember what Freud almost said, “Sometimes a tomato is just a tomato.” Then he snorted another line of coke.

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