Karl Rove’s Last Day Open Thread

Please leave your well-wishes for Karl and his family in the comments section.

Don’t let the door hit your ass, Karl…..


4 thoughts on “Karl Rove’s Last Day Open Thread

  1. I think he’ll still be involved in some way. People like Karl don’t just leave their jobs.

  2. You brought Machiavelli-lite style into American politics, no class all dirty playing. And this style wont go away, ever. Congratulations, Mr Rove you changed the political world, made slander and denouncing adversaries an accepted method of discussion. Congratulations, you did indeed change the political world. Many honest and honorable voters are disgusted with politics, and shun political debates, to which they might have added valuable thoughts. Congratulations, Mr Rove you changed the political world.

    But, Mr Rove, you made Republican talking points almost synonymous with slander, smear and dirt and got thousands of honest and honorable voters so disgusted, they wont vote for a Republican in their livetime anymore. Thank you, Mr Rove.

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