Sen Craig to announce his “future plans” tomorrow.

Larry Craig (R-bathroom), will announce tomorrow his plans about resigning. Governor Otter apparently has a successor in mind, Lt Gov Jim Risch. Risch was actually Governor for a short time after Gov Dirk Kempthorne was named Interior Secretary by George W. Bush.

8 thoughts on “Sen Craig to announce his “future plans” tomorrow.

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  2. Only one more thing to say about this guy.
    Listen carefully to his conversation on tape with the cop, and when asked why his hand was under the divider, he replies that he doesn’t remember, but he was going to pick up a piece of “YOUR” toilet paper.

    When was the last time anyone in the history of public restrooms reached under the divider to pick up a piece of toilet paper in THE NEXT STALL>???

    Fucking Liar. Bye Bye.
    His next profession better include the ability to bullshit better than this one.

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