Tony Snow Is Going To Go

Tony Snow announced today that he is leaving his job as White House press secretary on September 14 and will be replaced by deputy press secretary Dana Perino. Snow has been undergoing treatment for cancer. He gave no reason for leaving but recently told a conservative talk show host that he was leaving due to financial reasons, not for health reasons.

Snow is only one in a growing number who have decided to leave their positions with this administration (whether by choice or not..). My hope is that he won’t be the last to leave (Mr Cheney? Please? At least consider it..). Perhaps he could get a job full-time playing his flute..

24 thoughts on “Tony Snow Is Going To Go

  1. Was it Tony’s rock band that called themselves “Beats Working”? Maybe that’s what he’s going to do. Actually, we all know where he’s going to go. He’s going to go back to his much-better-paying job at FNC, where he can still put out the Bush administration message but with even more lying involved.

  2. I’m sorry he is fighting cancer, but I am NOT going to miss him (pompous, arrogant, condescending ass). It was a tossup putting this YouTube as opposed to the one with him trying to put down and muzzle Helen Thomas.. (I’m a BIG fan of Helen).
    But, beings I am a flute player, I opted for this one instead. 🙂

  3. Hey, all. Great site!

    Sure, Tony’s going, but there’s no shortage of neocon sycophants ready, willing, and able to lie for their Chimpy. Dana has already shown that she possesses the most important prerequisite for the position: a complete and utter contempt for the press and for the American peoples’ right to know what their elected officials are up to.

  4. Welcome, TripMaster, to the troll-free zone.

    We’re still getting things up-and-running here, but I’m real excited about this blog. There are some real quality people here (and me too).

  5. There are some real quality people here (and me too).

    And me, too.

    Don’t sell yourself short, Gregg. If it weren’t for your high-quality work, there wouldn’t be a “here” here to talk about! I commend you on your efforts. I think you’ve been doing a wonderful job with the new blog. I have this site as one of my five pages that come up when I log onto the Internets.

  6. “I have this site as one of my five pages that come up when I log onto the Internets.”

    This is the only site I’ve seen for days! But it looks like things are going smoothly now, so I may be able to bounce around a bit more.

  7. You’re doing a great job, Gregg. BTW, I just noticed a thread come up on TP about how the military is now blocking on the US Military network.

    Here’s a link to that thread and comments,in case anyone wants to either do more on it here or just read the original news stories on which it is based. Should we see if we can find a way to let the troops know they can come here?

  8. Sure. Its okay now. I had to quick go remove any personal info on where I live and the like. That part would make me nervous. I think I will take off the guestbook thingy too so I don’t get slammed with the really obnoxious people who don’t agree with what I have to say and that then may decide to visit and leave their troll droppings. The only people who ever leave anything on the guestbook any more are people trying to push cheap drugs anyway.. 😉

  9. nw,

    If you think it may be more trouble than it’s worth, we don’t have to put you on the Blogroll. But I also want you to get all the accolades you deserve.

    I seem to remember customers coming in asking for HarpSong CDs when I worked at Music Millennium. I can’t remember if we actually stocked them.

  10. Its okay. I took care of any foreseeable (sp?) problems.
    Hardly anyone carried our CDs. I did all the marketing myself. We still managed to sell quite a few..
    Basically, we were a couple of small town moms who had a blast making good music together and weren’t able to travel far from home to perform. We recorded all of the CDs in her living room in the middle of the night when everyone else was fast asleep and planes had stopped flying overhead. We were fortunate in that her (my partner) husband had a great ear and a gift with knowing computers and good recording equipment. Good times..

  11. Back to Tony Snow. Do these guys who play spokesmen ever do any background checking on what they emphatically tell the American people or do they just spout what they are told to say? Are they just talking heads? Or just good authoritarians? I can never figure that one out. They really seem to believe what they are saying, right or wrong..

  12. Good question, nwmuse. Personally, I lean toward they say what they are told to say (and never say what they are emphatically told never to say). But I also think that they have to have a good streak of the authoritarian follower in them in order to enthusiastically support (what are often) failed policies. They definitely have to be good liars if they want to be in a Republican administration. Liberals have a better gift for language and can do a better job of telling you something that satisfies you without telling you the actual truth. Republicans, on the other hand, especially lately, will just flat out lie. I’ve heard every one of Bush’s WHSpokesfolks tell flat out lies.

    As for Dana Perino, I have found her to be useless as far as getting information out of her. She just doesn’t know jack shit, and she doesn’t seem to be very good at knowing when to say, “I’ll have to get back to you on that one.” Instead, she just makes shit up. Maybe that’s why they like her, because she can be counted on to never reveal the truth (because they’ll never let her know what it is.).

  13. The good thing about Dana Perino is that it seems like it would be pretty easy for some angry reporter to drive her over the edge. That would be fun to watch.

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