Why Don’t We Hear About Democrats Visiting Iraq?

Here are some highlights from Senator Dick Durbin’s email on his trip to Iraq this month. Oddly he didn’t seem to see as much progress as most of the Republicans claim they saw. It would be nice if the MSM would present this side to the public.



“Like my previous visits, I felt as though I was witnessing first-hand the worst foreign policy mistake in our nation’s history.”


“Flying into Baghdad, our helicopter lands in a cloud of brown dirt and we walk our way toward Patrol Base Murray through a foot of deep, fine baby powder dust. The heat is furnace-like: over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Stacks of plastic water bottles can be found at every turn. The minute you sit or stop, someone hands you a water bottle. In Iraq, water can mean the difference between life and death. Recently, a member of the Patrol Base tank crew sat for 10 hours in the heat and died of heat stroke.”


“Col. Ferrell’s unit is scheduled to be deployed for 15 months. Next September they will move out. I ask him whether the Iraqi Army or Police will take over. From his answer it is clear there is no post-surge follow-up plan.”


“As we begin to make our way back toward our transportation to our next destination, one of the senior officers waits until we are alone. He tells me 15-month deployments are just too long. By the end of twelve months my soldiers have “lost their edge, they’re just going through the motions.” And the 12 months between deployments is only half what they really need to reconstitute their units, rest them, train them and give them a chance to keep their families together.”


“As we depart in the helicopter that will carry us back to the relative safety of the Green Zone, the dust swirls around us. The only thing that remains clear is that we are no closer to a resolution to this grave error than we were almost five years ago.”


‘When the Senate reconvenes this September, I will make sure that bringing the war in Iraq to a close remains our top priority. When the White House reports on the surge and General Petraeus testifies before the Senate next month, we must measure progress not just by our military’s performance, which has been tremendous — but by the more important yardstick of whether or not the Iraqi Government and the Bush Administration have done the hard political and diplomatic work needed to bring that country together.’


“As I saw first-hand during my trip to the Middle East this month, our men and women serving abroad have fought courageously. Now it’s up to the politicians to bring about an end to the Iraq War — “

4 thoughts on “Why Don’t We Hear About Democrats Visiting Iraq?

  1. I have seen the passage of three wars and one occupation. As a child, my father was a Naval attaché to China. We left in a hurry when Pearl Harbor occurred, but returned to support the establishment of bases for recovery of pilots for the Doolittle attack on Tokyo. Those bases were unused as Doolittle believed that the attack was compromised in a sighting by a Japanese frigate and launched about 16 hours early. I remember my Chinese amah as she returned with us as the embassy considered her threatened when we fled after the raid recovery fell apart.
    Next was Korea. That was one where I remained home. Dad was on MacArthur’s staff there. He resigned his commission when Truman ditched Mac.
    Next was Nam – I was there as a contract employee from IBM. Had to carry a rifle now and then and actually took out a few spooks. That was when going from one base to another fixing computer hardware problems.
    Now the US is occupying another country. In today’s world, only two nations are in that family. The other is Israel.

  2. What I edited out because it seemed selfserving on his part was that he was claiming that the war was going to be the most important thing on his agenda when he returned to Washington.

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