The Greek peninsula of Peloponnes is burning. The fires are now under control, but more than 60 people died. Among them, a mother with her four young children. She has fled her house, which was closed in by flames and all of them died in a nearby field.

The fires were started by arsonists working for investors who are speculating on the raise in land prices when former woodland can be rededicated as building land. This national tragedy is fueled by greed. Other mediterranian countries suffered from the same, but effectively stopped the practice. You will not get a building license for many years for burnt woodlands. Why not Greece?

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Katrina Blog Posts By Harry Shearer

Beings my father lives in New Orleans and has lived there most of his life I have avidly read every bit of news I could find since Katrina struck two years ago. I have appreciated all the posts by Harry Shearer who blogs on Huffington Post. Of all those in the media who claim to be “trying to keep’em honest”, I think Harry Shearer’s efforts have been top notch. He keeps it real and on a very human level. His blog posts have all been compiled on this one page and are well worth the reading.

It’s official! TPZoo is the name!

ZooLooks like we’re going with TPZoo as the official name of this blog.

Who cares?

Well, it means I’ll be changing the URL of the blog late on Thursday evening. I’m going to try to make the permanent URL the following:

The only reason I wouldn’t use that URL is if I discovered that it wasn’t available. If it’s not available, I will keep the URL as it is until we can come up with a good alternative.

So, if you have already linked to, bookmarked, or added this site to your favorites list, the bad news is that the URL should be changing late on Thursday evening.

Please make a note of the new address.

If anyone comes up with a better name for the blog later on, we can certainly change it again. But personally I’m pretty happy with the name TPZoo.


Amazing. Just a few days ago, several of us were trying to find a way to have civil discussions regarding the things we care about, and here we are — TPZoo!

Thank you, Willy Loman, for the idea of creating this blog, and getting me totally excited about doing it. Thank you, Gregg Mattocks, for doing an amazing amount of work to get TPZoo into existence.

ForTruth has already posted some fun items, and I look forward to more posts by him, and by other amazingly talented friends.

Laissez le bon temps roulez!

How to get set up to post at TPZoo

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Once you have your own username and password, you need to get added to TPZoo as an administrator, editor, author, or contributor.

Do one of the following:

1) You can add yourself by going to TPZoo and clicking on “Site Admin” under “Meta” in the sidebar. From there, you can (if needed) enter the username “tptestblog” and the corresponding password to access the TPZoo Dashboard.

At the Dashboard, click on “Users” and scroll down to “Add User From Community”. Here, enter your e-mail address, select your “role”, and click “Add User”.


2) Send an e-mail to “”, letting me know that you want to be added as an administrator, editor, or author, and include the e-mail address you used to register with WordPress.


3) Leave a comment here using your personal WordPress account, with a request to me (Gregg) to be added as an administrator, editor, or author.

I will add you as soon as I can.

UPDATE: Please know that all e-mail addresses will be visible to all administrators. You may want to set up a special free e-mail account for this blog if you do not want other administrators having access to your “real” e-mail address.

All administrators are equal co-owners of this blog. It does not belong to me. So please have fun with it.

UPDATE: Once you are in as an administrator, you can customize your profile. Enter the TPZoo Dashboard by highlighting “My Dashboards” on the blue bar, then select your username. This will take you to the TPZoo Dashboard. Click on “Users”, and then “My Profile.” Fill in the blanks and upload an avatar if you’d like.