European Press Roundup

Author’s note: Whenever I speak of the European press, I have to admit, that I am leaving out Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, I simply lack the language skills to read what is written there. The sources I use are usually the websites of the German, Swiss, Austrian, British, French, Italian and Spanish leading newspapers. For news from other countries I have to rely on second-hand information provided by the sources mentioned above.

This said, let’s proceed to today’s roundup:

Obviously, the death of Luciano Pavarotti, the singer with the voice of gold, has made it to the front page of every single webpage I have visited this morning. Here’s the obituary from the British “Guardian”, and please honor this great artist by visiting the post below and hear him sing the aria “nessun dorma”. The one aria which he sang as if it was written just for him.

Iraq again: There have been airstrikes into a Baghdad neighbourhood, by the US military. At least 14 people have been killed.

Terrorism is, not quite unexpectedly, another big issue. While almost all newspapers/websites are reporting on yesterday’s arrests in Germany, the German newspapers “Der Spiegel” and “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” are already covering the political implications. On the right aisle of the government was a quick move to reintroduce the topic of “online-searches” into the political debate. Nice try, but they’re being a little too obvious.

Another topic that made all the sites is the nonchalant handling of atomic warheads by the US government. In case you can’t get enough of it, here’s the London “Times”.

Switzerland helped itself to its very own federal attorney firing scandal. There are allegations, that the Swiss Minister for Justice might have been involved in a plot to oust the federal attorney. The FA has already resigned in July 2006. The Minister for Justice is up for re-election this fall.

More news are a shipwreck off Cadiz with five sailors still missing and snowfall and flooding in Austria.

I wish you all a very good morning and stay safe!

11 thoughts on “European Press Roundup

  1. Thanks, ES. I have to admit, that my news from the Spanish newspapers are due to creative guesswork. I only speak Italian and I wriggle my way into the stories by guessing. So, if you are, what your name claims, please feel free to correct anything I get wrong.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention the French. I use Le Monde and l’Express. Come to think of it, I haven’t even looked there this morning. 😦 My bad.

  2. Hehe, no mistake found yet, don’t worry.

    But if you seek news in Spanish newspapers, think and

    lean heavily to the right (sometimes far right), and often use yellow journalism against the center and left, and these days against the socialist government (they are famous for the conspiracy theories favoring the rightist Popular Party, specially concerning the 11-M bombings in Madrid). Meanwhile,

    is a conservative outlet, but is widely considered a serious source.

    is an even more conservative outlet, and often is far from balanced, but don’t tend to do yellow journalism.

    To the left, you can find

    who tends to be in accordance with the PSOE (very moderate socialist party, slightly to the left of center nowadays). Also, another newspaper that I like, but has no national distribution, is

    It’s progressive, but doesn’t adscribe to a single party, and has a serious approach to news.

  3. Wow, that’s useful. Maybe I will even learn some Spanish in the process. I used El Mundo and El Pais but I will surely check out the others. Many thanks or as I might say

    Muchas Gracias!


  4. I would like to thank you as well. I enjoy seeing what is going on outside our little bubble and sometimes would whine about lack of international perspective. Thanks so very much for the roundup!

  5. thats weird about the “cant carry warheads in planes over the US.. ” thing… it seems like thats the safest way to me.. at least from a security standpoint… I imagine though, that the consequences of a crash 5000 feet up at 500 mph would be spooker for the payload that a crash on ground level at 50 mph.. or do they just use UPS? lol

  6. Thanks all for the heads up!

    nwmuse, I’ve read you comment and link and it does indeed give me the shivers. Let’s hope the guy is wrong.

    I see you are all going strong here, so I may excuse myself from the Troll Patrol and go ironing a couple of shirts – believ me I’d rather stay. See you all later.

  7. EV, do you have links about Switzerland making dirty business with smuggled weapons in Naples? I read it once in a book that Switzerland, the so called neutral country, supported a big traffic chain of weapons, that operated in Naples.

    Any ideas?

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