Well, If Snowflake Says It…..

Via ThinkProgress:

In an interview with the AP, outgoing White House Press Secretary Tony Snow claimed that the United States is now winning in Iraq:

If you had asked two months ago, ‘Is the surge succeeding?’ people would have said, ‘Ah, we’re getting killed.’ I mean literally,” White House press secretary Tony Snow said in an interview. “But now it’s very obvious that on the military side there has been some profound progress. And that progress also has real political implications in terms of the Iraqi people standing up to the folks who have been trying to blow up the government.”

Hey Tony, whatever it takes to be able to look in the mirror every morning, right? Wanker.

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CIA Director Michael Hayden said Friday that his agency was being thwarted in their pursuit of Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups by the public’s distaste for counter-terrorism tactics. Hayden, who rarely addresses the public blamed the media for swaying public opinion against aggressive tactics and complained the politcal climate was apathetic to threats as it was in the period leading up to 9/11.

When I get in the car at Langley and drive down the George Washington Parkway,” Hayden said, “it’s not long before it begins to feel like September 10th. “I’m not talking about the threat,” Hayden said, but rather “the willingness of the broader political culture to be comfortable with the things we believe are both lawful and necessary to fight this war.”

A Tongue Lashing

Mrs. Ashcroft and the Hospital “Tongue” Lashing
By Brian Ross and Maddy Sauer
via Truthout.org

The wife of former Attorney General John Ashcroft stuck her tongue out at two Bush administration officials as they left the hospital room of her seriously ill husband, according to a new account by the man who triggered that now infamous nighttime visit, former Assistant Attorney General Jack Goldsmith.

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall that night. Many of us Americans have wanted so very badly over the last seven years to get up close to some of these people running our government and do something: yell; scream; punch someone in the nose; get in someone’s face. We just want to make our feelings known and our voices heard. I guess I would settle though for being able to stick my tongue out as long as it was in person.

Well done Mrs. Ashcroft, well done.

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Gay bar

Blind Justice

From BostonHerald.com:

A Boston man has asked a federal court to dismiss his lawsuit in which he claimed that his refusal to answer a Massachusetts bar exam question related to gay marriage caused him to fail the test.

There is some background here, which has a quote from an earlier Boston Herald article:

Dunne claims the question was used as a “screening device” to identify and penalize him for “refusing to subscribe to a liberal ideology based on ‘secular humanism,’ ”according to his lawsuit.

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