While W Read a Child’s Book, the Rest of the World Knew

I worked at a benefits administration site where the arrival time was spread from about 7:00 AM to Noon (Eastern) in order to allow 12 hour shifts in order to cover both coasts from 8:00 AM Eastern to 8:00 PM Western. The extra hour was there to allow for site start-up and site shutdown. As a courtesy to employees, there were about six break rooms that constantly broadcast CNN on projection TVs. With their entire staff glued to the break rooms, management made an instant decision to move the projectors to the bull pens. The IT staff effected this in about 20 minutes. When the second plane hit, there was a groan that could be heard throughout the building. Everyone on six floors realized that America was under attack. At that moment, my phone rang – it was my spouse. She was under the impression that NYC and Manhattan Island were about equal in area to Mayberry RFD. Our daughter-in-law works on Times Square and she had visions of a 4 month old granddaughter without a mother. Spouse was so hysterical that it took me about 5 minutes to restore her composure. The real shock hit her when she learned that three of the kids who played with my sons were victims. Those guys played video games in our basement and hammered mortar off of used bricks that became the fireplace in our old NY home.

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