It’s Enough To Make You Sick

“In 2007, the increase in health insurance premiums was about twice the rate of inflation and not quite twice the increase in workers’ pay,” Kaiser vice-president Gary Claxton said in a webcast.

More depressing statistics about health insurance costs can be found at Raw Story.

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Heck, We Might As Well Hype This Too

From C-SPAN:

Pres. Bush Speaks to Nation
During his address to the Nation this evening, Pres. Bush gives his support to the recommendations of Gen. David Petraeus, Commander of Multinational Forces in Iraq, and Amb. Ryan Crocker. He is expected to announce a reduction of some 30,000 troops. Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI) offers the Democratic response to the President.

If you’re a masochist, you can watch the speech at C-SPAN at 9:00pm. Hopefully Reed will hit Bush hard in the rebuttal.

Stubbed Toe Award — John Boehner!

This week’s winner of the Stubbed Toe Award is…..John Boehner!!

Yesterday afternoon, after Wolf Blitzer asked John Boehner (R-dingleberry) how much longer the U.S. taxpayers will have to shell out the big bucks for this war, and how much more blood will the troops have to shed in Iraq, Big Boehner said this:

I think General Petraeus….blah, blah….success…..blah, blah….continue our effort….blah, blah….in investment that we’re making today will be a small price if we’re able to stop al Qaeda here, if we’re able to stabilize the Middle East, it’s not only going to be a small price for the near future, but think about the future for our kids and their kids.

That’s right, Ladies & Gentlemen (and Pedro), 3776 dead American troops, but hell it’s a small price to pay for political gain the safety of our country, right Boney? Not to mention the small price kids pay for having a dead mommy or daddy!

Here’s your Stupid Fuck Stubbed Toe Award, Boehner — no blubbering, m’kay?

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Armed MadHouse by Greg Palast

Armed Madhouse: Don’t become a victim of voter fraud in 2008
Book review by Mark Groubert
via: Crooks and Liars

Armed Madhouse, which came out in 2006, has been re-released in paperback with a new bonus chapter/afterward entitled Busted …and How to Steal Back Your Vote. It is mandatory reading for anyone interested in how the Republicans are going to steal the next election in 2008. The Chicago Tribune said it is composed of, “stories so relevant they threaten to alter history.” Powerful stuff.

Palast is also the author of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, a New York Times bestseller and is a frequent guest on Air America Radio with Randi Rhodes and Robert Kennedy, Jr.
You can read the rest of this review at Crooks and Liars.

I have my copy of this book but haven’t had the chance to sit down and read it yet. It is next on my list of things to do. I have seen a number on interviews on video with Mr. Palast and have read many of his articles, and I have the utmost respect and gratitude for him for all he has done to bring the voter fraud issues of 2000 and 2004 to light. He is now sounding the warning bells of what is coming with the 2008 elections. I hope people take heed and do something before we get to November of 2008 and it is too late.

Patsy, Or New Super Mario Bros. Video Game?

Who is he really?

Apparently the MSM and Pentagon need to milk out the recent 9/11 anniversary. In a newly released audio tape, we get recycled information regarding Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the purported “mastermind” behind 9/11. I could have sworn the mastermind was some other guy named Osama Bin Laden. Mohammed was quoted in a written statement “I was responsible for 9/11 from A-Z”. Interesting he uses the non-Arabic alphabet to illustrate his mastermindedness.

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