It’s Enough To Make You Sick

“In 2007, the increase in health insurance premiums was about twice the rate of inflation and not quite twice the increase in workers’ pay,” Kaiser vice-president Gary Claxton said in a webcast.

More depressing statistics about health insurance costs can be found at Raw Story.

HT: Molly I. at Eschaton


7 thoughts on “It’s Enough To Make You Sick

  1. This is all part of the Administration’s “faith-based” initiatives.

    We all pray to God we don’t get sick or injured!

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  3. I just heard that Companies will be able to charge their employees for the cost of Health Insurance Premiums based upon their health status. Those that lead unhealthy life styles will be forced to pay more than those that don’t. This may sound good to those that are healthy and feel that they share an unfair burden for those that aren’t, but to me this is the same as saying that since I don’t have children (which I do ๐Ÿ™‚ ) that I shouldn’t have to pay Property Taxes to support schools. Pretty soon you will have to kiss your health coverage goodbye, and will be forced to buy health insurance out of your own pocket.

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