Sunday in Europe – Ladies’ Edition

Did your idea of blogging and playing a notable part in the internet community produce applause or rather frowns in the male community of your lives?

It’s been mostly frowns and the odd indulgent smile over here. So, I decided to go all female and have a special on

Girlsports, Gardening, Heartthrob, and Horoscope.

Male readers are welcome.


6 thoughts on “Sunday in Europe – Ladies’ Edition

  1. doro (right?), i left a message for you at the yellow rose thread a few days ago… i will check back there tomorrow to see if you found it…

    guerrilla gardening… what a fantastic idea!
    i wish i were that industrious… and not so lazy!

  2. Katy, sorry I lost track of that thread. Yes the rose is available. It’s a very hardy small rambler rose. It blooms all year. The Flowers start out yellow and develop via apricot into a light rose, almost white shade. It can be planted as a shrub and will be about 2 m high. I’m sorry I only have the “rosa multiflora hybrid” botanical name, but you should be able to get it by it’s name.

    Hope this helps

  3. thanks, doro…

    of course, YOUR definition of “blooms all year” and the one for ILLINOIS, are probably 2 different things… but i understand what you mean…

    i’ll keep an eye out for it… it will probably have to come from a catalog…

    it sounds like a rose i could get along with, and would get along with me…
    thanks again.

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