Fred Thompson vs. Jesus

James Dobson, founder and chairman of Focus on the Family, took another swipe at presidential hopeful Fred Thompson today:

“Isn’t Thompson the candidate who is opposed to a Constitutional amendment to protect marriage, believes there should be 50 different definitions of marriage in the U.S., favors McCain-Feingold, won’t talk at all about what he believes, and can’t speak his way out of a paper bag on the campaign trail?” Dobson wrote.

“He has no passion, no zeal, and no apparent ‘want to.’ And yet he is apparently the Great Hope that burns in the breasts of many conservative Christians? Well, not for me, my brothers. Not for me!”

Earlier this year, Dobson said of Thompson, “I don’t think he’s a Christian.”

A Defense Secretary Who Doesn’t Know if What He’s Doing is a Good Idea

David Brooks, in a new op-ed for the New York Times, practically wets himself in his passion for that “godsend,” Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. The Secretary certainly gave Brooks some interesting quotes.

“I don’t think you invade Iraq to bring liberty. You do it to eliminate an unstable regime and because sanctions are breaking down and you get liberty as a byproduct,” he continued. I asked him whether invading Iraq was a good idea, knowing what we know now. He looked at me for a bit and said, “I don’t know.”

I asked him if it was a good idea to encourage elections in the Palestinian territories. He didn’t directly address the question, but he noted: “Too often elections are equated with democracy and freedom.”

Freedom of Speech – Part 2

I am adding more video having to do with ‘freedom of speech’ and recent events in our nation that I was reminded of this afternoon while listening to the radio on my drive home. It is video of Rev. Lennox Yearwood and his arrest in the hallway just prior to entry into the General Petraeus hearing. He was assaulted by the police resulting in a broken leg (multiple places), hospitalization, and arrest.
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Crude Oil has some good news for those interested in controlling the supply of oil:

The attack took place in the section of the pipeline connecting the oil-rich city of Kirkuk to the Baiji, home to Iraq’s largest oil refinery. Iraq usually pumps Kirkuk crude oil to the refinery, 250 kilometers north of Baghdad, which takes what it needs before it pumps the rest to Ceyhan.

The official said the pipeline blast was “catastrophic” as it caused huge quantities of crude oil to spill into the Tigris River.

It isn’t known yet how long it will take the Iraqi authorities to repair the damaged pipeline.

[Photo courtesy of MASSIVE DEFEAT. Used by permission.]

Blackwater Well-Positioned to Stymie Official Inquiries, Regulation


via: TPMmuckraker
by Spencer Ackerman

Blackwater doesn’t just operate in a legal black hole in Iraq. The private-security firm has grown expert in protecting itself from oversight and regulation in Washington as well.

Over at POGO, Nick Schwellenbach connects Blackwater to House oversight committee chairman Henry Waxman’s investigation of Howard Krongard, the State Department inspector general whom Waxman alleges stifled numerous corruption probes in Iraq and Afghanistan. One of those probes involved an alleged Blackwater scheme to funnel weapons into Iraq, and, Schwellenbach notes, it wouldn’t be so difficult for Blackwater to know how to get around an IG probe. Its parent company, the Prince Group, recently hired the Pentagon’s ex-IG, Joseph Schmitz.

Indeed, all throughout Blackwater are ways to get around government oversight: Cofer Black, the company’s vice chairman, used to work at the CIA with A.B. “Buzzy” Krongard, formerly CIA’s executive director. And, yes, you read that last name correctly: Krongard of CIA is the brother of the current State Department IG. Think Schmitz or Black knew which numbers to call in the event of a State inquiry into the company?
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How do we as Americans put a stop to this??

(Photo used with permission – by octal)