In the Sun

Michael Stipe & Coldplay

dedicated to my good friend Ben


12 thoughts on “In the Sun

  1. WaltTheMan:
    Frans DeWaal has many insights as to the dynamics of “caring” in primates. I also recommend Geoffrey Miller’s “The Mating Mind” on a different but related line

  2. I actually changed the verbage of my my first post because it was initially based on an assumption of loss. I hoped I was wrong.

  3. Even if it is not about a loss, dont forget to tell your beloved ones how much you love them…everyday.

    There was this film where a guy was talking about some poll that was made to several terminal patients about which was their greatest regret. Not a single one mention a bigger house, the newest car or better clothes. They all answered something about their families.

    Sadly, we just realize this when life begins to dim out as it supposed to be, otherwise life would be meaningless.

    Folks, enjoy life…always.

  4. Thank you Gregg,
    I believe that art, in whatever form, helps remind us to live with our souls open. I was feeling myself get closed down and this helped me to realize it and open back up to feel again. Thanks 🙂

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