8 thoughts on “Good Morning from Europe – O’zapft is Edition

  1. Beerfest is an awful film. When I finally get to Germany to see where my folks lived and such, I still want to make a little bit of an ass of myself.

  2. Ahhh, fond memories of Steiglkeller and Augustinerkeller in Salzburg, Austria…where the beer is made by monks and poured straight from the wooden keg.

    (and not so fond memories of the headache the next morning!)

  3. And the bratswurst… don’t forget the brats and sauerkraut…

    Excuse me… I’m starting to get really, really hungry…

    (sound of reefer door opening… clinking of glass… bottle top popping off…)

  4. Well guys, been there, done that. Each year for eighteen years. And I still get thirsty when I see the mayor draw the first one…

    A Mass, A Brezn’, A Hendl, and a Ruah mog i.

    (translates: one litre beer, one of the super large pretzels, one chicken from the spit and leave me alone, please.)

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