Bush Certain of Hillary’s Nomination

And he believes a Republican nominee can beat her. These revelations are in the new book “Evangelical President” by Bill Sammon set to be released Monday. Sammon is the senior white house correspondent for the Washington Examiner and excerpts from the book will start running Monday in that paper. According to an anonymous “senior White House official” while Obama is “capable of the intellectual rigor” needed to win the Presidency he relies too heavily on his charm. “It’s sort of like, ‘that’s all I need to get by’, which bespeaks for of a condescending attitude toward the voters,” according to the official. “And a laziness, an intellectual laziness.” The book appears to be full of opinions and predictions coming from the Oval Office and other officials in the White House. More Via: IBN E-Lert


Fiddle dee dee, I’ll Think About it Tomorrow….

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The Devil Went Down to Egreggious

Last night was one of those weirdos where Satan once again slithered up to the side of my bed and made me yet another offer I couldn’t refuse. This time the little devil offered, in exchange for my soul, to make me the sexiest man on earth for just 24 hours. Of course, my first question to Satan, after hearing this modest proposal, was, “And just how will that make David Hasselhoff feel?”

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Beltway Democrat Syndrome

Glenn Greenwald laments the fact that Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has become such a wanker.

He concludes:

It isn’t only — or even principally — the “Blue Dogs” which make the “Democratic Congress” nothing but an enabling instrument of the Bush White House and its right-wing policies. Far worse are the establishment-defending, soul-less, belief-less, self-perpetuating “liberal Senators” like Feinstein who render the concept of “opposition party” nothing more than a deceitful illusion. Dianne Feinstein is the drained and Bush-enabling face of the 2007 Democratic Congress.

Two Rights Making a Wrong

From CBS News:

(AP) Attorneys for at least 40 Guantanamo Bay prisoners have been barred from visiting or writing their clients because of a judge’s order dismissing legal challenges to the men’s confinement, the U.S. Department of Justice said Friday.

A Justice Department lawyer informed the attorneys of the new restrictions in an e-mail that cited Thursday’s dismissal of their cases by District Court Judge Ricardo Urbina in Washington.

Challenges are still pending for dozens of other detainees with the Supreme Court set to consider whether Congress had the right to strip the prisoners of the right to contest their confinement with petitions of habeas corpus.  [emphasis added]

Let’s see, who do we have on the Supreme Court these days?  Roberts? Alito? Scalia? Thomas?

I keep imagining how much money this country would save if we simply did away with habeas corpus altogether.  No more need for these expensively stupid trials to actually determine if a person is guilty or innocent!

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Ahmadinejad Thinks More of the American People Than CBS Does

From The Largest Minority, by Manila Ryce:

In a supposedly “objective” interview, Iranian President Ahmadinejad told Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes that the American public is smarter than to believe the propaganda the media puts out. Pelley essentially reiterated the warmongering spin about Ahmadinjad’s visit to Ground Zero, saying it would be an insult to the American people. Not only did the President of Iran inform Pelley that he doesn’t speak for all Americans, but he told him to do a better job as a journalist. Now what does that say about the press when a supposed “terrorist” has more respect for us than our own media?  [emphasis added]

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