Road Rage


Marsha, Marsha, Marsha

Via Logan Murphy at Crooks and Liars:

Guest host David Shuster makes a fool out of critic Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee).

As Logan writes, “MSNBC, get that man his own show!”

UPDATE:  TBogg helps put the brouhaha into perspective.

Putting it on the line for democracy — in Myanmar

At least 10,000 monks, cheered on by thousands of onlookers, marched in Yangon on Monday in what appeared to be growing into the biggest demonstration yet against the ruling generals.The maroon-robed monks began a sixth day of protests, the most serious against the generals in two decades, with prayers at the Shwedagon Pagoda, the former Burma’s holiest shrine, then marched through the city.

The march stretched for one kilometre as the monks entered the city centre to cheers and applause from thousands of onlookers who joined them.”

People locked arms around the monks. They were clapping and chearing. They are asking for democracy,” one witness said.

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Tapped Out….


From Yahoo News:

MINNEAPOLIS – Sen. Larry Craig is only trying to get out of his guilty plea in an airport sex sting because he doesn’t like the political consequences, a prosecutor wrote in court papers filed Monday.

Craig, R-Idaho, has asked to withdraw his guilty plea, saying he was panicked into admitting to a crime he did not commit. A judge is set to hear the matter on Wednesday.

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Jack Ohman, Portland Oregonian

Renewable Energy

The first wave farm is going to be built off the Cornish coast. Look what they do in Australia, and all over the world.

There are scores of succesful projects, that are bringing forward research and development of new energy saving and CO -neutral energy producing technologies. And it’s accomplished with only meagre funds as compared to the US “War for Oil Initiative”. (And the costs for step 2 – Iran – have not even been budgeted yet!)

Here they Go Again, Social Security must be Cut!

Story off the AP wire via MSNBC:
The Bush administration said Monday the only way to permanently fix Social Security is through some combination of benefit cuts and tax increases.

That was one of the key findings in a new paper on Social Security released by the Treasury Department in an effort to achieve common ground on the politically explosive issue.

“Social Security can be made permanently solvent only by reducing the present value of scheduled benefits and/or increasing the present value of scheduled tax increases,” the paper said. The Treasury paper said that while other changes to the giant benefit program might be desirable “only these changes can restore solvency permanently.”
Unfortunately, these clowns completely forget to mention that uncapping the SS contribution or raising the interest rate for raiding the surplus would fix the problem permanently…