10 Steps to Fascism

Author Naomi Wolf has written a new book called “The End of America – Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot“. She visited Stephen Colbert last week on the Colbert Report to talk about the 10 steps to fascism that she describes in her book.
There is video of her interview with Colbert here and here.
Vyan at the Daily Kos tooks a look at the “10 Steps to Fascism“:

During her little noticed appearance on The Colbert Report this week author Naomi Wolf mentioned a list of ten specific steps that can and will lead a country from Democracy and Freedom into Totalitarian Fascism – and unfortunately it appears that we’ve already ticked our way past all but one of those goalposts while hardly blinking an eye.

The Guardian has an article on her ten steps and that’s called “Fascist America, In 10 Easy Steps“:

From Hitler to Pinochet and beyond, history shows there are certain steps that any would-be dictator must take to destroy constitutional freedoms. And, argues Naomi Wolf, George Bush and his administration seem to be taking them all

Naomi Wolf points out that we have already seen the ten steps taking place in this country and warns Colbert that we may not have a year left to stop this descent into fascism and the loss of our democracy.

25 thoughts on “10 Steps to Fascism

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: read Joe Conason’s book, “It Can Happen Here.” If you only read the first chapter, where he relates the plot of Sinclair Lewis’ “It Can’t Happen Here”, I guarantee it will give you the chills. Lewis had all this sorted out in 1935 and people like Wolf and Conason need a much larger audience than they’ve gotten.

    We frequently see the Wingnuts scoff when we speak of emerging facism. “Where are the storm troopers? When was your free press taken away? Har har!” They need to wake up!

  2. The majority of “Homeland Security” funding is being spent on “urban control measures” as opposed to looking for “terrorists”.
    Cameras everywhere in major cities…
    During protests off-duty cops are paid to come in and video tape the demonstrators…
    They are trying to pass a bill now that will protect telecom companies from what they have already done: handing over millions of records, illegally to the feds and justice department. they weren’t looking for Arabs, I can guarantee you that…

  3. “Real Id Act”
    “Veri-Chip” implants in kids (protect from child abductions? my ass…)
    VISA ads showing how dumbasses pay with cash? Why? because, they can’t track cash payments, thats why.

  4. “On Star” and “Lo-Jack” tracks your car everywhere you go.

    They know more about you than you do; what you buy, where you go, who calls, credit rating, criminal history, medical history, employment history, everything digital, everything centralized.

    When money is gone, they will be able to turn off your “electronic money” when ever you get out of line… and you’ll starve, because you can’t buy anything.

    No rent payments, no gasoline, no insurance (and then no job), … they will be able to destroy you with the press of one button. So you better not act up…

  5. What do you think the 5 million emails the the RNC won’t turn over are about?

    Permanent Republican majority with the help of the telecom companies.

  6. Funny Raven, we have a nuisance goose problem in Illinois. I told my husband yesterday, when they’re all getting eaten they won’t last so long, no matter how many of them there are now.

  7. Privatized militia? sure, they are right up there with all the others.

    Do you know where Blackwater makes alot of it’s money? They have training facilities in the United States where they train police and sheriffs departments on their tactics developed in Iraq. On clearing houses, detaining prisoners, crowd control, ect.
    Teaching Blackwater tactics to American police forces on how to deal with… insurgents. Cool, huh?

  8. Check out the video I just put up on my site. From Puppetgov. It’s all about facsism and the need to confront it any way we can.

    I just just mentioned the wilderbeast clip to Zooey in a comment earlier today, and it features prominately in this new video.

    It’s alittle cheezy, but good.


    can’t miss it right on top.

  9. The US Miltary are the Jedi.

    Blackwater are the Clone Troopers.

    Everything will be fine and dandy until Darth Cheney launches secret directive 66.

    Then the Clone Troopers will become Stormtroopers.

    That makes us the Rebel Alliance.

  10. VISA ads showing how dumbasses pay with cash? Why? because, they can’t track cash payments, thats why.


    Thats why I use my check card to get cash at an atm and rarely buy with the card or a check, unless it is groceries.

    Can’t let them know what radical books I read hehe

  11. They can track all that stuff anyway even if you pay cash. When they ask your phone number or when you use a club card or preferred customer card.

  12. Like I said Raven those geese aren’t going to last long once we have to eat them. Look at how fast the buffalo disappeared and Europeans didn’t even eat them, just shot them for “sport”. Who are the barbarians again?

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