3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Music – Va Pensiero!

  1. g’morning folks… i found some things on rachel maddow’s blog ( http://www.airamerica.com/maddow/ ) that you should find interesting…

    *9/28 A plan crashed in mexico with 4 tons of cocaine on board. The only thing we know about the plane? It was used to fly to GITMO. Consider our tinfoil hat donned.*

    *9/27 Embattled State Department Inspector General nicknamed “Cookie,” but not because he’s articularly sweet. Turns out he’s suing his own kids*

    with the heat of summer gone, it’s back out into the garden for some much needed maintenance chores… well, first i have to dig up 5-6 daylily clumps to pass along to my sister… at least SHE will be the one doing the dividing and planting…

    oh yea, then there are the 4-5 clumps that i want to move for myself… … always something…


  2. Good Morning to you all, ..Thank you Europeanview for Verdi’s piece…….I am now blessed with a computer that let’s me see and hear the wonder’s of the net….Thank’s for the link’s Katy….I’m on my way out the door to hug the trees and work on my yard as well…..Have a Blessed day every one…

  3. Ah…….Verdi!! Magnifico! I’ve sung very little of Verdi’s work yet. One of my dreams is to perform his Requiem. Incredible piece of music!

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