254 thoughts on “TPZoo’s One Month Anniversary Party!

  1. Congratulations one and all. And I want to especially thank Gregg for all the hard work and time he took to learn how to set this blog up to be the fantastic site it is. And all of you who come up with your fantastic and eclectic posts have been doing a superb job of keeping the site fresh and interesting. So many people to thank, and the music is starting to get me off the stage, but I’ll just end by saying you guys are the best!

  2. I’m good, but if I were drunk I’d be better.
    Have a leg up on you, there!
    Had one of Dennis’ friends over to put beadboard up in the bathroom. Reward was marinaded steak tips, twiced baked potatoes, asparagus, and plenty of drink.

  3. OK, I never quite understood that whole deal.

    Who the heck started it, and what was the allure of cheez puffs (pufes)?

    Totally clueless. (in so many ways!)

  4. Heh. Willy Loman started the Cheze Pufes thing. They’re super fancy cheese puffs, served with a Big Box O’ Wine, and two squiggly straws. He’s such a classy guy….. πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks, Zooey. Dad’s recuperating at home. Got tired of sitting around the hospital, so he left after three days (or so I’m told.) He never was one who enjoyed sitting around doing nothing. Hopefully the improved circulation will help his stroke recovery a little better. Thanks for asking.

    And you have also been a great leader among the Critters. You encouraged us all and brought out the best in us. Good job, Zooey.

  6. And an honest to goodness math whiz, too. So if there’s ever anything about math that you need explained, I’m good at finding ways to make people understand it. I even did some part-time work in college doing math tutoring. Got paid to sit in a room and wait for students to come looking for me. Through the entire semester I had only two students showed up, so I read “The Grapes of Wrath” while I sat there.

  7. My daughter will be writing you, Wayne.

    Her type of Epilepsy makes abstract, spatial concepts a real problem. (she still has difficulty with the simple stuff.)

  8. true,

    The stroke was several months ago and he can walk and talk, though he slurs his words, still. He doesn’t normally like to talk much, so he doesn’t like to practice talking. So his speech still needs more work and would probably improve if he just tried talking more. He’s not interested in talking to me, but let;s not go there. Thanks.

    He was supposed to have a hernia operation (which he will still have to have done), but his doctor wanted an okay from the cardiologist first. The cardio-doc found three blocked arteries, so he had to have the trip-bp before he could have the hernia operation. He’s still one of the strongest people I know, and I’m sure he’s going to recover just fine. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and good wishes. You’re a wonderful gang, and you make me proud to be a Critter.

    Now let’s get on with the celebration! The Mets are back in a first place tie with the Philthies with one game left to play in the season. Either the Mets aor the Phils will be the NL East champ, and either the Padres or the Rockies (who are about to win to come within one game of SD) will be the Wild Card team. At first I opposed the Wild Card system, but I admit that when the playoff teams go down to the last game of the season (and possibly then some) to be decided, it can’t help but be exciting. For those of us who enjoy baseball. (I can even explain the Infield Fly Rule.)

  9. Um, go A’s! Rollie Fingers, and the handlebar mustaches.

    Go Giants! Yay, Willie Mays!

    Sorry, that’s totally 70s, but that’s when I went to the games with my dad.

  10. It’s okay, true. We Mets fans love the Red Sox, and not just because of ’86. It’s because we also hate the Spankees! We’re rooting for a re-match, but we’re also a little scared. Your Sox will finish, at worst, tied for the best record in baseball. Good luck. We’re rooting for them, too.

  11. I thought the Red Sox had tied up the AL East. And the Wankees did not, which is even more important.

    The NL is making things a little more interesting, getting right down to the last game in the West and the East.

    Any of tomorrow’s important games televised?

  12. Wayne,

    I’ve been sitting here remembering some of the highlights of those games — other than the sunburns.

    Willie Mays hit some number of home run, and they stopped the game, dug up homebase, and gave it to him. Fun!

    Another game, we needed Tito Fuentes to hit a homerun for the win, and the whole crowd was chanting, “Tito! Tito!” He hit that homerun! It wasn’t long after that, he was killed in an airplane crash.

  13. Any of tomorrow’s important games televised?

    I will be watching RugbyΒ΄s match: Argentina-Ireland and Real Madrid vs Getafe.

    I know…I know.

  14. The Red Sox have won the AL East title and the Crankees have won the Wild Card. AL Home Field Advantage may be up for grabs, depending on how the tiebreaker rules pan out.

    Only the NL East, the NL Wild Card, and NL Home Field Advantage are yet to be determined.

  15. Zoo, you are just courteus… πŸ˜€ (But yeah…now I will shut up, before others hear me)

    I’ve missed you as well.
    True: my empty inbox yahoo account says otherwise. 😦

    (Kidding) πŸ™‚

  16. swoon –verb (used without object)

    1. to faint; lose consciousness.

    2. to enter a state of hysterical rapture or ecstasy: The teenagers swooned at the sight of the singing star.

    Something like that.

  17. Yes, Zooey, yes we do. Especially lesbians who like baseball. Not to get too crude (as I’m sure some others do), but to be honest (and I know my wife is going to read this about a minute after it’s up there, but I’ve told her this before), men reallylike bi-sexual women. Then they can have a proper threesome. Women’s views may vary (and I think we can guess how.)

  18. OK, what emails have I missed?

    I also haven’t been on facebook for a while.

    Should I check it?

    (Jeez, try and disappear for a while…….)

  19. Trueblue, sorry the cute one’s married, but I know what you mean about cooking for someone else. Wayne won’t eat most of the stuff that I like, so I don’t bother much. Not to mention that my old stove only had one burner working (not even the oven!) I just got my new stove hooked up, but the oven doesn’t work properly–shoots up sheets of flame, kinda cool but scary. I like to cook, and am actually pretty good at it.

  20. Juan,

    He’s married.

    But it is nice to create something for someone you’re interested in. Impress.

    Like if you came to Cape Cod and visited me, I’d be really anxious to please you, culinarily, that is……


  21. I’m suffering from ‘new computer program syndrome.’ Everything I do takes about three times longer than it used to. After we shut down the phones at the end of the day, I’m able to do a lot more without the constant interruptions. BTW, if anyone here has any foot problems, talk to me. Wayne and I work for a not-quite-major footcare products company.

  22. Like if you came to Cape Cod and visited me, I’d be really anxious to please you, culinarily, that is……


    *calling a cab to the airport*

    If you spoke Spanish I could do a little sexual joke about “culinarily”… damn. Heh.

  23. Juan,
    Looked at the Spanish- English Dictionary.

    Not sure which word variation to look up.
    Maybe you should FB me so that Yenta can’t see?


  24. Not to worry, folks… brought my own Box O’ Wine…


    Ahhhh… that’s better… whoa… why are the walls moving in here?

  25. Trueblue, is ‘Peachy (sorry, I forgot your pup’s real name) only peachy around the ears now? In the picture she looks mostly white. (For others, when trueblue was looking for a name for the puppy, I suggested “Impeachment”, or ‘Peachy for short.)

  26. True, it is not that funny, anyway.
    But, I would be delighted to try your food. No pun intended… I swear it!

    Do you know what I meant, Zoo? How is that? Heh.

    Shiatsu is a japanese massage.

  27. Oh really, Juan….


    (perhaps you can understand the “music”, Juan…..

    I’d love it if we could meet, both in Mexico City and around where I grew up.

  28. Biscuit is Bizcocho in Spanish.

    As it is a sugar coated kind of bread, it can be used (non-insulting) to name a girl or a guy. It can also be used to describe the vagina, but thats vulgar, of course. Well, to be fair, almost anything can be used to describe the vagina, you just have to have a dirty or creative mind.

  29. True and Zoo and others…we need to make a pact in order to get together sometime, somewhere.

    I agree, Juan! At some point, we need to have a TPZoo convention.
    I second that motion!

    All in favor say “Aye”……….

  30. That’s awesome! πŸ˜‰

    ThatΒ΄s biscuit! πŸ˜€

    Aye, ladies… Im gonna look for a Congress near Idaho or Boston.

    BTW!!! My professor is going to Boston for a Congress…Im gonna ask him to go next year.

  31. Oh, Crap!

    It’s 12:30 and I’m really tired.

    I want to stay up with you cool kids, but I just keep yawning and misspelling words.
    It sucks being here on EST because I always miss all the fun.

    Good night.

  32. Shiatsu is more than “Japanese massage.” Shiatsu uses the same pressure points used in acupuncture and utilizes the same concepts of meridians and all that shtuff.

    Sorry. Found myself getting pretentious.

    Barkeep! More bourbon!

  33. Zooey, DL Huegly, the comedian said since he hear how Senator Craig was soliciting in the men’s room he’s afraid to wear his IPod in there anymore.

  34. Back, folks… sorry, had to duck the cops… sumpin’ about someone looks like me running around wearing his pants on his head…

    yeah, Jane… I was jes’ ’bout ta give up on the Mets, ‘n then Maine pitches the game of his career. Still, one game to go…

  35. True: Pick a menu and it’s yours
    I would like the buffet. πŸ˜€

    Veritas mentioned on a TP thread that she’s a massage therapist…

    Oh, she should be a contributor…if you know what I mean! Heh.

    I can’t wait! I bet he chooses biscuits.
    Good call. In plural. πŸ˜€

  36. In fact, Im reviewing this article from India, about solar air heaters…and, well, they pretty much suck, with all due respect. The technical English is in very bad shape and there seems to be fatal flaws in the math description.

  37. Zoo: Coffee was discovered in Yemen, when a shepard observed how his sheeps went a little crazy after licking some grains of coffee.

  38. Remember, I said I was purty white white guy…

    Of course, right now, I look like a snow man looking the other way… mebbe that’s a little too white.

  39. Is that what we are celebrating tonight? The first month anniversary?

    Well, congratulations!

    I like the fact that we can log on and talk without being interrupted by the inane, asinine, moronic, infantile Bush-bots.

    Now can someone please point me to the bar? Oh, your hors d’oeuvres look delicious…

  40. Juan seZ:
    Zoo: Coffee was discovered in Yemen, when a shepard observed how his sheeps went a little crazy after licking some grains of coffee.

    I should start drinking coffee….

  41. I wanted to make this question some days back, and because of its sensitive topic and my bad English I was afraid of sounding racist.

    I have the vague impression that Afroamerican people does not contribute too much in TP or here, for that matter. I mean, by seeing the pictures of some of you and establishing a little statistics, as far as I know there is no afroamericans in TPzoo. Why would you think is that? They dont care as much?

    Sorry for the derailing, and Im hoping that Im not offending anyone.

  42. Juan,

    Big Papa and Karim on TP are African-American, but they have not come to the zoo, as far as I know. I invited Big Papa, but I haven’t seen Karim for a while.

    Not sure why….

  43. Juan, what is your avatar?

    It looks like it could be a lemur or a small macaque.

    For the life of me, I cannot figure it out….

  44. That’s an interesting point juan. I have yet to see african/europeans or african/latinos, for that matter, posting here as well.

    Remember, that African Americans are still quite the minority in the States (correct me if I am wrong, but I think around 21% of the population?), further still it seems that “progressive sites” like TP have even fewer percentage wise. It is an interesting statistic, and I am not sure what the cause is.

  45. Big Papa, a black guy? Hahahaha. That would explain his baching against “white inbreds”. I love Big Papa, I invited him but he told me that his dream was to post in Redstate or others rightwing sites.

    It was my impression that the white and young community was more engaged in progressive movements, due to the pics in Facebook regarding Thinkprogress and, began wondering about that when Karl X (an italian non-lasting commenter in TP, made that remark)

    Im not judging anyone, but I remember that my mother told me that when she was in Miami, in a Congress about ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) she didnt find too much black people (is it ok to say black people?) And I remember that when I was in the Solar Congress in Cleveland, I cant remember any African-American in the 3 days I was there.

  46. I think Afro-Americans are actually about 12%, mebbe 15, at tops.

    That is a good question… but then, color doesn’t exist online.

    What about Choclate Jesus at TP?

    Juan’s avatar is one of those little thingies from the Philipines, no?

    Hmmm… polar bears… not bad

    (I just made a typo… I put in Polar Beers… should have left it…)

  47. Juan,

    Heh. I remember Big Papa and HackerBob going at it over the word “Cracker.” Hilarious! the more HB objected, the more Big Papa used the word. πŸ˜€

  48. My experience w/ blacks these days is that alot of them have w/drawn to back within the black community. Kind of like separate but equal, in reverse. Can’t blame them. I personally think race relations in this country are worse than peole want to publically admit.

    I used to hang out w/ a lot of black guys, and live in a black neighborhood, but not so much anymore. Too much tension and hostility.

  49. “What about Choclate Jesus at TP?”

    I think that refers to a piece of edible art that started an uproar with that catholic guy who is now on CNN or some such.

    I tell you what, juan. why don’t you check out the Yearly Kos convention photos, here …


    … and tell me how many black people you see in the photos. I haven’t found any yet, but I am still looking.

    I know there are some African American bloggers out there, and Huffpo often features certain African writers, but there are few in total. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, I don’t know, but it is certainly not limited to just this site.

  50. the more HB objected, the more Big Papa used the word. πŸ˜€

    That was a memorable one.

    Willy, I agree. I was thinking that, at first, African-americans need to solve a lot of important issues besides impeaching Bush (Im sounding like Pelosi), but, then again, as they are somehow discriminated from schools (IMO), they dont have a lot of tools in order to act progressively.

  51. I was mulling a response to Juan’s post, but willyloman beat me to the punch.

    In my completely subjective, unscientific opinion, it has to do with income, and access to technology.

    African-Americans and Latinos in the US, in spite of a lot of social and economic progress, still represent most of the low-income population (I won’t go into why this is so). As such, they are less likely to have a computer at home and/or Internet connection.

    Even if minorities did log into a political blog to comment, I wouldn’t be surprised if they concealed their ethnicity, given that racial slurs can be used to insult someone whose opinion is not welcome.

    Plus, really, a person’s race/ethnicity is not or should not make any difference in a blog -where all that is supposed to matter are the ideas expressed.

  52. Juan, you haven’t told us… what exactly IS that critter?

    Zooey, I’m likin’ this polar bear idea…

    I think they’re incredibly cool animals and I’m so afraid for them… the little ones are way too cute for their own good.

  53. Things come and go in waves. If there aren’t so many black bloggers right now, there’ll come a time when there are. Same w/ Latinos.

  54. Education, ecconomics, unfettered access to the internet… these are all interesting ideas. but has is occured to anyone that they are active and educated about the problems, and that they are just responding in different venues and blogs than we are?

    There is a TREMENDOUS movement in the hip-hop and urban culture to impeach Cheney and Bush. These musicians have been calling Bush a criminal for years, and getting paid to do it.

    I am just suggesting, like maybe juan was, in a way, that we find a way to try to reach out to other sites, in order to expand our frame of reference.

  55. Just my opinion, but as threatened as white progressives feel by the administration, if I was African American, I’d feel like whatever I said would give them an excuse to throw me in prison for no reason.

  56. Plus, really, a person’s race/ethnicity is not or should not make any difference in a blog -where all that is supposed to matter are the ideas expressed.

    I agree. However, ideas dont come from nowhere. Personal background and circumstances are fundamental.

  57. She looked around the room. There were cobwebs in all the corners, and the floor had dustbunnies the size of tumbleweeds. Muddy footprints, still wet in some places, tracked through the kitchen. The place was dirty all right, and she knew what had to be done.

    She slipped into her French maid’s outfit, (Victoria’s Secret, pg 39, $89.99) and proceeded to not so much walk, but sashay into the parlor, and closed the double doors behind her. She picked up the dustpan and broom and headed toward the corner. Bending over at the waist to sweep up a tiny pile of dust, it would have been readily apparent to any man behind her that she was not only buck naked under her short, skimpy dress, her Gates of Paradise almost glowing with pleasure, but that she had tattoos on her butt cheeks reading “Yours For The Taking” and “Yes, This Means You”. As it happened, there was a man behind her.

    End Chapter One
    Chap 2 available soon if needed

  58. Right, a tarsier.

    There was an article in Nature (I think) about 2 yrs ago about tarsiers. One was on the cover. Such cool little critters. Sadly, they’ve become an endangered speices in the Philippines, if I’m not mistaken.

    I’m quite fond of animals, not so big on humans anymore…

  59. As a child, I wanted a tarsier for pet. The little critters looked so cute and cuddly in my first encyclopedia. I begged, and cried, and threatened.

    My father, a wise man, bought me a dog.

    I forgot all about the tarsier.

  60. As it happened, there was a man behind her.

    End Chapter One
    Chap 2 available soon if needed

    Whoa!!! LMAO!!! Wayne, right as I got done readin’ this, I glanced up to yer picture, and that look on yer face had a whole new meaning to it.

    Uh, does Jane know what yer up to?

  61. Willy, I wasnt suggesting that. But I havent thought about what you say about culture displays against US govt.

    Perhaps you are right, we should be more diverse.

  62. “I’m quite fond of animals, not so big on humans anymore…”

    I’ve always liked animals more than people.

    TRoS, Wayne just read me your response to his creative dirty post. Yup, I know what he’s up to. πŸ˜€

  63. Personal background and circumstances are fundamental.

    True. But in some discussions, one’s religious, ethnic, racial background are completely irrelevant.

    The current situation in Iraq, is a good example. Can you imagine a statement like: “I think George Bush is occupying Iraq illegally. I am a Mormon”. Awkward, isn’t it?

  64. When I was a child, I was always asking my parents to buy me whatever animal I found interesting, curious, or cuddly.

    I thought they were unreasonable when they refused to buy me a lion, for example.

    They are sooo cute as cubs.

  65. β€œI think George Bush is occupying Iraq illegally. I am a Mormon”. Awkward, isn’t it?

    Hehehe. Yeah. Facts cant be changed by personal POVs (as a lot of trolls think it can be done).

    I have this little obsession about other places in the world and the people that live there, that Im very curious about the place where somebody comes from. For example, I find black people extremely fascinating, because we dont have too many here. And there are not many more ways of learning about places in the world than by speaking with the natives. So, yeah, whenever a UK guy appears in TP (as I think you are from) I would like to know his/her opinion about local issues.

    Anyway, my question was about the lack of black people posting in TP…I could be wrong and the point could be meaningless, because there are not a lot of Maoris either, but it was healthy curiosity.

  66. I have read several times over the years how folks will get lion cubs, or tigers, because they’re so cute when they’re little…

    But they tend to get bigger and bigger, and one day, Animal Control gets a call, and they have to go get a full-grown lion, or tiger, out of someone’s basement.

  67. Gotta go, folks.

    Fallin’ asleep, and I still have chores to do.

    How do I put a picture up next to my name, Z?

    I think a polar bear is a good idea…

  68. Frame of reference is everything, Gregor. As to your example, I would venture to say that with some 37% of Americans identifying themselves as “Evangelical” and Bush’s approval rating rarely dropping below 33-31%, religious backgrounds have a lot to do with whether or not someone believes he invaded Iraq illegally.

    In some communities, they couldn’t care less whether Bush invaded a country or not. The way they see it, the republicans and Bush have been waging war on them for decades. And they have a point.

    So, Gregor, frame of reference is very important to almost every conversation, just in my opinion.

  69. Gregor, you must have been one restless kid.

    Im done, folks.

    I have to get up earlier tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback.

    Zoo, take care. And you all…

  70. I agree with Willy. Everything that we’re exposed to, or that happens to us makes us who we are, and shapes how we think. It becomes the “lens” through which we see the world.

  71. I’m afraid I’d have side with your parents on the requests for the lion and bear.

    We were at the pet store one day and I was cajoling my dad to get me a pet snake. I almost had him talked into it. He turned to my mom to ask for her opinion, and she said:

    “Well, Gregor, it’s either that thing or me”.

    You should’ve seen the look on her face when I picked the snake, without blinking or missing a beat.

    Needless to say, I didn’t get the snake, either.

  72. Frame of reference is everything, Gregor.

    Tell that to Einstein, willy.

    (couldnt resist) BTW, in Newtonian mechanics time is an absolute quantity. Einstein sent that stuff to the thrash can and now, the only absolute in this universe is the speed of light.

  73. “It becomes the β€œlens” through which we see the world.”

    and, quite frankly all too often, the microscope under which WE are examined.

    one good thing about the net is that though it is clearly part of our “experience set”, our ethnicity is not a clearly visable part of our identity, or our “avatars’ as it were. Reducing the significance of cultural diversity to it’s most important factors; experiences.

  74. Gregor you sound like my daughter. She wants every animal she sees. For a while we had a house full of lizards. Then she wanted birds. That’s in addition to a dog and cat. Not to mention wanting hamsters and guinea pigs and more puppies and kittens and anything else she sees. I’m just as bad. My husband is the only thing that keeps us out of trouble.

  75. Yes, Willy. The class structure in this country is very strong, though many would deny it.

    I hope we all do get together sometime, as Juan suggests. I think we will surprise each other.

  76. As it happened, there was a man behind her. Unfortunately for him, he was dyslexic, and what he saw staring him in the face was “Forks Your Tea Thing” and “You naMe shiTs, Yes”. He grew angry, and being sensitive about his “tea thing”, he approached her suddenly and grabbed her arm and spun her around to face him. “What’s the meaning of this?”, he demanded. But before she could answer, his tongue was deep inside her mouth, caressing her inner cheeks, and doing a pretty good job of picking her lunch out of her teeth. It was what she wanted. She was a nymphomaniac who loved sex but hated brushing right after meals, and he was a dyslexic man who got turned on by being insulted. They were made for each other. Her tattoos were actually a birthmark.

    The den had a large wooden desk whose main purpose was to serve as a large flat surface for just such an occasion. There was never anything on the top of it, and no paperwork could be found in the drawers. That’s not to say they were empty, for they contained not only condoms (both male and female) but an enviable collection of lubricants, oils, and sex toys. It was actually her desk. She pulled him onto the desk and climbed on top of him, smiling knowingly, as she reached into one of the drawers. He smiled when he saw what she held in her hand. “You know what I like, don’t you?” he asked.

    End Chapter 2

  77. So, Gregor, frame of reference is very important to almost every conversation, just in my opinion.

    And I agree that interjecting one’s race, ethnicity, and/or religion into a conversation is very valid, in some circumstances.

    Like a conversation on discrimination, racial profiling, racism, poverty, etc. Relating personal experiences can be enlightening to people who do not share the same background.

    But my point was that in a lot of conversations -like about, say oh, privatising Social Security- that information is less relevant. So what if you are, say, Asian? What difference does it make, and how does that fact make your point -for or against- more valid, or how does it open a perspective the other person didn’t see because they are not Asian?

    Fact is, it doesn’t.

  78. Now that I earn my own money, I thought I could indulge and buy me whatever pet I wanted.

    My wife put and end to that foolish notion very quickly.

  79. Ohhhh, that reminds me, Gregor. Our pet store had a blue tongued skink, and I was sorely tempted, until I remembered the cat. I love the way they flash that tongue!

    Fish are boring. 😦

  80. Gregor, my parents always ignored my desperate pleas for a dog, ’cause all of my friends had dogs. One birthday they surprised me with a parakeet–I guess they didn’t understand that I wanted something a bit more cuddly. Of course, I have now more than made up for my lack of pets as a child with our current houseful of cats.

  81. Well kids, my fun ticket has been punched, and I need to head for bed. I don’t know how you East coasters do it.

    Thanks for coming to TPZoo’s one month anniversary party!


  82. Fish are actually very interesting.

    Sure, they don’t roll over and play dead, but -depending on the fish you get- they are territorial, lay eggs, have hatchlings, and care for them.

    They have behaviors you don’t expect in such a simple being. Some nest, some pick shells to make a home, some have this mating, synchronized dance that they do before fertilising the eggs.

    They also have the added benefit that you don’t have to walk them, clean after them, or empty their litter box πŸ˜‰

  83. I can relate Gregor. We now can only have one dog at a time, my husband has gotten stricter. At one time, before my daughter was born we had three dogs and two cats. As they got old and passed away he wouldn’t let me replace them all. For the small critters like hamsters though, we have a Jack Russell terrier and have been warned that they could be hazardous to the hamsters health since they know how to negotiate cages, fences and gates.

  84. Missed another party, oh bother! Well, hubbys going on a four day business trip tonight, maybe without all this “can you help with this” and “where is that” I’ll get around to some serious blogging.

    Why are men so helpless?

  85. gummitch are you familar with Basa aka Irridescent shark? It appears to be some sort of catfish native to the Mekong Delta. I am fairly well versed in the world of commercial seafood but had never come across this critter till a few days ago. We had to special order it

  86. Why are men so helpless?

    It seems related to either the lack of a redundant x-chromosome or the desire to get attention from overly confident females.

  87. A big belated Happy anniversery…..Sorry, as usual I am a day late, doller short and many drink’s behind…This is prooving to be a great site……Blessings all

  88. Sorry, dbadass, I was watching the Mets blow it. I’m picking a new avatar after I get back from the office later.

    Anyway: cider (obviously), spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, clove) and, usually, red wine (or whatever spirit you happen to have handy, if it doesn’t clash.) Mix them and heat it up. I’m sure that there are plenty of other recipes out there.

    I’ll be back later.

  89. Here I am! Another late comer and uninvited guest πŸ˜‰ *reaching for the snack bar with an already half void glass of something misteriously bubbly and definitively alcoholic*

    Congratulations for the month-versary. Every day is a non-birthday party!

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