This week with Bill Moyers..

This week on Bill Moyers Journal (PBS) he did a segment entitled “For The Fallen” on the 7 US soldiers who wrote the op-ed piece The War As We Saw It that appeared August 19, 2007 in the New York Times.
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Less than a month after seven U.S. Army officers co-authored a NEW YORK TIMES Op-ed, which paints a much grimmer picture on the ground in Iraq than that being described by Bush Administration officials, two of the soldiers have been killed after their military vehicle turned over near Baghdad.

Following this much talked-about piece in the NYTimes, Rush Limbaugh referred to these soldiers as “phoney soldiers” on his talk show. Rush was called on it this week a number of people – including Jon Soltz and the group with this video:

Also on Moyers Journal, Bill did a segment (Clip File) called “Loose Change“:
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..this one on news about keeping the books of the Iraq War that you might have missed. Members of the House Armed Services Committee last week learned that $6 billion worth of military contracts are under criminal review. Another $88 billion in contracts are also being audited for fraud.

By one estimate, we are now spending half a million dollars on the war every minute. And now President Bush is asking Congress for another $200 billion dollars for next year. That would make 2008 the most expensive year of the war yet.

It’s not just the cost that boggles the mind; it’s the fact that no one in Washington, from the President on down, really knows where that money is going.

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