Congress Quietly Approves Billions More for Iraq War

by John Nichols

The Senate agreed on Thursday to increase the federal debt limit by $850 billion – from $8.965 trillion to $9.815 trillion – and then proceeded to approve a stop-gap spending bill that gives the Bush White House at least $9 billion in new funding for its war in Iraq.

Additionally, the administration has been given emergency authority to tap further into a $70 billion “bridge fund” to provide new infusions of money for the occupation while the Congress works on appropriations bills for the Department of Defense and other agencies.

Translation: Under the guise of a stop-gap spending bill that is simply supposed to keep the government running until a long-delayed appropriations process is completed – probably in November – the Congress has just approved a massive increase in war funding.

The move was backed by every senator who cast a vote, save one.

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This week with Bill Moyers..

This week on Bill Moyers Journal (PBS) he did a segment entitled “For The Fallen” on the 7 US soldiers who wrote the op-ed piece The War As We Saw It that appeared August 19, 2007 in the New York Times.
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Less than a month after seven U.S. Army officers co-authored a NEW YORK TIMES Op-ed, which paints a much grimmer picture on the ground in Iraq than that being described by Bush Administration officials, two of the soldiers have been killed after their military vehicle turned over near Baghdad.

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Arctic thaw may be at “tipping point”

via: Reuters

OSLO (Reuters) – A record melt of Arctic summer sea ice this month may be a sign that global warming is reaching a critical trigger point that could accelerate the northern thaw, some scientists say.

“The reason so much (of the Arctic ice) went suddenly is that it is hitting a tipping point that we have been warning about for the past few years,” James Hansen, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, told Reuters.

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