An Honor We Shouldn’t Have

I was reading a story on the BBC web site about how Esma, a notorious prison in Argentina known for torturing and killing prisoners from 1976-1983 will be turned over to human rights groups and turned into a museum. This article had a link to another story, where I discovered that the United States has a new distinction.

The story that was linked in the original story is titled “Infamous jails and their fates” The article talks about a bunch of notorious prisons throughout the world and was accompanied by this photo.

The World’s Worst Prisons

Yes, right smack dab in the middle is Abu Ghraib.

Now, as the article points out, Saddam Hussein used this prison to torture and kill people long before George W Bush’s quagmire came to town, my question is: Did the United States have to follow in the foot steps of the evil man we were trying to defeat?

Couldn’t we have taken the high road and burnt the frickin’ place to the ground to show the Iraqi people that the oppression was over?

Did Alberto Gonzales have to give Bush and friends a legal loophole to allow them to continue where Saddam left off?

This prison was built by Saddam, but George W Bush and America own it now. An honor we shouldn’t have.



3 thoughts on “An Honor We Shouldn’t Have

  1. Great post Spudge_Boy. I added your name under tags. Under the write section there’s a box for adding tags.

  2. Well said, Spudge. If we ever had the moral high ground in Iraq, we certainly lost it when we took over where Saddam left off.

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