Corporate Media Websites Ignore SCHIP Veto

These are the headlines right now on the major American news websites:

CNN: Timeline shows how dad, not cops, found dead son.

MSNBC: Hybrid Hopes.

FOX: Iran Working on Missile That Could Hit U.S.

ABC: Embedded In the Middle East: Inside the ER

NBC: Private Security Contractor Blackwater Under Fire

CBS: Flight Delays Soar to All-Time High

But Britney could be getting her kids back, cuz she got her license. Just thought you’d want to know.

UPDATE:Β  Ok, to be fair, CNN and MSNBC mentioned the veto in a sidebar, and I don’t have television, so I don’t know what they’re reporting there.Β  Maybe someone can put up a comment about what the Corporate Media is reporting on the teevee.Β  — Zooey


38 thoughts on “Corporate Media Websites Ignore SCHIP Veto

  1. That damn liberal media again.

    But, seriously, anybody that has a clue will use Google News to see what the real top stories are and what is at the top?

    “Bush Vetoes Expansion of Children’s Insurance Program”

    This headline is from Bloomberg and there are a total of 1438 articles on Bush vetoing health care for children.

    Today is a good day. The Republican hypocrisy has a giant spot light shining on it right now.

  2. Thanks, Spudge. I’ll add it to my list of news sources. I usually find my stories on McClatchy or BBC. Google news sounds good.

  3. The BBC and McClatchy are good resources.

    The reason I like Google new is that it is just a concentrator. It just gathers up headlines and then reports on how many similar headlines there are. It is interesting for seeing how the right wing will spin a headline also.

    Like, if there is a headline like:

    “Most people think George W Bush is a Dick”

    You will see Fox “News” go with something like:

    “Most people don’t think George W Bush is a Vagina.”

    Where the headline about Bush being a dick will have say 14,000,000 articles, the one about Bush not being a vagina will have one headline form Fox “News” and one from the Weakly Double Standard.

  4. Heh, you’re so funny, Spudge. πŸ˜€

    I was just looking at Google News, and I really like it. It’s easy to get around, and I like all the links to the additional articles.

  5. And you can customize it and move it around, so things you want to read about show up where you want.

    For example, I have a Bush search term setup to show me all article written about Bush at the top left spot. Under that, I have a spot for the company I work for. You can also tell it how many articles to list say 5, 10 or 20.

    Now it isn’t perfect, because you will sometimes get stories about a lady who’s “bush” was set on fire by vandals, but it is 95% right on the money, plus most importantly, it is global, so you get to find out what the world is thinking about, not just what our corporately own media wants you to read about.

  6. Just be careful with google. This is why. Somethimes you think it is all good and safe. A trusted place. It is not always so.

  7. I have a tab in Firefox that is always pointed at iGoogle, which allows me to choose my news sources on the page. I’ve got live links to BBC, Reuters, NY Times, NPR and the International Herald Tribune. I *really* like checking news from Europe, because the perspective is invariably quite different from the US press.

  8. UPDATE: Ok, to be fair, CNN and MSNBC mentioned the veto in a sidebar, and I don’t have television, so I don’t know what they’re reporting there. Maybe someone can put up a comment about what the Corporate Media is reporting on the teevee.

    Heh. You are sweet.

  9. “Well, I’d probably want to know about the lady whose bush got set on fire.”

    Metaphorically, erotically, or literally? In any case I had nothing to do with it this time….

  10. Quite the athlete! Always preferring the ocean my calm water experience is limited as is my memory but I’d like to think I must have hit double digits at some point. Any advice on jump rope? The girls and I are just getting into this.

    Sorry maybe we should get this whole thing back on topic

  11. No, just bored out of my skull with nice calm water in my way. I prefer the ocean, too many mosquitoes around calm water.

    Jump rope? If you value your knees, you’ll let the girls jump, and you can help twirl the rope. πŸ™‚

  12. Raven:
    I used your painted grasshopper pic today as the first of what a hope to be either daily or more likely weekly visual prompts that my bio students will have to write a response to. Thanks for your permission of use. If it ever serves you in anyway I can document your service to public ed

  13. Thanks Spudge, I didn’t know about Google News either, it’s awesome.

    MSNBC did run the story continually all day today.

  14. Spudge_Boy, wasn’t talking about you. Know you are “safe” and “good”. You play WoW. lol Refering to my link to an article in where google decided to leave their website “out of the google loop”. Interesting reading. There is a link. Here it is again if anyone cares.

  15. You play WoW. lol

    My whole family plays and most of the other nerds at work. I am truly a geek. πŸ˜‰

    My current avatar is my Night Elf Protection Warrior.

  16. I have been wondering what that was. It looks like one of those super squirt guns with the neon like colors.

    I have wanted to get into WoW ever since the South Park episode. that is so fucking funny. Cartman’s mom holding a pan for him to crap in…. lol.

    But I am more of a Halo type, or FEAR or Nova Logic. But WoW looks interesting.

  17. Everyone is always floored that 2, 30-40 something, professionals are into gaming. Another way to socialize and wind down. Glad you told me about the avatar, couldn’t tell. lol (Pics really don’t do us justice. Can’t even see my star wars jedi squirrels. sheesh)

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