Positive Spin for Blackwater

This week congress started investigations into Blackwater’s role in Iraq and last month’s unprovoked shooting of Iraqi civilians. Finally the average American started to become aware of this group and how it functions.

Yesterday Blackwater was dispatched by the American Embassy to rescue the Polish Ambassador who was under attack. And today we are hearing how indispensible Blackwater is to the mission in Iraq. The claim is that there was nobody else the embassy could send by helicopter to rescue him.

It would seem that in previous wars regular military would have handled this type of rescue. And since the American taxpayer pays either way why doesn’t the military handle these issues?

This has given the media a chance to spin all of Blackwater’s positives.
Watch this clip from yesterday’s CBS Evening News.

Undoubtedly this is the beginning of glorifying Blackwater.

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4 thoughts on “Positive Spin for Blackwater

  1. House OKs Bill to Prosecute Contractors
    The House passed a bill Thursday that would make all private contractors working in Iraq and other combat zones subject to prosecution by U.S. courts. It was the first major legislation of its kind to pass since a deadly shootout last month involving Blackwater employees.

    389-30 vote

  2. At least Blackwater is no longer going to guard the FBI investigators of last month’s shooting. Government is accomplishing something, finally.

  3. I posted this on TP, but it is the same thing I would post here, so I am reposting it here.
    The part that they aren’t mentioning in any of these rah rah Blackwater stories is that Blackwater was rescuing itself. Blackwater is in charge of protecting State Department officials. So, when said State Department officials are over run and are in trouble, it is because Blackwater was doing a piss poor job of protecting those officials.

    So, the Blackwater mercenaries weren’t rescuing the US Military, it was rescuing other Blackwater mercenaries who were fu*k ups.

    Go Team Terror!

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