State Department Plans Tighter Control of Blackwater

Rather than taking control of the situation by booting Blackwater out of Iraq, and canceling their contract, the State Department has decided instead to place security cameras in Blackwater vehicles, monitor radio transmissions, and send State Department baby-sitters to Iraq to keep an eye on things.

New York Times

Published: October 6, 2007

WASHINGTON, Oct. 5 — The State Department, seeking to retain its relationship with Blackwater USA while trying to bring the company’s armed guards under tighter control, said Friday that it would now send its own personnel as monitors on all Blackwater security convoys in and around Baghdad.

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Breaking up is such a messy business, so why not just be friends?  Now that Blackwater has been out of control for the last four years, it’s about time they sent some State Department flunkies to Iraq — to watch Blackwater from their hotel in the Green Zone.

9 thoughts on “State Department Plans Tighter Control of Blackwater

  1. Now back to your reality check.

    No penalties will ever be assessed for the mercs in Iraq.
    Not when they are the foxes guarding the hens in the chickencoop.

  2. Great, now they get to give another crony a contract to provide the security cameras to keep an eye on Blackwater. Wouldn’t it still make more sense to have regular military handle these responsibilities?

  3. I am distrustful of the way in which Hil has NOT handled the issue of her ties to Blackwater. This needs to be addressed, and done openly, or she is just another version of Dubya, but in a dress.

  4. Hil’s chief Advisor, (her Rove) is a Principal in the organization that provides the strategic consulting to Blackwater.

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