Tappy McWideStance is Staying….ugh

HT: Spudge Boy, for Craig’s new moniker.

UPDATE: ‘Sen. Craig visited me’ says escort who claimed relationship with Haggard. Oh my…..heh.

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Jack Ohman, Portland Oregonian

15 thoughts on “Tappy McWideStance is Staying….ugh

  1. How much you wanna bet, when Tappy uses the Senate’s men’s room, he’ll be going it alone!

  2. Suggested theme songs for Tappy:

    “It’s a Tap, Tap, Tappy Day.”

    “Whistle While you Jerk.”

    “He’s Got a Ticket to Ride”

    feel free to add to the list…

  3. I almost feel sorry for the Republican Senators whose Senate seats are next to Craig’s.

    Theme Songs:
    He Came In Through the Bathroom Window
    Tap Three Times on the Stall If You Want Me
    What Made Milwaukee Famous Has Made a Fool
    Out of Me
    A Stall You Need for Love
    Flush Fever (“you can tell by my wide stance
    that I’m a gay man’s man”)

  4. Somebody on tv said what do you do if somebody talks to you in the men’s room. The answer is lower your voice. There’ll be a lot of senators sounding like professional wrestlers.

  5. Has anyone figured out yet that with his pants down, he can’t take “a wide stance”?

    write your cartoonist and see if he can do something with that.

  6. I have a difficult time mocking Craig, because I really feel sorry for the guy. How fucked up in the head do you have to be, to be this far into the closet and to hate yourself so much? I don’t know what went on in his life to create his mental state, but I have to believe that he was badly abused on some level.

    So, yeah, there’s always a sense of satisfaction to be found when hypocrites like Craig and Haggard get outed, but on some level I feel sorry for them.

    A little. At other times, I want to kick ’em while they’re down.

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