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6 thoughts on “ZzzzzZzzzzZzzzzZzzzt!

  1. That pretty much sums up their policy.

    “We don’t torture. No more questions.”
    “But, but,but…there’s these guys…”
    “We don’t torture.”
    “Maybe you don’t call it ‘torture’, but…”
    “Our interrogation methods comply with the Geneva Conventions, even though they don’t have to in this case.”
    “According to whom?”
    “According to us.”
    “Who says you get to decide what is and isn’t ‘torture’?”
    “Each nation is free to interpret the Geneva Conventions their own way.”
    “Doesn’t that render them, well, completely meaningless as an international agreement on the treatment of persons detained during warfare?”
    “We don’t torture. No more questions.”

  2. It’s like the old joke:

    I used to have a drinking problem.

    Oh yeah, what did you do about it?

    Nothing, I just don’t consider it a problem any more.

  3. Let’s see the red is hot, and the black is ground and when you attach them to ….OOOWWWW!!!

  4. which brings us to the next investigation Congress needs to make…..they need to make public Bush’s illustrious (and illegal?) signing statements so we can see just how far he’s tanked this country and how large a hypocrite he really is.

  5. You know that it wasn’t long ago when one in high political office could be trusted at their word – their word was everything. Since the Bush regime has taken it’s MO right from Orwell’s 1984, we find that we need to hone in on precisely the correct word to get a truthful statement out of them.

    We don’t torture! We don’t torture! Didn’t it seem bizarre to see George Tenet doing this “bit” on national television recently while promoting his book. What was he attempting to tell everyone? Was he being sarcastic? It would now appear so. He was imitating and parroting the Bush Cabal and attempting to provide a clue to all of us.

    No, “WE” don’t torture; we contract it out to others to do it in our name. Right now over 800 of the prisoners held are children under the age of 15 – that they will become terrorists against the US is a foregone conclusion. WE are “growing terrorists” by the outsourcing of torture we are doing.

    Any murder-for-hire scheme permits the real perpetrator of the crime (the one initiating it) to profess “I” didn’t kill him/her; when, in fact, they are equally guilty under the law for hiring someone to do it for them.

    It’s time to hold bush accountable for his crimes – the myriad of criminal activity is so vast at this point that it makes one’s head spin.

    This doesn’t absolve us from doing so, however….it should energize us to continue our forward press for the reinstatement of this democracy.

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