Shawn Hornbeck Waiting for O’Reilly to Apologize

Watch the amazing Bill O’Reilly smear this child.

Michael Devlin pleaded guilty this week to the abduction of Shawn Horbeck who he held and abused for four years. In issuing his plea he told how he had planned to kill the child and started to strangle him but was talked out of it by the eleven year old.
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Any normal person would have apologized to this young man for accusing him of being happier with his kidnapper and not wanting to return home. Shawn Hornbeck’s parents appeared on Keith Olbermann tonight and an apology has not yet been forthcoming.

78 thoughts on “Shawn Hornbeck Waiting for O’Reilly to Apologize

  1. What part of “he was an 11yo child” does Bill O’Reilly not understand?

    Michael Devlin was 11. He was a child.

    There is a reason why predators prey on the very young: They are easily manipulated.

    O’Reilly shows, once again, what a despicable, sorry excuse of a human being he is. Ugh.

  2. Thanks Eggy, maybe it’s my writing. Michael Devlin is the guy who pleaded guilty after subjecting these kids to so much already.

  3. Biley has no shame.

    No honor.

    No business being on the air.

    Faux should be boycotted for giving this anal cyst a microphone.

  4. According to his parents Shawn, 14 years old, just learned this week what “Biley”, I like that, said about him. And he said something like he should go through what I’ve been through before he talks like that.

  5. There is something that has always seemed not quite right about this case.

    I can’t put my finger on it, and right after the arrest and the revelations started coming out, there was this sudden black-out of info from the story.

    The kid was alone most of the time and had his bike, and went to school, right?

    Three years he lived within a 20 minute bike ride from his house. Something just isn’t right about it.

  6. Did you read the linked story willy. Devlin had taken this kid out after using and abusing him to kill him. He started strangling the kid and the kid got loose and promised not to tell on him if he let him live. Not all of this might be in this link. And I can’t remember how long he had abused the 11 YEAR OLD before he tried to kill him. And what your saying is what O’Reilly was saying.

  7. And willy, if he hadn’t abducted the second kid Hornbeck would probably still be there. And I say this to point out we don’t know how many people, abducted and presumed dead, might be living under the same circumstances. And maybe they just aren’t lucky enough to get rescued. I think as Hornbeck himself said, unless you’ve walked in his shoes …

  8. Yeah, there are all kinds of justifications to make the boy a hero and a saint…

    So you say Stockholm Syndrome, and that explains the fact that he ample opportunity to get help on a daily basis, and didn’t? He even lied to cops about his real name? Cops?

    at that time he was 13.

    Look, before you guys all decide to lump me into the enemy camp because I say the facts of the case are strange, think about it, they are strange.

  9. Oops! I meant Horbeck, of course.

    The stupid rants of O’Reilly make so mad sometimes…

  10. and as far as “walking in his shoes” is concerned;

    when was the last time you were President Shanye?

    Doesn’t seem to stop you from questioning Bush’s behavior, does it?

  11. And yes, willy, facts are strange.

    Abused, scared people do strange things. Specially vulnerable is an 11 year old.

    Again, he was a child. A very scared child. He was kept under threats of death. He had to promise to keep quiet in exchange for his life.

    You cannot possibly expect an 11yo to behave and rationalize events the way an adult would.

  12. I just watched the video, and BO makes me fucking sick. He takes an 11 year old child, and holds him to the same standard of “normalcy” to which he would hold himself.

    He doesn’t “believe” in the Stockholm Syndrome, so apparently it doesn’t exist now.

    Yes, the facts in this case are strange — so is kidnapping, holding hostage, and raping a child for four years.

    The kid has been loose for about a week, maybe he could get some psychological care before being judged.

  13. Well Bush isn’t exactly an 11 year old child abducted molested and almost murdered. If you can’t give a child the benefit of the doubt under these circumstance then you must think O’Reilly’s comments were justified.

  14. The kid had been loose for a week when O’Reilly made the comments. This week when the perpetrator was in court he CONFESSED to trying to murder the kid and that’s when that story came out. The kid didn’t tell people the kidnapper did. I think if this kid wasn’t so determined to survive he would have been dead when Devlin was strangling him. So I guess according to willy and O’Reilly he is guilty. Maybe he should have just allowed himself to be murdered if he expected any sympathy.

  15. He lived with him for 4 years. He didn’t stay 11 for 4 years.

    I don’t know how he behaved or rationalized anything; either as an adult or as a child.

    and “facts” aren’t strange.they are concrete and they mean something. The facts of this case are strange. And to me, that means something. Now I don’t know what it means… I am just saying I have always had a wird feeling about this story.

    That doesn’t mean I would go on national television and ridicule the child. You see that’s how Bill-O and I differ, Shayne.

  16. Willy,

    Elizabeth Smart lied to the police about her identity at first, as well. So did Patty Hearst. This is a very complex psychological issue, involving terror and survival.

    What happened to this child was beyond traumatic, and he literally had to make a deal with the devil in order to live. This kid is fucked up for life, and BO is blaming the victim.

  17. I think all it would take is this creep sexually abusing this 11 year old. Then tells him that nobody would ever want him again because he is damaged or dirty. He’s already traumatized, so hearing that his parents, family, friends, teachers, would all turn from him because he is dirty or damaged would be powerful. Then this guy can convince him that he still wants him and will take care of him. Then this guy just continues to use him for his purposes. This kid would need to depend on the creep for his survival. He wouldn’t want anyone to know what was being done to him. It is twisted and tragic.
    I am guessing here, but a traumatized kid that age can be made to believe just about anything.
    My youngest wasn’t sexually abused, but the damage he suffered at an early age has stayed with him his whole life. He may never recover. He’s been in therapy for over 6 years now.

  18. Willy, 11 or 15. No matter.

    You cannot expect either an 11 or a 15 year old to rationalize things in the way you would. Specially when that boy went through so much physical and psychological abuse.

    It’s the same reason abused wives won’t leave their abusive husbands. They are afraid. They can’t think straight. They don’t know where to go or what to do to get out of their situation.

    If abuse has such an effect on an adult person, we can only imagine what it can do to a minor. Actually, we don’t have to imagine: It’s likely the child will stay with his molester until he is rescued by the police. As it happened in this case.

  19. You’re right Zooey. You could see it in these kids faces after the returned. Distrust, fear, a sort of wonder.. They looked uncomfortable, like they had trouble believing their families would still love them or want them back.

  20. First of all Shayne, just because someone questions the details of the story doesn’t mean they think the child is “guilty”.

    Second of all, trying to win some point by saying everyone agrees with me or they’re in league with Bill-O sounds an awful lot like a Bill-O type arguement to me.

    and Lastly; I guess you are right about the “CONFESSION”. After all, we all know that nothing but truth and justice is found in a holding cell of every police station and detention cell in America these days.

    Maybe you are not familiar with the case here in Florida where the guards were just aquitted for the beating death of that young boy last year. You know, the one where the first OFFICIAL story was he died from complications of sickle cell?

    That must have been true too, right?

  21. Willy sez:
    He lived with him for 4 years. He didn’t stay 11 for 4 years.

    Not necessarily so, Willy. When something that traumatic happens to someone, especially someone that young, emotional development may stall at that stage. Time marches on, but emotionally Shawn may still be 11 or 12, even though his chronological age is 15.

  22. Willy, the guy made the confessions this week in court in front of the judge when he pleaded guilty on all counts.

  23. What are you trying to say now, Willy?

    That the confession is false, and the boy was never abused?

  24. Oh, and by the way, willy, bringing up that Florida case to cast doubts on the confession made by the abuser in this case is also very O’Reilly-esque.

  25. Of course the boy was abused, for god’s sake.

    Pediphilia is abuse. and kidnapping is a capital crime.

    But Devlin didn’t get the death sentance. He got life, in a plea deal. Which means you have to go before a judge in court and confess.

    What he has been doing with this child is a crime and it is seriously screwed up.

    Shayne, you ever heard of the innocence project? Lota people have confessed to things, in the past, they haven’t done, for alot of reasons. I don’t know them all. But he didn’t get the death penalty, did he?

  26. Why Gregor? My point is simply, you can’t always trust every damn jailhouse confession, or report.

    Even if they are about the cases you want to be all neat and cleaned up.

  27. Willy,

    I think Devlin didn’t get the death penalty because he agreed to allocute in open court, which spared these boys the additional trauma of testifying for years on end in a death penalty case.

  28. And I brought up “that case” because I read about the verdict today.

    How is that “O’Reilly-esque”? It’s current events.

  29. yeah. Exactly. And if he hadn’t “CONFESSED” (as Shayne put it) he would have gone to trial and that kid would have testified and a whole lot of people would have ignored all the facts about the case and just thought about Stockholm syndrom, and Devlin would have DIED.

    that is possibly another rational behind his confession, right?

  30. Which means you have to go before a judge in court and confess.

    So? Do you think he made a false confession to avoid the death penalty?

    Even if they are about the cases you want to be all neat and cleaned up.

    There is no way this case can be “all neat and cleaned up”.

    If anything, it’s disgusting and it should have never happened.

    And if you don’t trust this confession, what is your take on the story? That the boy was willingly staying with his captor?

  31. Sure willy whatever. Let’s not give the kid the benefit of the doubt, we’ll assume the kidnapper was coerced. The fact that he was found 4 days after he kidnapped a second kid and molested him, that doesn’t convince you either. Read this:

    “After Shawn was abducted at gunpoint while riding his bike in rural Washington County, Devlin took the then-11-year-old to his apartment in suburban St. Louis where he repeatedly sexually assaulted the boy. Days later, Devlin took Shawn back to rural Washington County in his pickup truck, apparently intent on killing him.

    “I attempted to kill (Shawn) and he talked me out of it,” Devlin said. Devlin stopped the choking, but then sexually assaulted the boy again. Prosecutors said it was at that point that Shawn told Devlin he would do whatever was asked of him in order to stay alive

    Devlin stopped the choking, but then sexually assaulted the boy again. Prosecutors said it was at that point that Shawn told Devlin he would do whatever was asked of him in order to stay alive.

    “This boy made this contract, this deal with the devil, only to survive,” Washington County prosecutor John Rupp said
    d into the confession.

  32. How is that “O’Reilly-esque”?

    Because what happened in that other case cannot be used to cast doubts on the proceedings, confessions, etc. of this case. They are unrelated events. Even if they are both current.

  33. Didn’t I already call this pedophilia? Doesn’t that kind of sum up my “take on the story”?

    You think maybe I find it disgusting as well?

  34. Willy sez:
    that is possibly another rational behind his confession, right?

    Truthfully willy, I think Devlin did it, he knows he did it, in a sick way, I think he has feelings for Shawn, and didn’t want to put him through the trauma of a trial.

    Or he knew he’d be convicted anyway (because he did it), and decided to allocute in court so he could be as self-serving as possible, while still being as truthful as he had to be, and still get the deal.

  35. It seems unlikely that Devlin would worry about the deat penalty:

    “The death penalty in the United States is used almost exclusively for the crime of murder. Although state and federal statutes contain various capital crimes other than those involving the death of the victim, only one person is on death row is there for a non-murder offense”

  36. I think the fact that he was kidnapped at gunpoint is almost as scary as the pedophilia aspect.

  37. You think maybe I find it disgusting as well?

    Quite frankly, I don’t know.

    You keep talking about the “other facts of the case”, as if there were other “facts” that would mitigate the abductor’s culpability.

    Pray tell, what would those “other facts” be?

  38. The point I was making Gregor, is that I don’t believe every story just because it comes from “official sources”. And that story, here in Florida, was used as an example because it is fresh on y mind.

  39. You’re talking about the kid that died in boot camp. The tape shows them beating him but they say he died from a blood disorder and dropped all the charges. Why weren’t these guards charged with assault.

  40. Zooey,

    You are too generous.

    A sick person like this Devlin man doesn’t “feel” for anyone. It’s all about themselves.

    I am convinced that there was something about hearing himself confess to all those horrible things -out loud, and in a court room- that made him tick.


  41. Really willy I don’t understand how an 11 year old kid being kidnapped while riding his bike in his neighborhood at gunpoint equates with the beating of a kid who was sent to bootcamp because he was troubled.

  42. When Devlin was arrested he was worried about what he would tell HIS parents. Obviously a compassionate guy.

  43. “Pray tell, what would those “other facts” be?”

    the fact that the kid kept checking the foundation website, multiple times, over the years.

    the fact that there were phone records that showed he called his house.

    the fact that he could ride there on his bike anyday he wanted.

    the fact that one several occasions the kid had contact with police and said nothing or gave them a false name.

    the fact that the kid went to school and dealt with other adults in authority positions that could easily have helped him.

    the fact that Devlin worked 6 days a week, usually, and was out of the house most of the day.

    it’s just hard to understand, boys and girls, what hold this guy had on this child.

    at 6 I can understand the kid thinking somehow this fat pizza guy could somehow overwhelm multiple cops and come get the kid, but at 11? 12? 13? 14? No. That kid knows killers from pizzamen by then.

    I don’t know what happened. But the story is a bit askewed is all I am saying. Should Devlin be in jail? yes, of course. But you guys won’t read that. naw, I’m just a Bill-O monster now.

    I don’t care. The story is strange. And that is a fact.

  44. I don’t believe every story just because it comes from “official sources”

    Neither do I.

    But there is a confession. Full of details that point to the fact that the boy was abused and terrorised.

  45. The kid was about an hour away by car, not exactly in the same neighborhood. So I guess he could ride his bike home, unless he was worried that this guy would see him and take him at gunpoint again and this time actually strangle him.

  46. I don’t care. The story is strange. And that is a fact.

    Did you read my post; the one where I said “And yes, willy, facts are strange.”?

    I’m just a Bill-O monster now.

    Oh, c’mon… don’t be such a drama queen.

  47. That kid knows killers from pizzamen by then.

    If some guy abducts you at gunpoint and then strangles you, you know he’s not a killer how?

  48. And what you’re saying willy is EXACTLY what O’Reilly was saying. That there is no reason why the kid wouldn’t just leave if he didn’t want to stay.

  49. And Devlin says, in court, without anybody else bringing it up that he had intended to strangle the kid to death, had taken him to a remote location to do so, and only stopped when the kid broke loose and promised to do exactly as he was told if Devlin would let him live.

  50. Gregor says:

    “You think maybe I find it disgusting as well? (my question)

    Quite frankly, I don’t know.”

    then he says ;

    “A sick person like this Devlin man doesn’t “feel” for anyone. ”

    Man, you know alot about what everyone else feels huh? Pretty intuitive of you, Gregor. Must be nice. Got us all figured out, huh?

    Let me tell you something Gregor; If you were standing next to me I would punch your fucking lights out.

    Just because I don’t snap too with the company line if something about a story that doesn’t sit well with me, doesn’t for one second give you the right to either question my word or my humanity.

    Fuck you, you little cowardly prick. You keep parroting the company line and I will keep thinking for myself. You dim-witted mother fucker.

    But you ever make a fucking accusation like that shit about me again, I will find your little punk ass.

    I told you this fucking Devlin is a goddamn pedophile and should be put in jail for what he did. And you stick some little snide innuendo out there because I don’t step in line with your fucking version of what happened? Fuck you, prick.

  51. ” That there is no reason why the kid wouldn’t just leave if he didn’t want to stay.”

    Did I EVER say the kid WANTED to be there!


    I said the story doesn’t make sense! Keep putting words in peoples mouths and you can win any argument you want, right?

  52. Well, oh well, Willy.

    Better men than you have threatened me before.

    I wasn’t afraid then. I am not afraid now.

  53. Nice willy, do you think maybe you’re over reacting. Because frankly I feel as pissed at you for questioning the integrity of this kid as you feel about us questioning your motive here. And if you ask me you’re the one sounding pretty dim witted on this issue.

  54. And if you are so bent on defending Devlin, maybe you should be offended by what I think of him.

  55. No willy what you’re saying is something doesn’t sit right with you on this story. And by doing that you cast aspersions on the integrity of the kid. This case is as cut and dried as they come. You have two victims and the perpetrator all alive. And the perpetrator coughs up facts before the victims even had to testify so whatever you’re ill at ease about maybe that’s hard for some of us with children to understand.

  56. You is defending Devlin?

    You are an idiot! How many times have I said he is a pedophile? In fact, I am the only one in this thread that has called him a pedophile!

    He’s a fucking pedophile!

    What don’t you understand about that? How many times do I have to say it? Can you read?

    I simply stated the STORY DOESN”T MAKE SENSE! It can not make sense AND Devlin is a pedophile, all at the same time.

    That’s what you two don’t seem to get. If anyone questions anything about the Accepted story, they have to be attacked!

    I am the only one here who has clearly stated he is a fucking pedophile and should go to jail.

  57. Apparently, for some, “thinking for themselves” includes questioning the integrity of the victim in a abduction & rape case.

  58. “Apparently, for some, “thinking for themselves” includes questioning the integrity of the victim in a abduction & rape case.”

    Well, thank god someone thought for themselves in the Duke case, huh?

  59. I said he was more than just a pedophile, he was a kidnapper and attempted murderer. I would be happier if he had just molested the kid and sent him home and his parents didn’t lose for years of his childhood they were unable to spend with him.

  60. I’m outta here too.

    Sorry I got all pissed off, but please don’t ever question my ethics in a case like this one, like you did Gregor.

    That’s uncalled for. And neither of you know my background and what fucking shoes I walked in or didn’t walk in.

  61. Comparing this to the Duke case is foolhearty. And even the comparison of the two shows the utter disregard for a child kidnapped from his parents.

  62. Oh, and when I said “a man like Devlin doesn’t feel for anyone” I was referring, of course, to Devlin and to him alone.

    You were the one who decided to throw yourself in the middle of it, pick a fight, and throw insults around. Only you would know why you made it about you.

    As for the fact being strange, you still haven’t read my post waaay up there when I said “yes, facts are strange”.

    Threaten me again, willy. I am shaking.

    No, really.

  63. Oooh, Gregor, I guess we were typing at the same time. But I’m trembling so hard I could barely get the letters typed. /sarc

  64. I guess I don’t understand how somebody can expect anything to be normal when normalcy is ripped out from the victims life. But what do I know.

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