the American Everyman

TPZoo commenter and contributor, Willy Loman, has two great stories on his blog, the American Everyman, check them out!

Want to Attack the US?  Invest in a Bush.

As the build-up toward another illegal and unwarranted invasion drones on with the likes of Freedom Watch and the Committee on the Present Danger chiming in with Team B type rhetoric and hype, have the real enemies of the state gone unnoticed?

In taking aim against a Middle Eastern democracy, (please note in the Wiki section the “populist views of Ahmadinejad” then look back at 1953 and what we do to populist leaders of Iran aka Operation Ajax)we seem to be, once again, missing the real target of Islamic Fundamentalist backers of terror and attacks on US soldiers. Bush’s friends in Saudi Arabia.

Also, this great story:

In the Land of the Blind, Amway is King.

They estimate that they have trained over 100,000 service members and police officers in their special brand of customer relations; what I call “fear and loathing” of the general population and what they call “Attack the Attacker!”. It is a form of urban control and tactical combat that seems to be a cross section of “shock and awe” and Israeli opposition repression, perfected on streets that were once Palestinian and on countless Palestinian civilians in Gaza and the West Bank.