Waterboarding – It depends on who does it..?

I couldn’t believe my own eyes when I read this!

This person is supposedly an American, he is running for President of the United States, he is an attorney who served as Associate Attorney General under Reagan, and he was US Attorney and federal prosecutor in New York as well as being elected Mayor of NYC!

Rudy’s exact quote was:

“I’m not sure it is, either,” said Giuliani when asked about Mukasey’s dodge at a forum in Iowa. “It depends on how it’s done. It depends on the circumstances. It depends on who does it.”

What does THAT mean? Its OKAY if its an American doing the waterboarding? Its only wrong if someone ELSE does it? Does he honestly believe that? He’s either incompetent, demented, or a liar.

Waterboarding is torture. Its always been torture. This is not new. People have been prosecuted and imprisoned for the use of waterboarding – because its torture. Giuliani knows its torture. By saying what he said, it tells me that he is willing to torture as well. We as Americans don’t torture – at least we didn’t until Bush and Cheney took over the White House and took this country down a rat hole, into a very dark and secretive place where we neither want to be nor do we belong.

Giuliani = Bush 2 (or I guess Bush 3 – and like most sequels, he will try and outdo the first one – with more action and bang for the buck). If you liked Bush, you’re going to LOVE Giuliani!

He has no business running for president. He apparently has no more respect for the law, or tradition through our history, than the current president and VP.

Joe Conason wrote a great article about this at Salon.

And check out TheRealRudy.org


13 thoughts on “Waterboarding – It depends on who does it..?

  1. He’s either incompetent, demented, or a liar.

    I say he’s all three. I live in New York State, and I have had more exposure to Giuliani than most of the country. (I live close enough to NYC that its their news channels that I get, as opposed to the ones farther north. So I have seen Rudy on my TV for many years.) I am hoping that the media will stop glossing over Rudy’s questionable ethics and start exposing him for the fraud that he is. “Opportunist”, though accurate, is too kind a word to describe Rudy.

  2. Someone needs to dig up that video of Rudy’s son misbehaving and completely disrupting his inauguration speech when he was first elected mayor.

  3. It was simple for me. Rudy shacked out with with his lovers in the servant’s quarters while his kids and wife slept upstairs. At the same time he was trying to shut down every brothel in NYC except the ones at Gracie Mansion and WTC 7. Rudy willl have a tough row to hoe if he tries to run on family values.

  4. Was it David Schuster last night on of Olbermann or some other show when they were talking to some guy who’s busted the story about the lies Rudy’s told about 9/11 out. The story wasn’t supposed to be released until after the election but some guy broke the story. I wish I still had my memory.

  5. Hi Shayne. It was Rudy’s testimony before the 9/11 Commission that was in ‘secret’ I think.. (like the Bush/Cheney ‘visit’ that was also kept ‘secret’).

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