Scrambled Eggy

The Capitol Steps

  • Not particularly “newsworthy,” the story of Mike Huckabee, “crackpot anti-Clinton conspiracy nuts,” and a rapist, is still kind of interesting.
  • Glenn Greenwald: “Of all the dumb and dishonest arguments in favor of telecom amnesty — and there are many — the dumbest and most dishonest is that it is unfair to subject telecoms to the ‘high costs’ of defending against these lawsuits.”
  • Via the Washington Post: “The State Department will order as many as 50 U.S. diplomats to take posts in Iraq next year because of expected shortfalls in filling openings there, the first such large-scale forced assignment since the Vietnam War.”
  • Juan Cole: “The Bush administration once imagined that its presence in Afghanistan and Iraq would be anchored by friendly neighbors, Turkey to the west and Pakistan to the east. Last week, as the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan continued to deteriorate, the anchors themselves also came loose.”
  • Think Progress’s Amanda Terkel writes of Bush’s waning power. It may be true, but he’s still WAY too powerful for me.
  • Laura Bush is trying to steal Nancy Pelosi’s act.
  • Via Crooks and Liars: “Mukasey’s Tortured Response on Wiretapping.”
  • The AP reports: “American and European rights groups filed a legal complaint in France accusing former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld of responsibility for torture in Iraq and at Guantanamo Bay.”
  • Matthew Yglesias: “It’s maddening how many people out there seem to think that stopping Iran from building a nuclear bomb is sufficiently important to be worth risking a catastrophic war over, but not important enough to consider worth building a cooperative relationship with the other major powers over, or offering Iran a path to re-normalization of relations with the United States.”
  • Lots of folks still want Al Gore to join the race [the presidential race, not the human race, you wingnuts].
  • Maybe we need to listen to Gore a little more closely. On global climate change: Reduced by recycling – 31%; Reduced by limiting fossil fuel use – 4%.
  • David Brooks says Bush won’t attack Iran. How does he know this? By W’s body language!

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