Sunday Morning Music – 30 Years Later

It’s 30 years now, that the Sex Pistols published their first album, called “Never Mind the Bollocks”. I was in London in the summer of ’77 and the music was all over the place already. Believe me, for a then sixteen year old girl, who grew up in a very rural and catholic part of Europe in the 60’s and 70’s, Punk Rock was a revelation. No, I didn’t pierce my cheeks with safety pins, I dyed my hair, but very delicately and I developed a real and still ongoing penchant for Punk Rock.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Music – 30 Years Later

  1. Anyone ever heard of a Punk DJ who called herself “Roxy”? I went to high school and, as it turned out, the same college as her. In fact, as we went through our high school graduation ceremony, she and I lined up side-by-side. (Coincidence that the only two from our class going to the same college ended up together like that in line, but I have since learned that my life is filled with meaningless coincidences.)

    My roommate in college was into Punk Rock and onttroduced the Ramones to me (against my will at first; he would blast their music at 7:30 in the morning, just a few hours after I had gotten home from drinking.)

  2. Wayne, you made a serious mistake there. Punkrock goes down well, while drinking, not after….


  3. Wayne, I still listen to the Ramones but only when I need to boost the energy.

    Thanks European View, I showed this to my daughters this morning. They are little but I want them to be lifelong whatever the opposite of sheep are. My students try to keep me up to date with modern punk but I guess I just prefer old school

  4. dbadass,

    Thanks. It’s astounding. When I heard this first I was a teenage would be rebel and now I’m a middle aged mother of two and still rebellious. My mom said I’d grow out of it. I didn’t, hope I never will.

  5. Shayne, my husband says so and he must know. He wants to return me to sender occasionally, for being rebellious.

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