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The contest between Kennedy and Nixon for the presidency in 1960 was a watershed moment in American history….

This election has been transformed into a board game by Jason Matthews and Christian Leonhard. 1960: The Making of the President is a game whose simple and straightforward mechanisms manage to recreate this struggle for the presidency in all of its gritty glory. It presents an battle between asymmetrical forces that is nonetheless so balanced that the result is often in question right up to the final election.


PBS News features insane guy

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Norman, I mean, not Fareed.

And that other insane guy is beating the same drum:

Before his press conference today, President Bush met exclusively with a group of GOP congressional leaders. According to Fox News, which spoke with some of the members at that discussion, Bush unequivocally promised that he would attack Iran if Iran “were ever to attack Israel.” Bush told the lawmakers, “I know I would respond. … In order for diplomacy to be effective, all options have to be on the table.”

And, of course, the two insane men talk to each other.

How about some words from a sane fellow*?

“I adamantly reject any move towards a war with Iran. There is no justification for it whatsoever.” – Dennis Kucinich (Tonight’s Democratic Debate, thanks to TMM)

*sane fellow with UFO problem. 🙂

~ Egreggious

Scrambled Eggy

Democratic Presidential Debate


The Democratic candidates go at it yet again tonight, this time at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Moderation will apparently be a tag-team affair between Tim Russert and Brian Williams.

Conspicuous by his absence will be Mike Gravel, who was excluded from the debate due to his alleged failure to meet some sort of ill-defined polling and fundraising standard. All they need do now is figure out a way to exclude Kucinich, and the entire Democratic contingent will become one big echo chamber.

The debate will be on from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm EDT on MSNBC, with the usual post-mortem by Chris Matthews immediately following.

UPDATE: The Critters are now live blogging the debate.

UPDATE II:  Live blogging has now concluded.  Great work TripMaster Monkey, witch 1, nwmuse, and willyloman!