Democratic Presidential Debate


The Democratic candidates go at it yet again tonight, this time at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Moderation will apparently be a tag-team affair between Tim Russert and Brian Williams.

Conspicuous by his absence will be Mike Gravel, who was excluded from the debate due to his alleged failure to meet some sort of ill-defined polling and fundraising standard. All they need do now is figure out a way to exclude Kucinich, and the entire Democratic contingent will become one big echo chamber.

The debate will be on from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm EDT on MSNBC, with the usual post-mortem by Chris Matthews immediately following.

UPDATE: The Critters are now live blogging the debate.

UPDATE II:  Live blogging has now concluded.  Great work TripMaster Monkey, witch 1, nwmuse, and willyloman!

244 thoughts on “Democratic Presidential Debate

  1. It’s disgusting that Gravel was excluded. He hasn’t a chance in hell of being nominated, so what are they afraid of? Making Hillary laugh again? *shudder*

  2. He got excluded BECAUSE of what happened at the last debate. When he called Hillery to the mat on her vote for Kyl/Liebermann, told her she wouldn’t get a second chance, and scolded her, the look on her face said it all. Her smile was frozen on her face, her eyes got big, there was a pause and she burst out laughing (that loud, condescending and dismissive laugh), didn’t look at him and didn’t really respond to what he said. She had been embarrassed and it suddenly was an unscripted, uncontrolled moment. Nobody was going to let that happen again. She is not going to allow herself to be embarrassed like that again.

  3. I Like this Mike Gravel.
    fill in the blanks./
    sorry Zooey, I did come back.
    but, just for a short time.
    goota leave agin.
    don’t know if or when i’ll be back.
    bye bye.

  4. I’m watching it, and will endeavor to type as fast as I can, although with Gravel missing, there will sadly be much less to blog about.

  5. Well this old witch will weigh in, don’t know how good I will be, can’t see their face’s if I’m on the puter, can only hear them….Also as you all know I am an extreme bleeding heart libral and very opinionated ( been told) LOL..So my coment’s may not suit all…

    Will try to refrain from my critical opinion of Matthew’s…Yikes!…Here we go….With lot’s of Blessings

  6. Gravel isn’t even in the montage of candidates at the beginning of the debate. It’s as if he’s been ‘disappeared’.

  7. First question to Obama:

    “What are the issues in which you and senator Clinton have differed?”

    Voted for the war.

    Obama talked a lot, but the above is all he really said.

    Hillary rebutting, claiming she’s against Chimpy in all things.

  8. Look’s like the boy’s are going to give the old girl a go this time…..Glove’s off and not much said…Edward’s is in the lead for the first few minute’s…..

  9. Next question to Edwards:

    “You accused Hillary of “double-talk regarding Iran….what sort of ‘double-talk’ did you mean?”

    “Hillary defends a broken system.”

    “Hillary said she would end the war, but says she will keep combat troops in Iraq.”

    “Hillary supported the authorization to label Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization.”

    Hillary rebutting…talking a lot about health care, social security, and fighting special interests…but nothing about Iran or Iraq.

  10. Russert redirects Hillary back to the Kyl-Lieberman amendment…”why did you vote for it?”

    Hillary claims she was one of the first to say Chimpy has no authority in Iran.

    Hillary claims she prefers vigorous diplomacy.

    Resolution was supposedly nothing more than justification for tougher sanctions, not military action.

  11. Chris Dodd expounds on how bad the Kyl-Lieberman amendment was…Biden concurs that it’s tantamount to a declaration of war.

    Biden talks about the price of gas and emboldening Chimpy.

    Biden talks of consequences to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  12. Williams brings it back to Obama:

    “What would your “red line” be regarding attacking Iran”?

    Obama says that talking about any “red line” at this point would be premature and irresponsible…stresses diplomcy.

    This administration has not made these attempts, and this resolution sends the wrong message.

    Now is not the time to talk about these resolutions.

  13. Williams throws the same question to Hillary:

    Hillary stresses vigorous diplomacy, urges Congress to pass a measure prohibiting Chimpy from taking action without Congressional approval….stresses “both carrots and sticks”…lambastes Chimpy again.

    Williams asks the question pointedly, Hillary just as pointedly avoids the question.

  14. Same question to Edwards:

    Edwards talks about how the Kyl-Lieberman amendment was written to order by the neocons (his exact word).

    “You give this President an inch, and he will take a mile”.

    Compains that Democrats are failing to stand up to the neocons.

  15. Same question to Richardson:

    “I believe that we can achieve a compromise on the nuclear issue”.

    Condemns administration’s “saber

  16. Same question to Kucinich:

    “I adamantly reject any move towards a war with Iran. There is no justification for it whatsoever.”

    “I am the only one on this stage that voted against the war, and led the opposition against the war.”

    Awww snap….Kucinich said the I word (Impeachment).


  17. Tim asks if candidates will prevent Iran from developing a a nuclear bomb.

    Hillary: “I pledge to try”.

    Edwards: “I will do all in my power.”

    Obama: “We will not be governed by fear.”

    Biden: “This is not complicated stuff. The Iranians may get 2.6 kg of highly enriched uranium. The Pakistanis have hundreds.”

    Dodd: “There is a deeper question. Which of us here brings the background and experience to deal with these issues? Experience matters.”

    Richardson: “I will make the pledge…and it will be through diplomacy.” Sloppily interjects anecdote about person he saved in Iraq.

    Kucinich: “With all due respect to our friends in the media here, the media has to be careful in how it frames these questions.” “The President’s rhetoric is out of control.” “America must lead the way in abolishing nuclear weapons.”

  18. Williams asks Hillary:

    “Do you oppose the war in Iraq?”

    Hillary responds that she is against the war, but for the troops (gag).

  19. Williams asks Obama if Hillary’s answer was consistent in his view.

    Obama states that the best qualification for someone who would fix the Iraq situation is not having been part of the problem (having voted for the war….like Hilllary).

  20. Same question to Edwards:

    Edwards says if you don’t want any timetables or commitments for withdrawal from Iraq, Hillary is your candidate.

    Hillary’s getting slammed. She doesn’t look happy.

  21. Rebuttal from Hillary:

    Hillary stresses pulling out as many troops as possible, while continuing to engage AQ in Iraq.

  22. I can’t keep up now, what are you talking about.LOL…Clearly age is at a disadvantage here and the speed thing is way out there..LOL

  23. They’ve all been neutered for the rest of this election race (except for Kucinich). None of them will deal with anything regarding Bush or Cheney (Except Kucinich). I want one of the question being what they would do to deal with illegalities of the current administration to reel in the abuse of power, and how will they hold them accountable? Will they hold them to account BEFORE they leave or after they leave?

  24. Williams asks Hillary:

    “Guiliani says that you have no experience. What say you?”

    Hillary replies that the experience the Republicans have…we don’t need.

    Hillary waxes snarky about the Republicans’ “obsession” with her.

  25. Russert follows up, asks if Hillary will (in the interests of proving her ability to lead) will authorize the release of communications between her and Bubba.

    Hillary dodges the issue, twice.

    Obama calls her on it.

  26. Hillary just lied through her teeth. I read in one of the books I just finished that Bush is already planning on making sure the records are NEVER available to the American people. Even after he is dead. When he left the Governor’s office, he had the records swiftly moved to his dad’s presidential library and sealed so that nobody could touch them. I really hate these guys. She can say what she wants because she knows nobody will ever see those records. If I know it, she knows it.

  27. Obama also says that the reason that Repubs are so “obsessed” with Hillary is because that’s a fight they are comfortable with.

    Edwards concurs, claims that the Repubs would like to run against Hillary.

    Hillary no happy…really wants to rebut.

  28. Obama say’s that’s the fight the Rep’s are confortable with, fighting her……Edward’s says the rep’s want to fight her…Edward’s hitting Hil on the most money raised by pharmacy…

  29. Hillary rebuts, claims that we were making progress in the 90s…until the SCOTUS “handed the presidency to George Bush”.

  30. Williams addresses Obama…missed the question.

    Obama talking about non-proliferation efforts and ethics reforms.

  31. Williams asks Richardson “do you think that you are more qualified than the others for President?”

    Richardson says no, then proceeds to attack Clinton under the guise of defending her, damning her with faint praise.

    Richardson points out that he’s the only CEO in the race, concedes that yes, he may in fact be more qualified.

  32. Williams asks Dodd about Hillary’s electability.

    Dodd says that the unelectability of Hillary is definitely an issue that must be considered.

  33. Richardson weighing in…..Governor’s win, no senator since JFK has won…

    Dodd, elecability, we need a dem in the WH…Campaign finance…..Worked with rep’s to get thing’s done.

    Edward’s…..No one on this stage is pure…..

  34. Edwards responds regarding situational ethics:

    “No one on this state is pure…including me”

    “This is not about the pst…or the future. this is about whether we believe this system works.”

    Proceeds to pull a Helen Lovejoy (won’t someone think of the children???).

  35. Kucinich:

    “The American people have a right to know what’s different about these candidates.”

    “I’m the only one who stands for not-for-profit health care.”

    “I’ll cancel NAFTA and WTO.”

    “We need to cancel Bush’s tax cuts and flip them so that the 80% who need the money get it.”

  36. Biden:

    “I’m not running against Hillary. I’m running to be the leader of the free world.”

    “Rudy just says 9/11…that’s all he is. He’s not qualified to be President. I’m looking forward to running against Giuliani.”

  37. Russert on Social Security.

    To Hillary:

    Why do you have one public position and one private position regarding the cap on Social Security?”

    Hillary: “I don’t.”

    Pontificates about not leaving Social Security on the backs of the poor and working class families.

  38. Biden…Pretty good….Next S.S…..Hillery on flip flop of S.S…..Bringing up the past clinton surplus budget.

    Anything can be considered with fiscal responsability….Going over the same old speaking point’s…

  39. Obama talks about Social Security….blah blah blah…but what’s interesting is that he seems to be addressing Hillary, rather than Russert or Williams. When did she start running the debate?

  40. Wiliams asks Obama about Romney’s Obama/Osama gaffe:

    “I have confidence in the American People. I’m not particularly concerned about what Romney has to say…it changes every week anyway…”

  41. I really hate this. Kucinich is the ONLY one willing to cut through the crap, speak the direct and honest truth, and call stuff what it is. They won’t let him talk. It must be too threatening.

    I wrote to my Rep. tonight about his upcoming resolution invoking the House ‘Privilege’. I wrote and told her to NOT vote for tabling his bill.

  42. I think this is the best I have seen from Edwards, Obama, and Biden.

    Hillary is getting mad and Dennis is getting frustrated

  43. Energy….Dodd, stop borrowing, Biden provide emergency assistance..Edward’s..We have to be able to sacrafice…Clinton…Patrolium reserve, conservation…Obama…Fuel effeciency…..Kucenich..The war is about oil…Stand for the constitution, stop the war..Impeachment….Richardson…Reduce fossel fuel’s all the usual…

  44. Williams asks about high prices of oil oil products. Are the citizens doomed to pay more?

    Dodd: stresses alternative energy sources, energy independence.

    Biden: “A big chunk of that cost is risk…people betting it will get worse.”

    Edwards: Investigate oil companies. Americans need to be asked to be patriotic about something other than war.

    Clinton: Crash program on weatherization, look at petroleum reserve, efficiency and conservation.

    Obama: 30% of oil price is risk. Lower the rhetoric re: Iran. Increase fuel standards on cars.

    Kucinich: Everyone knows that this war was about oil. e have to stop the war in Iraq, stop planning for war against Iran.

    The I word again.

    Richardson: 50 mpg fuel efficiency. Reduce greenhouse emissions. Americans need to sacrifice a bit.

  45. Zooey, FUNNY! Theyn could just have her debate herself! She can have a video of HIllary asking herself questions (softball of course) and then she can answer them! What a deal!

  46. Williams presses Edwards: Should there be any limits on federal aid for natural disaster victims?

    Edwards: Essentially, no.

  47. Hillary:

    “I am a great admirer of Congressman Rangel.”

    The alternative minimum tax needs to be fair and progressive.”

    Draws soldiers into the debate somehow.

    “Republicans are not concerned with the AMT, because it affects people who are below their concern.”

  48. Russert almost chokes to death…proceeds ask Kucinich about hedge funds:

    “The Democratic party won’t end the war, won’t stand up to Wall Street, won’t stand up to special interests.”

    “Right now, it’s all about redistributing the wealth upwards.”

    The I word AGAIN! Go Dennis!

  49. Taxe’s…Clinton….Alternative minium tax, she doesn’t know what Rangel’s praposal was…..She didn’t think she and bill woud of ever been in the top income bracket….I’m in favor of the AMP say’s she….

    Obama..He doesn’t know either…Caman Island’s rip off’s..

    Kucenich.Hedge fund’s…..One of the reason’s the people are up set with the polatician’s..redistribution up has caused the problem…Impeachment…

    Edward’s…Corruption has crept in, paid mercernaries gave to bush……Wal-mart was mentioned as a contributer..The people are not being heard…

  50. I liked Dennis’s description of distribution of money in this country, be it drug companies, energy companies, etc.. have been moving from the bottom to the top like a pyramid. He is dead on the money. Ended again with calling for impeachment. Nobody will look at him or touch anything he says. A shame..

    Didn’t say this very well.. Health care with money going up the pyraamid to drug corporations. Energy costs going up the pyramid to the energy and oil companies.. Wealth sucked out of Americans and siphoned up to the top tier of that pyramid – those who suck up all the wealth (and power and influence).

  51. Lightning round:

    (I’m not gonna be able to keep up, folks.)

    Extend the school day?

    Richardson: Yes. Must pay teachers what they deserve.

    Kucinich: “Peace protecting genius”. It all comes back to stopping the war, so we have the resources.

    Obama: Need more instruction in the classroom….federal aid required. Increase research grants. Vital for National Security.

    Hillary: Help education by helping families.

    Edwards: Two public schools systems in this country: affluent and everyone else.

    Biden: Yes, we do need to go to school longer. Minimum of 16 years of education. Focus on minorities, inner-city youth.

    Dodd: Education single most important isue. Federal government needs to be a better partner.

  52. Education.Kucenich….fully paid…Obama.increase grant’s… the famalies from the begining…..Edward’s..We have 2 school system’s,..incentive pay and college…..Biden. Minimum 16 year’s education…Dodd..Fed’s need to be a partner, tuition free….

  53. Education.Kucenich….fully paid…Obama.increase grant’s… the famalies from the begining…..Edward’s..We have 2 school system’s,..incentive pay and college…..Biden. Minimum 16 year’s education…Dodd..Fed’s need to be a partner, tuition free….

  54. I really like Kucinich and I feel terrible that someone with his conviction, directness, and integrity and honesty won’t go any further – because the powers that be won’t let it happen.

  55. I wonder how many people actually watch the debates.

    The thing with Kucinich is, no matter how good he is, he won’t be mentioned in the news programs’ coverage of the debate. And that’s where most people will get their information from.

  56. Lightning rounds will now be enforced with annoying noises.

    How do you expect this nation to attract people to fields in medicine?

    Dodd: There is an answer to the malpractice issue.

    Biden: Help them pay off their education. Get insurance companies from looking over their shoulders.

    Edwards: We have a serious nursing crisis in America. Increase nursing scholarships.

    Hillary: Agrees with everything that has been said, give insurance companies an ultimatum.

    Obama: Need to deal with insurance companies. Universal health care.

    Kucinich: I’m the co-author of H.R.676 that establishes health care for all. Everyone knows that insurance companies make money by not giving care.

    Richardson: Reestablish doctor-patient relationship.

  57. How did this country get into a state where point-to-point air travel is a problem, and what will you do about it?

    Obama: We have to look at maintaining capacity in airports, placing restrictions on flights.

  58. Insurance and health care…..More of the same…..Bill 676 Kucenich…Medicare for all……They cut him off, yet every one else goe’s over.

    Obama, transportation….As pres…deal with restriction’s on aid travel..Bush has failed..over time.

    Clinton on Illegal’s…..In N.Y we have million’s, need’s to be fed action…..

    Driver’s licences for illegal’s….Seem’s Hill know’s a lot on this subject….She’s playing all side’s.

  59. What does it “make a lot of sense” to give illegal immigrants drivers’ licenses?

    Hillary: Spitzer is trying to “fill the vacuum” of Chimpy’s crappy immigration reform.

    Dodd: Driving is a privilege, and should not be extended.

    Hillary waffles.

    Dodd calls her on it.

    Hillary waffles again “It’s not my policy…it’s Spitzer’s.

    Russert nails her.

    Hillary says “This is where everyone plays “gotcha”. ”

    Hillary just lost the debate. Just now.

  60. Government guidelines on internet content?

    Edwards ignores the question, wants his turn to slam Hillary. He smells blood in the water.

    Obama joins in. It’s a feeding frenzy.

  61. Russert forcibly moves the discussion on.

    Asks Kucinich about UFO sighting.

    “Did you see a UFO?”

    Kucinich: “I did. It was a UFO. It was unidentified.”

    “More people have seen UFO’s than approve of Bush’s presidency.”

  62. Are you willing to be the president that knocks cancer down as the number one killer?

    Hillary: I will do all I can.” Proceeds to slam Chimpy on his failure.

  63. Why are you against decriminalizing marijuana?

    Edwards:”it sends the wrong message to our young people.”

    Dodd: “There are too many people in prison for this “crime”.

  64. Funny UFO and life on other planet’s comment’s…..

    Are you willing to be the one as pres to stop cancer, Hillery, I will fund….Dodd..Decrimalize marajuana, Edward’s not in favor…..Dodd want’s to fix the problem….

    Christmas shopping, Biden, shut down the import’s, Where’s Rudi on the UfO’s

    Obama, daughter is going as a witch trick or treating….

  65. I believe the questions to Kucinich about UFOs was a precursor to kicking him out of future debates.

    Don’t forget about him. Write his name in if you have to. He was the only one on the stage worth a damn.

    (BTW, Tweety is now making a huge deal about the UFO issue. Jackass.)

  66. Kucinich is the only candidate qualified to lead this country, and he just underwent a vicious character assassination.

    No wonder Gore won’t run.

  67. It looks like, based on the records issue and the driver’s licenses issue, the post-mortem crew is judging Hillary as a loser.

  68. I’m here, willy.

    nwmuse, good point. She talked around several issues. Like I said earlier, getting her to commit to a position is like trying to nail Jell-O to the wall.

  69. Tweety is slamming Kucinich on the UFO issue again.

    Kucinich has been officially marginalized as a candidate, thanks to Russert, Williams, and Matthews. Hope you enjoyed his performances in the debates, because you won’t see him again.

  70. Jesus, how immature. Tweety focuses on UFO crap, and people are dying in a vanity war, NO is still in pieces, and the rich are getting richer, and poor are getting poorer.


  71. More fucking UFO bullshit from Tweety.

    Don’t blame him, though. He obviously has strict marching orders to marginalize Kucinich…punishment for all that “Impeachment” talk earlier, as well as assuring that everyone who remembers Kucinich will remember only the “UFO” crap, rather than his courage in calling for the ouster of this criminal cabal that has hijacked our nation.

  72. The secrecy of GW with his documents after he leaves was in the book “Worse than Watergate” by John Dean, pages 90-92. There is an executive order involved that has not been changed or challenged.
    Executive Order 13233 issued on November 1, 2001. It gutted the 1978 Presidential Records Act.
    Dean writes “Bush was repealing an act of Congress and imposing a new law by executive fiat.” Then on the next page he says “In short, presidential scholarship as it now exists will largely end.”
    He describes the entire things but I don’t want to type it all out.

  73. A guy just crashed the camera with a sign that said “FREE IRAQ” and shouted “no more blood for oil!”

    I wonder if he got tasered…

  74. Well that was fun.Tried to get on K’s site several time’s and no go….Can’t stand Matthews..Look’s like K isn’t going to be on….Think this fiasco is over right after every one send’s in their tex message vote..My guess is Edward’s should be the 2nd place after Kucenich but probably not who the public and matthew’s lover’s will choose…….Just in Obama in first place…Hillery 2…Edward’s 3 and Kucenich in 5th according to the texter’s..Night all, the witch is tired…..Blessings

  75. Thanks TMM and witch1. I didn’t get home until halfway through the debate and now I feel caught up. I’m an Edwards fan so I should be happy, I think.

  76. Wow he looks hot in a burlap sack. Just so he doesn’t wear a speedo I’m good. I do like him in his jeans though Zooey, sigh. Don’t tell my husband, he thinks it’s strictly and intellectual endeavor.

  77. Yeesh woman I was trying not to think about it. Heck he is from South Carolina, I think it’s south. At least he wasn’t wearing shitkickers.

  78. Yeah, and my thing for Mrs. Kucinich is strictly and intellectual endeavor!

    though, I will say, she is smart. i’ve heard her at a few taped rallys.

  79. Dennis doesn’t take the special interest money… and he doesn’t put millions into “blind trusts” based on military contracting companies…
    He’s never going to be rich like the Clintons.
    I would really like to meet those two sometime away from the cameras and away from the press, and just get to know who they are. You know?

  80. “though, I will say, she is smart. i’ve heard her at a few taped rallys.”

    Sure willy it’s here intelligence you find attractive. The red hair and pierced tongue mean nothing, snort.

  81. I am not so sure about the pierced tongue… I kinda wonder about that. What is she, like 36? 38? isn’t that a bit old for the tongue piercing thing?

  82. I heard her speaking today she kind of said that it was love at first site. Sorry willy, you’ll have to wait.

    They both seem like very fine people who should get more respect than they do. In a perfect world they would. But this world is batshit crazy.

  83. Biden is a no go. He’ll never withstand the old plagiarism thing, and I’ll never forgive him for backing the creditcard companies interests in the horrible bankruptcy bill a couple years ago.

  84. Pierced tongues are icky. Our mouths are crawling with germs, so let’s poke a hole in that seething mess of germs and give them a route into our bloodstream! Woo hoo!

  85. it’s funny…

    He says he sees a UFO and that means he’s crazy?

    No one can get elected in this country if they don’t believe in the Magic Man in the Sky, controling everything, everyone, made the whole universe just for us, Jesus walked on water, healed lepers by touch, turned water into wine, rose from the dead, assended into heaven, will come back for the Rapture, battle “Satan”, and we all go to Heaven through the Pearly Gates and walk on streets of gold…….

    and seeing something you can’t identify, makes you “crazy”?

    fucking brilliant.

  86. I think he made his UFO point when he made them repeat that 13% of the population believe in UFOs or that they’ve seen them I’m not sure which.

  87. And I hope you two are happy willy and Zooey, I donated more money to Edward’s campaign with the stipulation that he lose the pipe, hrumph.

  88. Well really is being the sanest one in this bunch really an accomplishment? We are an ecclectic group. Not that that’s a bad thing.

  89. I hope you’re not saying I’m the sanest one here. Willy could tell you different. 😀

    She’s crazy!

    I forgot to answer about texaslady — I don’t know if she’s ever had another name, I don’t think so. I know she has a son in Iraq.

  90. I know I was shocked myself. Yesterday you know how that troll buster was keeping the trolls under control. Well texaslady jumped on him hard saying that she was tired of hearing it. Many of us were but still why not let it go. Well I didn’t say anything and then today she was engaging the trolls steadily. And then she got fed up because she has children who are soldiers and she realized the trolls lie about serving yadayada … So I pointed out that when somebody was trying to control the trolls she jumped all over their shit but now that they offended her she was irritated. And I might have, gulp, suggested that she was acting like a Republican only getting concerned about their behavior not that it was affecting her personally. My bad.

  91. First of all, I am the sanest one in this bunch, and I know that Cheney planned 9/11… so what does that tell you?

    Looney tune…

  92. I believe you’re right about 9/11 willy, no argument from me. But really being the sanest one here, what is that? It’s like being the most honorable Republican in a Idaho bathroom stall.

  93. Watch your back willy, she probably is looking for a weapon.

    Okay you can have the title, I don’t want it. My insanity is my calling card.

  94. no fair changing the subject to sexual allusions to flowers. No Fair, Damn it! No fair! (flower is pretty hot, now that you mention it)

  95. Is it a full moon? I haven’t gotten around to looking at the sky yet tonight. But some people are sure acting loonie around here tonigh.

  96. And tomorrow I shall plan my revenge. But it will take at least another day before I can get out and acquire the things I’ll need. And by then I’ll be too tired to execute my plan. And the day after that I’ll be in a good mood so I’ll wait. And then I’ll forget what I was seeking revenge for and by the time I remember I’ll forget who it was against and then I’ll give up. Welcome to my world.

  97. The humanoid you respond to as willyloman has been abducted by Glimchiq! There will be much probing. He can’t come back to you tonight. Now look into this flashy thing…

    Are you flashing Shayne?

    jealous much?

    Only on Tuesdays.

  98. Shayne, I don’t care how she comes after me, as long as she comes.

    I know I know… I couldn’t resist that one though


  99. No you’re better at cutting to the chase. We all have our thing though. That’s what makes us special. And not just in that short bus way. I’m going back to see if texaslady every came back.

  100. I already switched it. See? that’s a beaten chicken with a smiley face pin stuck on it. See?


    (hail Pedro)

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