PBS News features insane guy

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Norman, I mean, not Fareed.

And that other insane guy is beating the same drum:

Before his press conference today, President Bush met exclusively with a group of GOP congressional leaders. According to Fox News, which spoke with some of the members at that discussion, Bush unequivocally promised that he would attack Iran if Iran “were ever to attack Israel.” Bush told the lawmakers, “I know I would respond. … In order for diplomacy to be effective, all options have to be on the table.”

And, of course, the two insane men talk to each other.

How about some words from a sane fellow*?

“I adamantly reject any move towards a war with Iran. There is no justification for it whatsoever.” – Dennis Kucinich (Tonight’s Democratic Debate, thanks to TMM)

*sane fellow with UFO problem. 🙂

~ Egreggious

7 thoughts on “PBS News features insane guy

  1. We’re going to bomb Iran. There’s no doubt about it in my mind. It doesn’t matter if there are protests or Congressional resolutions against it. It’s happening. My only hope is that the government of Iran will have a nice talk with China who will say “look, the U.S. is just… not itself lately. Don’t be too hard on them. They’re lashing out at everybody, it’s not just you. It could be the booze, could be the crude, we don’t know. What they need right now is just a little encouragement, that’s all. ”

    “No, seriously. I know they bombed you. I know your people are dying. But you gotta think long-term.”

    “Play your cards right, and soon you’ll get most favored nation trading status, whatever your human rights record. That’s when you can stick it to them. Those fuckers’ll buy ANYTHING. Sell ’em a brick of lead babbit with the word Barbie on it – they’ll sell like hot cakes.”

    “Hot cakes. It’s – it’s a US thing. Kinda like naan but more fattening and less nutritional.”

    “Yeah, we know. That’s why they keep moving the ‘obesity’ standard. Anyway, about that oil-for-uranium deal…”

  2. toast, I think you might be right. When Rudy v Hilary starts heading left (well Hilary is left of Rudy at least), then we’ll be hearing that a bunch of Polish paratroopers have been caught red-handed in charge of a radio station spewing propaganda into the airwaves and in the ensuing gun battle, the main Polish Army got involved and then…. oh wait wrong False Flag incident.

    Right then, this American destroyer will be minding its own business in the Gulf of Tonkin and these speedboats…. nope, that’s not it….

    Yes! There’ll be this guy, who maybe will have ‘weapons of mass destruction related programs’, will have the intent to give these programs, possibly at some undetermined date to some bad people, so we’ll just ‘shock and awe’ his ass in defiance of the UN Security Council and the Nurenberg Trial laws surrounding pre-emptive war…. oh wait that’s not it….

  3. Oh and then there’s this American ship, Liberty, minding its own business in the Eastern Med in 1967 and these Israeli planes come out of nowhere and half sink it….. oh wait, that one had no consequences…..

  4. Any wonder the Iranians feel a little hostile, when dangerous clowns like this show up with their ideas on national TV and then jump in the next cab to tell Chimpy the same thing?

  5. Any wonder the Iranians feel a little hostile, when dangerous clowns like this show up with their ideas on national TV and then jump in the next cab to tell Chimpy the same thing?

    I like to think they pity us, actually.

  6. BTW, I am in Houston, right now. Boring training course.

    I watched the news about Kucinich watching a UFO. I loved the way he said: well, it was AN UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT.

    Smart man. Somedoby says UFO and everybody thinks about the Simpson’s green laughing aliens.

    Iran will be bombed I think. Israel is almost desperate pushing that agenda. I think Iran will hold back…for some time.

  7. Right now I wanna bet that the next President of the US, Dem or Rep will bombed a different country than Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan…

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